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thedancingwireless t1_jdqba1h wrote

Depends what day of the week and all. If weekend/common travel day, I do 2-2.5. if no lines, bring a book, grab a seat at a bar, have a beer and wait it out. Vacation starts early


RivChk t1_jdqfevr wrote

It also depends if you’re driving to the airport & parking your car. If you’re parking in long term parking or parking off-airport you have to give yourself an addition 30 to 45 minutes just for that.


4runner01 t1_jdqbfiz wrote

2 hours should be good. Depending on where you’re driving from, you may want to add some potential traffic time.


My_user_name_1 t1_jdqfp5w wrote

2 hours is good. My guess is that it would be a regional flight.


whskid2005 t1_jdqhmah wrote

For newark I usually plan two hours. Stewart about 1 hour. AC 5 minutes before (not really but damn close, tiny and hardly any security rigamarole)


NerdyRetiredGuy_1020 t1_jdtfgkn wrote

Depends upon day of week and time. 2 hours is good. We always use off-airpot parking, so, as someone else posted, an extra 30 for that. We have videos downloaded on our phones, and kindles, so we just relax at the gate, maybe get something to eat (warning, expensive for most places).


sleepydog202 t1_jdtt28b wrote

To answer your question, yes it boards from the same place as domestic flights. Same TSA process as domestic flights. No extra checks (on the departing EWR side) other than a passport being required rather than a drivers license.

Double check - airlines may have slightly different boarding or checked bag timelines for international. But otherwise you don’t need to add much extra time over any other flight you would take out of EWR. It’s not much different than flying to Denver.