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EagleFly_5 t1_ject3hh wrote

Iirc there should be a program/initiative nowadays for PSE&G (or w/ a contractor) to go door to door to upgrade meters to a smart meter, and although it’s optional, they won’t knock and/or show up if they can access the meters outside.

My dad had his old/manual style meter changed for a smart meter for his house inside the basement today via a contractor, and the process only took 5 minutes in the morning since the service man just happened to be in the neighborhood. To be fair though, they did give a heads up for ~1 month now (w/ 3 letters) saying it was an option (not a mandate) for homeowners to upgrade to smart meters, and he’s always at work ≠ bad timing.

PS: YMMV, but if a homeowner doesn’t install the smart meter and/or opts out, there’ll be an additional 12$ monthly charge for billing in 2024. Businesses can’t opt out, or at least plenty by now should have them.


netsfan549 t1_jecvsrm wrote

Smh I didn't know about twelve bucks. This morning I called them to come install smart meter. The closest date was at the end of april