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[deleted] OP t1_jec7nfn wrote

Never answer the door unless you’re expecting someone


injuredmajesty t1_jed202l wrote

I said the same exact thing a year ago in a similar thread and I'll say it again: you should never thoughtlessly open the door to people you don't know.


Longtermthrowaway5 t1_jee0yev wrote

But ignoring them would also be somewhat thoughtless.


KrustyDaJuggalo t1_jeee0w6 wrote

I'll legit look at them out the window than walk away. Don't bother me at my house, I shouldn't have to put a No Soliciting sign. In fact, Soliciting should be illegal.


rockmasterflex t1_jeevdcc wrote

it generally is, locally, if your town has an ordinance on the books for it - usually dependent on you having the sign.


Longtermthrowaway5 t1_jefelea wrote

What about asking for emergency assistance, or letting you know you left the car lights on, or that a bush is on fire or other non-solicitng reasons?


KrustyDaJuggalo t1_jefgpgu wrote

If it's an emergency, knock and yell or something or call the police. Don't bother people at home unless it's an actual emergency.


Longtermthrowaway5 t1_jefj0hj wrote

That's what I'm saying, what if it's an emergency and they don't got a phone, or need more immediate assistance? Are you gonna answer the door? Is acting frantic and and loud going to make you more likely to answer the door then?

And regarding the second point, if you had left your headlights on or had some issue that wasn't an emergency, you wouldn't want to be informed of it?


KrustyDaJuggalo t1_jefk3oi wrote

  1. Yes, if they are frantic that would help.

  2. You can always jump a car


Longtermthrowaway5 t1_jefkxqt wrote

Im trying to generally get at the idea of a courtesy notice. Maybe you left a garden hose on and it's running. Maybe you left your car trunk wide open. You'd rather be uninformed than have people come to your door about it?


whatshouldIdonow8907 t1_jegtvxr wrote

This legit happened to me. I was walking by a brownstone in nyc and saw there was a legit blaze going on in the garden apartment. I ran to the door and started pounding. No one answers so I go up to the vestibule door and I’m yelling the downstairs is on fire and pounding on the door.Some guy on the first floor looked out his apartment door at me in the vestibule then closed his door. This was before cell phones so I kept pounding and ringing buzzers but no one was interested so I walked away and went where I was going. On my way back I saw the fire trucks, people on the sidewalk, the whole mess. I spot the guy who made a point of ignoring me and when he noticed me I yelled out “too bad you ignored me when I was trying to tell you the building was on fire”.


the_last_carfighter t1_jeco1en wrote

It's not rocket science people, security expert explains it here:


Morkamino_Bones t1_jectc4n wrote

Hate these boomers views on things. Like we were “communal” and “connected” back in the day. No we weren’t, we are now, we just don’t do the same shit that was done 50 years ago…


mezonsen t1_jed122k wrote

I don’t think the 50’s were some prelapsarian time period or anything but Americans are probably more atomized and isolated than ever before


DanDaDestroyer t1_jed0npf wrote

You think we have community now? Now sure what America you’re living in.


BlasterFinger008 t1_jedx4ax wrote

Lol you’re delusional if you think people are more connected now. Only thing you’re connected to is your phone.


[deleted] OP t1_jee0mzi wrote



BlasterFinger008 t1_jee0tz8 wrote

Found another dipshit who thinks connection is from his phone


[deleted] OP t1_jee14b9 wrote



BlasterFinger008 t1_jee1wug wrote

Who’s angry? Did that comment shatter your fragile feelings? Just pointing out the facts. Nobody on this side is angry


Gr3ywind t1_jee8rd1 wrote

No ones forcing you to make an ass of yourself…


r3dd1t0r77 t1_jecztdz wrote

People also used to enjoy comedy and not take it so seriously...


[deleted] OP t1_jed5e9t wrote



r3dd1t0r77 t1_jed69di wrote

It was more of a dig at the guy's boomer hate over a comedy bit than an actual assessment of modern society.


collegedropoutclub t1_jecfn3s wrote

I spent the morning with two PSE&G engineers for the northern counties and they always have an ID, hardhat, PPE vest, and truck or car that you cannot miss. These people were probably impersonating employees to get your bill and switch providers.


encin t1_jecjq9v wrote

and whats in it for them if they switch providers?


ssandrine t1_jecrp35 wrote

Casing the house is also a possibility.


ZenwalkerNS t1_jedmzxf wrote

Just put up a beware of dog sign. Doesn't even matter if you have one, but it will make somebody casing houses think twice and just pass yours.


Emperor_PVP t1_jeel8sg wrote

That's what I was thinking when they said they wanted to check my bathroom ? For some reason we declined and didn't let them, it was odd


beowulf92 t1_jecxppy wrote

Last dude that came out to me and asked to see my bill was so fucking offended when I told him no thanks lol. He was like hey I'm from MPower, we're doing follow-ups, can I see if you're getting the best rate? I said oh you're them, no thanks I'm good. He was like excuse me??? I said yeah thanks never told you guys to come back, goodbye. And I could see him fuming as I shut the door.


gpo321 t1_jeeixml wrote

We had one come to the door saying that the power company identifies houses that produce too much pollution. If I signed up with him, their company would make sure our house was not on this pollution list.

Yeah, ok.


beowulf92 t1_jeen5w7 wrote

Damn dude, you must hate the environment if you didn't take him up on that sweet deal!


the_light_of_dawn t1_jeerfwr wrote

Lol, I had half a dozen people from MPower come to my door over the past couple years. I kept telling them politely but firmly "no" and finally just shut the door on the last person mid-sentence. Never came back after that.


beowulf92 t1_jeev2ez wrote

Lol yeah I'm hoping they finally get the hint after this one. Like man, I'm saving you time and trouble shutting that door quickly before you give me your BS elevator speech and I still tell you GTFO.


ZenwalkerNS t1_jedaqeh wrote

While ago a guy showed up pretending to be a military veteran. He probably saw my brother's military pictures on my shelves. Long story short, he talked me into switching providers. Ended up paying more that I already was paying. When I called to cancel, they threatened to take me to court. I just said fine, I'll see you in court. Never hear from them again.


Prestigious-Mark-923 t1_jeemmff wrote

I’ve heard the switching providers thing and that it’s a scam to get your bank info. By showing them the invoice, you’ve provided them the account number, account holder name, address, amount due, and potentially a previous payment amount. When they ask for your contact info, you give your email and cell number. All of this can be used to hack/call customer service and gain access to your account and bank info. It’s a sick and twisted scheme that seems so innocent.


Kind-Cardiologist693 t1_jee8wcz wrote

I used to work as those providers, knocking doors but I'm sure the company I was its legit, good prices for customer y reward for me. Every year a had to sign them up again for new contract. Few years later prices goes up so no more subs. Still I can get the reward if I sign them up, but I dont do business like that, if I'm switching them is to save money, no spend more. It's hard to educate people & let them know how they can save few bucks on their bills. I saw others impersonate as pseg employers to get their bills acc easily but I dont do that, maybe thats why I failed doing that business.


bmatts0430 t1_jecgww3 wrote

Report to police and to utility.


njdevil24 t1_jecikha wrote

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but PSE&G employees don’t go door to door anymore reading meters. So if anyone is doing so, they are either a scammer or a thieve.

Be mindful of your property because whilst someone is taking to you another could be trying to break in through another door.


fatcringeforever t1_jecllpm wrote

They do. Not all meters are smart meters. Many are still read the old fashioned way. Large project to replace all meters to be automated within the next year or two though.

Third party suppliers do go door to door and make it seem like they work "with" pseg to gain your trust, ask to see your bill, record your "POD ID" number then switch your supplier to their company.


MeatTornadoGold t1_jed3co2 wrote

If only we had some way where we could capture an image or vision of the meter and send this mystical object via some sort of series to the company directly.


thatdudeorion t1_jed67er wrote

You can actually read your own meter and submit your usage to PSE&G via the website or mobile app, don’t even need to take a picture.


Vulg4r t1_jed6er7 wrote

I did this for all the months during covid because I was afraid the estimated charges would come to bite me in the ass. never had an issue and once meter readings resumed everything was fine


netsfan549 t1_jeck712 wrote

They still do by me


W0RST_2_F1RST t1_jecklrq wrote

Do they go to the door though?


netsfan549 t1_jecl35q wrote

For meter reading yes


EmbracedByLeaves t1_jeel4li wrote

They don't usually knock on the door. They just go read it.

Only reason to knock on the door would be if you have the meter inside the house, which is grandfathered in until you replace the MDP and then have to relocate outside.


megandr t1_jef7e8x wrote

You're forgetting gas meters. Most of them are inside.


yad76 t1_jeco4vj wrote

They do and they also still show up randomly door to door to inspect gas meters inside homes. They basically set up a situation where it is so easy for scammers and thieves to take advantage of the situation.


irocksandals t1_jecpqol wrote

Meter readers still go door to door. Plenty of areas still have old style meters normally it's on your monthly bill what day they show up. Also you have meter set inspectors showing up periodically as well as service technicians and street inspectors for emergency reasons showing up.


HeyItsPanda69 t1_jecr7xh wrote

They show up to mine. But they don't knock on the door, they just let themselves in the back yard and leave. They'll leave a voicemail the day before to let us know they're going to be there bc we have a dog and will only knock on the door if the dogs are in the back yard to ask to be let in.


EagleFly_5 t1_ject3hh wrote

Iirc there should be a program/initiative nowadays for PSE&G (or w/ a contractor) to go door to door to upgrade meters to a smart meter, and although it’s optional, they won’t knock and/or show up if they can access the meters outside.

My dad had his old/manual style meter changed for a smart meter for his house inside the basement today via a contractor, and the process only took 5 minutes in the morning since the service man just happened to be in the neighborhood. To be fair though, they did give a heads up for ~1 month now (w/ 3 letters) saying it was an option (not a mandate) for homeowners to upgrade to smart meters, and he’s always at work ≠ bad timing.

PS: YMMV, but if a homeowner doesn’t install the smart meter and/or opts out, there’ll be an additional 12$ monthly charge for billing in 2024. Businesses can’t opt out, or at least plenty by now should have them.


netsfan549 t1_jecvsrm wrote

Smh I didn't know about twelve bucks. This morning I called them to come install smart meter. The closest date was at the end of april


Bellabird42 t1_jed3mwd wrote

They come to my house to read the meter. Always with a marked car and their meter-reading devices. Never once has one needed to come inside, though!


ansky201 t1_jeet5s5 wrote

PSE&G still does door to door readings in my neighborhood. My electric and gas meters are both outside so they just walk around and take the readings. They would never have a need to knock on the door or come inside.


nynapturale t1_jeea17l wrote

No there are a few that still come for buildings. But houses idk


whateverisok t1_jecx0jr wrote

Aside from the other commenters, it's "thief" not "thieve" --> "thief" is a noun, "thieve" is a verb.

Just to help with your future thievery :)


Byzantium-1204 t1_jecycrw wrote

This trick is rampant in Jersey City. Mai Lu asking for your bill which they photograph and have you sign a document to switch you to another company. Discreetly take their picture and report to PSEG and Pilice


deereverie t1_jeephyz wrote

I'm in JC too and I straight up tell them they're creepy af to knock on doors, hear a woman's voice and still insist she open a door to a stranger. They keep pushing until I say I feel unsafe enough to call the cops.


beeeps-n-booops t1_jeco1j7 wrote



Emperor_PVP t1_jecozn6 wrote

Yea I'm a dumbass for that, i should've checked the window. But at first I thought it was my mom knocking because it was the time she would come home and she would knock as well do my brain was lost

*So my brain


chinasucksmyballs t1_jec9exb wrote

did u call the cops?


Emperor_PVP t1_jeca477 wrote

Sadly no we forgot, we were busy talking. To to them and trying to figure out who they were, they were wearing green uniform


wheelies-n-wieners t1_jecb10t wrote

Well make sure you call them now!

And get video camera footage from your neighbors doorbells. I’d just go ring the bell of people on ur street with video bells.


gordonv t1_jeck8c7 wrote

Correct. Others can collaborate corroborate this. Maybe someone even has video.

It's up to the police to compile this information and act on it, but we have to give them this info.

If anything, prewrite what you want to say.


wheelies-n-wieners t1_jeco7ms wrote

Yah getting the footage before it gets recorded over is important.

I’d go visit the houses who have cameras tomorrow yourself cuz the cops will be slow.


Papancasudani t1_jedn7r5 wrote

So you'll posti it on Reddit but not call the police? Call now!


GrunchWeefer t1_jeecelj wrote

Good thing you went straight to Reddit to warm everyone in the state to look out for any potential black people!


heartshapedpox t1_jecgqhv wrote

This happened to me years ago when we first moved here. My husband was at work and I was alone.So was the man who knocked on the door, but he was super aggressive and had this sense of annoyance and urgency - he really made me second-guess myself. (As I type this, I'm still questioning whether he might have been an actual employee). But at the time I wasn't even sure whether it was a utility company we used because we had just moved here from Canada (to a house that was vacant) and things were still getting sorted. Hmmm. It was probably scammy or worse.


Edit_Red t1_jegwsvx wrote

Two of my college friends shared an apartment in New Brunswick like 8 years ago. A guy claiming to be a utility worker of some sort came to their place and said the landlord had sent him for something (don't remember what). They let him in, he walked around the 2 bedroom place for a few minutes not inspecting anything in particular, just looking at the kitchen appliances, popped his head into their rooms, said he was done and left.

The following week, their house got broken into while they were out. Whoever did it stole the TVs and their gaming systems. After a few days they thought about it, called their landlord and PSE&G - nobody had been sent over to their place to inspect anything the previous week.


heartshapedpox t1_jegydfn wrote

Honestly, acting like you belong will get you FAR in life. That advice can be used innocuously, like interviewing for a job you're not quite qualified for. But it can be used nefariously, too. The best criminals will make sure you don't even realize what's happening. 🙃


s55555s t1_jecdg4b wrote

Never open the door for anyone who isn’t your local police. If you see their car. I tell my kids this too.


a34tjkx t1_jeci3r0 wrote

"Sorry mom, but do you have a warrant?"


s55555s t1_jeckkbo wrote

We totally make these types of jokes. I tell them “show me your badge” after school.


ShalomRPh t1_jed5vsl wrote

I wouldn’t necessarily open it for the police either.

My upstairs neighbor had double parked her car. Cop came along, ran the plates and apparently thought that it was mine, because he came and rang the bell, which doesn’t work. Then he knocked. When I didn’t answer he banged harder and yelled “Are you gonna open this door?”

I said through the door, “No.”

So he starts scolding me through the door about the double parked car. I said it’s not mine. He says it’s registered at this address. I tell him “It’s a two family house” (thinking: genius). “Knock on the other door.”


NewbornXenomorphs t1_jecxhjc wrote

I’m an adult in my late 30s and back when I lived in an apartment - there were times i heard a knock on my door and froze in place (so I wouldn’t make noise) until the person left. People still open the doors when they aren’t expecting anyone these days?


SpeedySpooley t1_jeelsus wrote

> Never open the door for anyone who isn’t your local police.

Don't open the door for the police unless you called them. If I didn't call them, then we're talking through a closed door.


s55555s t1_jeevn8h wrote

I guess depends on level of trust you have with them. I would always open for them.


EdLesliesBarber t1_jeeo6eq wrote

Jesus Christ , do not open your door for Local Police. Why would anyone do this?????


omelletepuddin t1_jeco5bu wrote

I had this happen last year - 2 men rang my apartment doorbell, claiming to be PSE&G. No worker's gear, they showed up at 6pm, and their only "official" part of the costume was holding an iPad. I opened my window to see what they wanted - They said they wanted to talk about what I owed on my bill and I told them I'd contact PSE&G in the morning. They gave up pretty quickly but still, it was concerning.


Dino1087 t1_jedixjt wrote

Probably did you a favor waking your husband up from his midday nap


Emperor_PVP t1_jec5fod wrote

that wasn't the only they asked, they asked for my gas and electric bill which i calmly rejected and made sure if they were real or not. they were not


pepperzpyre t1_jeerjaz wrote

There’s a company(s) that goes around door to door and tries to switch the energy supplier from PSEG to some random supplier in Kansas. PSEG still bills and provides the energy, but it just costs more because of the shitty supplier. They say they’re from PSEG though, which is a lie.

Asking to check out your bathroom sounds like they’re trying to case the place though.


Soggy-Constant5932 t1_jecnr2s wrote

I had an individual knock on my door last week with a clip board in his hand. Yet his two friends behind him were dressed for the streets and playing around while this so called man was supposed to be working.

He knocked so hard that my husband woke up out his sleep to see who was banging on the door but I never opened it.


Low-Introduction-960 t1_jed9lxq wrote

Hey guys, I would just like some advice, I’m actually with a solar company and we do direct to door service (door to door) I don’t pose as PSE&G or anything but the brand I work for, we are taught in training to be 100 percent honest with everyone, now this can be misconstrued, but any advice on a better approach, I a 6 foot male and I smile often but I can look a tad bit intimidating, I would really like great success in this field but my current way of approaching doors seem like you guys may not be to fond of it,


netsfan549 t1_jecfw7q wrote

I had almost the same incident.I told them to leave thru the camera


TriggerTough t1_jecr5fp wrote

Just let them know your meth is boiling over and these bikers with the firearms inside are getting pretty upset about it. I've got to get back to work now. Sorry.

Totally kidding. I just hope someone laughed with that one.


[deleted] OP t1_jed20z0 wrote



bubba07 t1_jedam3f wrote

this can’t be true


SprintAirlines t1_jedduny wrote

This is 100% true. It happened to me last December, and I have called back every month since to get my testicles jiggled.


ansky201 t1_jeetapo wrote

Why would PSE&G need to check a bathroom of all places? Maybe the guy just needed to go and was afraid to say so LOL.


___deleted- t1_jeej0co wrote

Note to POC scammers, Clifton is not the place to start.


johnnyrockes t1_jef4xpi wrote

I have 2 80lb shepherds, no one likes To cross the threshold voluntarily, it usually takes a few minutes of reassuring them they won’t act up if you don’t act up,


FordMan100 t1_jef7qiy wrote

Why would any utility company need to check a person's bathroom. ID proper or not, that's a huge red flag to me.


Scary-Media6190 t1_jeea91k wrote

Thanks for the heads up. Have a good weekend.


BerryExpensive t1_jeebcjy wrote

Check your bathroom for what?


Emperor_PVP t1_jef2oxb wrote

That's what I'm thinking as well, i never heard that before from someone like them


DaClarkeKnight t1_jeelqbm wrote

Just curious, how did you know that the ID cards were incorrect? And did you see their vehicle? Any description of their car might help. Thanks


foxytaz25 t1_jeemg3g wrote

Did you call the police?


minahmyu t1_jef075c wrote

Is there more description than just being black? Any visible markings or tats or moles or whatever?


Emperor_PVP t1_jef1kxw wrote

Uh well both were female and one of the had a buzz cut but markings or tattoos ? No couldn't see with the green uniform they have on


DingDongDoorman8 t1_jef23pg wrote

Good thing Clifton has a "no soliciting" ordinance. Call 911, then entertain these 2 individuals until the authorities respond.


Mytoobah t1_jef25av wrote

You close to crooks Ave and Lakeview?


NachoFries2020 t1_jef2onz wrote

No matter their color, there are stories

where either.

its a home invasion attempt,


They are trying to get you to switch providers in the spring, you get a lower rate, but then in winter, when the providers rates go up, YOUR rates go up too!.


I always tell them I am not interested and not to call me again.

but never do they come to my door !


Homesteader86 t1_jeg6hc1 wrote

How do we know if their IDs are "incorrect?"


ColdMasterpiece7871 t1_jeglpp1 wrote

Or, they could just be contractors that work for PSEG.

I highly doubt they showed up and offered to "check your bathroom" without further explanation, especially in Clifton. Are you sure they were not from Comfort Partners or some other energy program?

I used to work in a low-income program sponsored by PSEG. We had badges but were not PSEG badges.

Not everyone who shows up to your home representing a PSEG program will be a PSEG employee but they all will have photo ID.

Be smart, and ask them who they work for and what program they represent.


Emperor_PVP t1_jegmqjx wrote

It was another energy program or company, i just got confused because they asked for my pseg bill and thought they were from pseg. But they did ask to check the bathroom they didn't really explain themselves a whole lot, later my aunt came and she was figuring who they were and why they were there, they left shortly after that, they also seemed a bit annoyed


exodusexecutive t1_jedjprj wrote

dude what the hell i live in clifton too and earlier around 3pm a black guy wearing a high vis vest was checking out my meter in my driveway as well as my neighbors, he knocked out my whole houses power for about a minute then it came back and he left, he never knocked or anything and was also doing some stuff to my neighbors meter


Dax-Million t1_jegxm6r wrote

What kind of maniac answers the doorbell?


Javesther t1_jecy6bm wrote

Sometimes they are salesmen from other companies . If you are not interested don’t open your door . If they wanted to rob you they would’ve done it . Did you call the police ? I doubt they said they were actually PSEG employees .


Emperor_PVP t1_jed1gmu wrote

I thought that they were because they asked for my pseg bill and i instantly thought that they were pseg people but my sister who was also there heard them say that they were from the state and they were a power company but u didn't heard which one. But the thing that i found weird was when they wanted to come inside and see the bathroom, i never heard that before from PSE&g or another company but who knows maybe they do


Javesther t1_jed1nrk wrote

That’s part of their thing , see your bill , tell you how they could save you money etc.


NogueiraRRT t1_jef7h2o wrote

Or, just… beware of two “individuals” posing as PSE&G employees.


Longtermthrowaway5 t1_jecxdzh wrote

You know it really comes off the wrong way when the only identifying information you provided is that they are black.

You can also provide approximate height, what they were wearing, their gender. Tattoos? Any accents? What good is your warning going to do other than to be weary of all black people that say they are from PSE&G, which is every black PSE&G employee


njdevils3027 t1_jed5v8m wrote

Nah this is a pretty reasonable description. How many assholes are going around impersonating pseg workers? Not many. In this case there were two and the most easily identifying factor is they’re black. Gender would’ve been nice too bc that’s easily identifiable.


minahmyu t1_jef0qdv wrote

If the title said two white people impersonating pseg, wouldn't you still want more descriptions? White folks vary just as much as black folks do.

Gender isn't always identifiable since I have people mistaken me as a man all because I shaved my head.


njdevils3027 t1_jef1xx8 wrote

Stop looking for a problem where there isn’t one


minahmyu t1_jefrw3k wrote

So when it doesn't affect you, it's not a problem?

Well, it's a problem to me and I'm calling it out and I don't need you to tell me to stop, or do anything.


njdevils3027 t1_jefs97k wrote

There is nothing wrong with pointing out that these con artists were black. It’s helpful to know for anyone else in the neighborhood that they might try to con. You need to grow up


minahmyu t1_jefugf0 wrote

There's something wrong when that's the only description as if..... that's the only thing to work on. You need to get more life experiences and realize people don't live or experience life like you.

Anyways, cheers and I'm done responding


njdevils3027 t1_jefusa2 wrote

You’re in the minority on this one so maybe you need to get out more and speak with different folks. You sound like you don’t talk to black ppl ever.


minahmyu t1_jefyvbu wrote

Um, I am the minority, literally. Have you not even clicked on my profile?


Longtermthrowaway5 t1_jed6wgq wrote

Is that the most easily identifiable? There's tons of black people. It does relatively little to narrow the pool. Their clothing would be more identifiable. And it's not just the number of people impersonating PSE&G. You also gotta factor in actual PSEG employees going around.


tonyg73 t1_jefsabj wrote

Agree...the reference to "black" wasn't needed. We need to be more cognizant of the words we choose and try to avoid stereotyping/profiling. I'm sure it wasn't intentional.


Longtermthrowaway5 t1_jefuowg wrote

I don't think it was intentional, but that doesn't make it any more acceptable.


Emperor_PVP t1_jecy64g wrote

UHHH IM SO SORRY I COULDNT THINK BUT I THINK their height was Abt 5 7 to 5 9, no accents, tattoos not visible due to the green shirt or uniform it was bright green like those construction worker uniforms, and both were female, no long hair either..


Cant-think-of-a-nam t1_jecw4u2 wrote

This happens alot. I met em with my gun and they never came back


Mr_Yonjou_MapTouyeOu t1_jecq9uv wrote

If you practice your 2A rights you ain’t got nothing to worry about.