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Jagrmeister_68 t1_jdnlwj8 wrote

Let the workers decide this... along with the people who live in Paramus. If you don't like the Blue Laws in Bergen County- there are PLENTY of places just outside of the confines of the county to shop any day of the week without issue.
And they'll take about the same amount of time to get there on a Sunday as they'd take most other days with the normal shopping traffic that would be there.


specialgravity t1_jdnnofv wrote

That’s the problem. The people in Bergen county flood other towns on Sundays because there’s nothing to do in their dull, backwards towns. The people who work Monday to Friday also matter. We all paid for that monstrosity in the meadowlands with our tax dollars. Let us at least shop in it.

The State should also end statewide blue laws with car dealerships. It’d be nice to shop for a car on a day I have off.


silchi t1_jdnpc65 wrote

I think the major hurdle with car dealerships being open on Sunday is that the banks and financing institutions would also need to be open and available to approve buyers for car loans.


Scroll-ie t1_jdns1la wrote

Financing a car when banks are closed is a nightmare. The dealership will predicate the deal based on their closest approximations and won't be held responsible for changes to the agreement after the bank gets involved the next day.


Jagrmeister_68 t1_jdr3oc2 wrote

Ya know I never really thought about why they were closed on Sundays, but now it makes perfect sense.


Paid-Vacation1 OP t1_jdnoui2 wrote

I totally agree with you. And not to mention some people actually want the opportunity to work on Sunday.


Linenoise77 t1_jdnozac wrote

I go over to american dream on sundays a lot to ski, and that place is still hopping even then. A lot of stores are actually open and try and skate by on very vague exceptions to the law (the hat store was open, saying they counted as 'sporting goods'). It seems to be very loosely enforced there.

Edit: its also worth noting that individual towns have their own (paramus being the most restrictive) and the overall county law is relatively loose. Also enforcement is done at the local level, which is why some towns are a little more loosey goosey than paramus. I imagine the bergen county sheriff would step in if a town really went bonkers with it so the whole thing wasn't undermined, but they seem to be cool letting american dream do its own thing, and i suspect are more of the mind that the meadowlands and the football teams will keep it relatively in check and its in everyone's interest that the place is a success. I wouldn't be surprised down the road an exemption carved out for it, and would support it.

I worked in an office in Montvale, and every so often would have to run in on sunday for something for an emergency. It was always, "ok, can this wait until monday or do we just pay the couple hundred buck fine" I forget the details, but it was reasonable if you called the cops and explained it, if they drove by and saw a car there, and caught you entering\exiting, it was more severe.

More than once i sat in the parking lot until midnight with a cop parked next to me. We all agreed it was silly, but if they didn't enforce it, everyone would quickly start abusing it and it would defeat the point.


Paid-Vacation1 OP t1_jdnodm5 wrote

I agree, like majority rules here, but it’s not just Paramus it’s all in Bergen County


Jagrmeister_68 t1_jdr3uko wrote

Right but honestly the majority of the WORST issues for shopping traffic would be in Paramus


coreynj2461 t1_jdnk77w wrote

Disagree. Still tons of traffic on 17 and 4 on Sundays. Double or triple that if we end blue laws. If youre desperate to shop, willowbrook and Palisades malls are 20-30 minutes away


Paid-Vacation1 OP t1_jdnkr3r wrote

I’ve thought about that but I think traffic would stay mostly the same. I still use those roads on Sunday to leave the county to go shop. I would assume I’m not the only one. If we have GSP and other malls open it would spread out the shopping and traffic. Also bring revenue to the county. I personally feel like the county and businesses shouldn’t suffer because the infrastructure is a problem.


whskid2005 t1_jdnlzhq wrote

“Also bring revenue to the county”. That sentence says you have no clue what you are talking about. Paramus, NJ has (historically) more money spent in retail than every other zip code in the country.


Paid-Vacation1 OP t1_jdnmbls wrote

Hi, yes I’m aware


Paid-Vacation1 OP t1_jdnme9l wrote

But I’m not just talking about Paramus. I think it would help all the towns that aren’t as successful.


whskid2005 t1_jdnmyud wrote

Based on what? Your thoughts aren’t evidence of anything lacking.


Linenoise77 t1_jdnpaip wrote

years ago i worked for a major big box retailer in corporate. 1000+ stores.

Our number one and 2 stores, by both revenue and profit, by a longshot, were in Paramus, and not even a mile apart (not in the malls either).

Really opening on sunday would just have spread things out, and carry the burden of the cost of being open an extra day. Not to mention poach some business from neighboring counties where people who HAD to get something on sunday would go.


BacktotheFutureTmw t1_jdnnutt wrote

It's never going to happen. When I worked in Paramus, having Sundays off was great, so I am biased in that regard. However, this has been tried many times and the people of Paramus overwhelmingly vote no each time.


whaler76 t1_jdnoiyj wrote

Everyone acting like Bergen is so big the surrounding counties are a days drive away 😂🤣


Paid-Vacation1 OP t1_jdnp6vs wrote

Some people actually want to be able to shop IN Bergen County ON Sunday.


Ill-Forever880 t1_jdnzye3 wrote

More don’t. The referenda results proved this.


chrispar t1_jdrpcs1 wrote

When was the last referendum? Google says 1993, so I’m curious to see if that’s still the majority opinion


whskid2005 t1_jduutzy wrote

Majority still wants blue laws. The reason why it hasn’t been officially voted on since ‘93 is that they can’t get enough signatures to force a vote on the issue. Do a google search. You’ll find tons of half hearted articles about how another group is trying to gain interest in removing the blue laws. You’ll also notice that they fizzle out pretty quickly.


trissedai t1_jdogh1o wrote

What, the blue laws stop you from using your phone on Sundays too?


RippingAallDay t1_jdoou05 wrote

Some people actually want to live in & drive through Bergen county without bumper to bumper traffic

Stop acting like you don't have any other choice in retail. Your dumb ass petition ain't doing shit.


Amdamici t1_jdntjjd wrote

Leave them in place. Not everything is about shopping or consumerism. as others have said, If you don’t like it, move. Every other place will let you spend your money.


whskid2005 t1_jdnle4x wrote

No. Keep blue laws. If you don’t like it- move


Paid-Vacation1 OP t1_jdnlpj6 wrote

Would you like to explain why you think that so there can be an adult/educated conversation?


whskid2005 t1_jdnmq53 wrote

Would you like to explain why you’re trying to get signatures on a petition that is 5 years old?

Have you ever worked retail? Bergen county gives you a guaranteed day off, even during the holidays. You can actually make plans with family and friends without worrying if your dickhead boss is going to change your schedule or call you in last minute.

There is no “loss of revenue”. People adapt to the situation.


Paid-Vacation1 OP t1_jdnnict wrote

Sorry, I meant to reply directly to you see my comment above


Stillill1187 t1_jdnzfok wrote

You ever work retail? How about in Paramus?

I have.

Having a built-in day off in one of Americas retail meccas is a godsend. That’s one day with no traffic that every week reliably you can spend with family or friends.

If being a product sponge and getting a little treats for your brain is such an issue for you, just go to Hudson County. It’s right there and you can shop to your little heart out on Sunday.


RippingAallDay t1_jdop6mc wrote

You're cherry picking this dude's comment & conveniently ignore all the other replies that were provided to you


bopperbopper t1_jdnpo63 wrote

I’ll bet you wanna pump your own gas too


jskis23 t1_jdoanoz wrote

I do…I don’t want you to have to, but I want a self serve lane. I’m tired of the waiting for the 1 unfriendly attendant working 14 pumps.


Stillill1187 t1_jdnyswy wrote

Hard disagree. As someone who spent many years working in retail, and spent some of those in Paramus, having a built in dependable day off is invaluable.


MrsH912 t1_jdo3hc4 wrote

Yes, especially during the holidays! That Sunday off during my many years at GSP helped keep me sane.


lostatwork314 t1_jdnur0k wrote

Wow 200 signatures in four years.

I'm fine with blue laws


Linenoise77 t1_jdnoqsl wrote

Bergen resident here.

While i wish they would make an exception for homedepot\lowes (technically they CAN open but only sell some stuff), i get by with going to ACE (who really bends the rules), or worse comes to worse, an extra 10 minute drive to patterson.

Its nice having a day that traffic isn't nuts if older relatives want to visit, we want to grab a bite to eat out, etc. Also makes you plan your weekends out a bit better.

Every 10 years or so someone makes noise about this, it eventually comes to a vote, and is always thoroughly defeated.


oneeyedwilly278 t1_jdnpg5y wrote

Oh that's a pro tip did not realize ace was open.. been driving to clifton home depot for years on Sundays


Linenoise77 t1_jdnsn16 wrote

Our ace, and another local hardware store are both open on sunday's for about half the day (and locally owned businesses despite the name). So i'm happy to support them.

What they are willing to sell you will depend on if they know you and what way the wind is blowing that day. If someone questions you just say "Emergency". There is a carve out in the county and town laws for that. Prices are meh compared to the big boxes, and you won't get everything you need there, but at the same time they stock well for what is in the area. So if you need some wacky plumbing fitting or whatever, because every house in your area was built between 1952 and 1954 and that was what people used for all of 3 years, they will be more likely to have it than the big orange or blue.

Their lumber, at least by me sucks and is limited in size. They are very brand specific on certain stuff so if you run certain tools, you may be SOL, and they also simply don't carry certain lines.

I've gotten into the habit of planning for doing the work on sunday, and gathering materials on saturday. Like i have to repain my staircase hallway this weekend, so today i ran out to lowes, the paint store, am in the middle of doing my prep now in case i missed anything, and tomorrow i can just roll paint.

My only real complaint starts next month, when we are getting the yard in order, and i realize i need a few bags of soil or plants or whatever on a sunday, and have to pay garden center prices, or drive out to patterson and lug dirt or whatever home in my car, vs a mile away and rent their truck for 20 bucks to make a mess with.


Jeff-Van-Gundy t1_jdodhtq wrote

As a guy that isn't very handy, I love Ace hardware. The employees will actively ask you if you need help and are very helpful and knowledgeable. I've had someone walk downstairs with me to help me find a very particular screw and give me advice on the project. As opposed to Home Depot where you have to run around for 10 minutes to find an employee only for them to give you wrong or very vague information about where something is and then you have to go look for it only to find it's not in that aisle.


RecklessGiant t1_jdnyqp3 wrote

Sunday shopping in Bergen county would just cripple Rt 17 another day out of the week.


rewardiflost t1_jdo2bq4 wrote

I'm quite used to the current system. You probably won't convince me to change this.

Good luck trying to convince all the teens and 20somethings who are all in the 3-day work week/ work from home crowd, too. They certainly aren't going to be physically working in the shops, nor will they leave home to shop as long as they can pay others to bring things to them.


GirlWhoLovesPenguins t1_jdoo7wz wrote

Nope, Sunday’s the only day Bergen County isn’t a parking lot. Happy with our blue laws.


the_high_tech t1_jdod7ik wrote

We need to extend blue laws to Passaic, Essex, and Hudson counties!


Leftside-Write t1_jdog908 wrote

Which all of them WERE under blue laws years ago. I remember going to stores with roped off sections.

Grew up in Bergen County and have no issue with it having blue laws. Passaic is a bridge away. The other counties maybe 20 minutes. You would spend that much time trying to get into a parking lot.

And Sunday to enjoy the multitude of parks and recreation the county has.


celcel t1_jdph02f wrote

Why does someone post something like this every few months. All the necessities are still open such as grocery stores. Just drive the fuck over to another county if you really need something else.


cardshark1234 t1_jdny8e3 wrote

What new county revenues would be created?


imLissy t1_jdovsoa wrote

I grew up in Oradell and hated that we couldn't go to the malls on Sunday. My husband and I agreed we'd never live in bergen county for this reason. Here I am, 37, with two kids, I've gone to the mall maybe ten times since my oldest was born. But I do visit my parents in Oradell ... every Sunday.


Blessed_not_stress t1_jdqmpqr wrote

No way!!!! I work in retail and I need a day off for my life!!!! Give us a break!!!!


aden_feifdom t1_jdqc3la wrote

lifelong former NJ resident here. i grew up in Paramus in the 1980s and lived there until 2005, but stayed in Bergen County until 2022. the area has exploded in growth starting in the mid 2000s and hasn’t really stopped since. i used to think blue laws were dumb but you never had issues navigating around Paramus on a Saturday until about 10-15 years ago….and it has only gotten worse. the roads and infrastructure weren’t built to handle the amount of congestion that exists now. my mother still lives in Paramus and never in her over 45 years living there has she had issues getting out of her own driveway. at least one day a week residents can get a break from all the traffic. it really is terrible (the traffic). it never was as bad as it is now. it’s great that the area is booming and all, and since i dont live there anymore i don’t really have an opinion, just my perspective on why people want to keep the blue laws.

edit: i now live in the bible belt and we don’t have blue laws and people can go to the malls on Sunday and do whatever. but the population is so much less so every day here is like a Sunday in Bergen County


BlazinGlazin848 t1_jdr5llk wrote

More to life than shopping. And businesses don’t want to spend the overhead needed to stay open on Sunday. Plus it requires more police and so on .


mniog t1_jdnot5k wrote

Heres my idea: repeal the blue laws county wide, let the towns decide if they want to enact their own blue laws


SailingSpark t1_jdnxxdl wrote

I grew up in Ocean City, we got rid of ours in 1986.


valeofraritan t1_jdp7sfw wrote

Being an environmentalist tree hugging resident of Somerset County means I can shop on Sunday but don't because its too peopley in stores on Sunday.


veyd t1_jdtj7ga wrote

I'm sure if you live in Paramus or work in retail it's nice that the malls close on Sunday... but as someone who can't remember that last time he went to the mall for any reason, but sure does remember the last time he showed up at the Teterboro Costco on a Sunday and saw all those ridiculous "you can't buy this product because of Bergen County Blue Laws" signs, rolled his eyes, walked out and drove to Clifton... I'd sign this. They're obnoxious.


vakr001 t1_jdoz443 wrote

I live in Bergen and 100% agree


Paid-Vacation1 OP t1_jdpjfwj wrote

Getting rid of the outdated law would not only raise plenty of revenue in taxes for the county (which I think is much needed and could be utilized for road/infrastructure repairs and other crucial improvements) but would also help county residents save precious time. Why should we drive miles and miles to other counties, raise their revenues if we have stores near by? Driving to other counties for shopping creates unnecessary traffic and congestion beyond belief in malls. Have any of you experienced circling the mall's parking lot for half an hour to secure a parking spot, waiting 30 minutes in line to get a burger in the food court and prayed that you and your family is lucky enough to find a sit to eat? And that's all on a Sunday, one of the only two (for the lucky ones who actually get two days off) free days we get in a week, to run our errands, and buy clothes, appliances or other necessities, take kids to swim or karate classes, attend birthday parties or family functions...We are wasting precious times in traffic and lines because our county's stores are closed.


OneBadger5542 t1_jdnnn5h wrote

Out here in Utah we have de facto blue laws; it's nice for us non-Mormon heathens but it also makes Saturday 10x more crowded than it needs to be. I can't believe NJ does this to itself intentionally


Shesaidshewaslvl18 t1_jdnsuyw wrote

NJ as a state does not do this. Also blue laws are great for workers who otherwise would rarely get weekends off.


BlissfulGreen2 t1_jdnry5h wrote

No one should be able to decide this. If I want to shop or work on Sunday or any day, it’s my business, not the government.


Paid-Vacation1 OP t1_jdnnbx5 wrote

As someone who has worked retail, I would love the opportunity to work on Sunday. I have another job during the week and I would be able to make a lot more money personally if I had that day to work as well. I’m pretty strongly biased because of that reason.


tony_boxacannoli t1_jdo7fz9 wrote

>, I would love the opportunity to work on Sunday.

No one is stopping you but you.


Paid-Vacation1 OP t1_jdpf0xp wrote

The store is literally closed on Sunday, I can’t. That’s the whole point of this discussion


tony_boxacannoli t1_jdpgqn3 wrote

There's always another store open....maybe in a neighboring county or a different type of store.


moppsy t1_jdnmy4u wrote

In the late 70's. I could buy curtains but not a curtain rod at Rickels in Bergenfield.

Fuck the blue laws. I left Bergen County to escape that shit.


Linenoise77 t1_jdnpqcm wrote

I got into a debate over a patio umbrella in shop rite of all places a couple of years ago on a Sunday.

"Sorry, we can't sell that as its technically furniture" "Well could you sell me an umbrella?" "Yes" "Could you sell me a BIG umbrella? I'm pretty tall..." "Sir, i don't make the rules"

Our local hardware store skirts around it by just having 14 year old kids run the register, and will occasionaly say something like, "that 2x4 is for an EMERGENCY repair....right?"

Also the "dollar" store by us flys in all face of reason that they are open and selling stuff, but nobody really cares as it isn't like they are creating traffic, etc.


Paid-Vacation1 OP t1_jdqx4u8 wrote

If they are going to have the law. They should be enforcing it all the way. It’s not fair what’s going on when they pick and choose what businesses to crack down and what ones to ignore. I see it as a sign the law has cracks in its integrity


moppsy t1_jdnqzfl wrote

I couldn't believe it. New apartment and I couldn't hang the fucking curtains on my only day off. Cashier was an asshole about it too.