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Paid-Vacation1 OP t1_jdnlpj6 wrote

Would you like to explain why you think that so there can be an adult/educated conversation?


whskid2005 t1_jdnmq53 wrote

Would you like to explain why you’re trying to get signatures on a petition that is 5 years old?

Have you ever worked retail? Bergen county gives you a guaranteed day off, even during the holidays. You can actually make plans with family and friends without worrying if your dickhead boss is going to change your schedule or call you in last minute.

There is no “loss of revenue”. People adapt to the situation.


Paid-Vacation1 OP t1_jdnnict wrote

Sorry, I meant to reply directly to you see my comment above


Stillill1187 t1_jdnzfok wrote

You ever work retail? How about in Paramus?

I have.

Having a built-in day off in one of Americas retail meccas is a godsend. That’s one day with no traffic that every week reliably you can spend with family or friends.

If being a product sponge and getting a little treats for your brain is such an issue for you, just go to Hudson County. It’s right there and you can shop to your little heart out on Sunday.


RippingAallDay t1_jdop6mc wrote

You're cherry picking this dude's comment & conveniently ignore all the other replies that were provided to you