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Fit_Hovercraft3827 OP t1_itgfawr wrote

I wish they would just ban all of them, they look like crap and don’t sway voters.


corporat t1_itghue2 wrote

They don't even do anything about the ones on public property along Rt17 and GSP exit ramps


Mitch13 t1_ithdswj wrote

They are not supposed to be on state property without a permit. It’s typically not enforced though. Unfortunately it’s not a priority for most road crews to remove them until after the election because they will just pop up again the next day and they don’t have the manpower or have more important work to tend to.


owlrecluse t1_ithofma wrote

When my dad was a Boy Scout troop leader, he would pick those ones up to use for certain projects. I always thought it was hilarious.


Tall-Soy-Latte t1_ithev44 wrote

There was a funny crudely drawn sign about “Securing the Border” before the GSP mall entrance the other day lol


whyunoleave t1_ithpbl6 wrote

I’ve see a few of those popping up in that area. They’re not wrong though. With Pennsylvania to our west and New York to our north and east we are vulnerable. Borders need securing or the left lane will be clogged with people driving slow from out of state.


Anonymoushipopotomus t1_itht0v1 wrote

I saw a handwritten 2000 mules one by the bergen town center also. Luckily someone spray painted over the "had enough vote republican" one. Amazing to me that people actually think thats an answer.


gundabad t1_itieon6 wrote

I kid you not there is a former councilman from Old Bridge (Razzoli) who ran for re-election in 2021, and the #1 campaign platform on his website was securing the border.


toadofsteel t1_itkx5u3 wrote

I saw one on a 17 off ramp a month or so ago. Only time in my life I've ever contemplated getting out of my car and tearing a sign down, but it was rush hour and I didn't want to hold up traffic.

I've had enough with this "secure the border" dogwhistle. I get it, you hate immigrants. Well, those people can go fuck themselves because without immigration, I wouldn't exist.


THP_music t1_itgjrmj wrote

Agreed. It’s ridiculous. I’m having this same discussion with a neighbor on NextDoor. All he does is antagonize people with the same personality flaw.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_itglkia wrote

Same, I think the amount of plastic waste created by these ridiculous signs is deeply concerning. It makes me want to actively vote against a candidate if i see rows of their sign polluting the roadside.


ReadyWithPopcorn t1_itlt9q5 wrote

These signs are allowed but plastic bags are banned, ugh.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_itltj60 wrote

Yea, it's a grift to put the plastic burden on the consumer and remove all or most culpability from the groups that can actually enact true, meaningful change.


SmokePenisEveryday t1_ith42q1 wrote

I was working a print shop during the last Election. I cannot tell you how many people came in to make their own campaign signs for the candidates they were supporting.

I was really confused by that one. They were spending a nice chunk of money on this Candidate for a banner...for their own yard.


SursumCorda-NJ t1_ithcb58 wrote

> a nice chunk of money on this Candidate for a banner

How much do you guys charge for something like that? I always wondered how much those signs cost.


SmokePenisEveryday t1_ithhdo6 wrote

Totally depended on materials and size but a standard 5x7ft banner would run 120-200 depending.


iGROWyourBiz2 t1_itjzj5a wrote

plot twist...trost has stock in a signage company, and removes them so his opponents have to spend more on replacements. Double win for him...gif


SursumCorda-NJ t1_ithbz2c wrote

I think it's less about swaying voters and more about getting their names out there, reminding people that so-and-so is running for whatever office. Basically advertising.


IronSeagull t1_itij80h wrote

They are a regular reminder that I need to look up the people running for school board so I can do my part to keep the loons out.


ParticularWar9 t1_itjvcpq wrote

They're all beholding to the teacher's union, doesn't make a diff who is on the boards.


JerseyJoyride t1_itj79zt wrote

I always vote against the people that have the legal signs up!


GardenStateGuru t1_itinofo wrote

The adage goes signs don't vote but they damn sure get in your opponents head


newport100 t1_itgqh38 wrote

FR, at least this person is removing some of them. In my area, these political signs will hang around for sometimes months after Election Day.


AdventurousShower223 t1_itkvihc wrote

I was coming here to say the same. I disagree with anyone destroying or taking property of someone else but signs are so dumb. They are just for virtue signaling regardless of which party you support.


Dr_smell t1_itguirr wrote

The GOP municipal chair who is in charge of counting the votes is ripping down only democrat signs.
I bet he voted to not post MAGA cars on this sub too.


Motiv3z t1_itgz8qo wrote

Republicans are dirt bags? No way


[deleted] t1_itjs7v4 wrote



Motiv3z t1_itkske1 wrote

You can always tell a “conservative” by how easily triggered they get by reality.


Extra-Routine-5864 t1_itmdmny wrote

Triggered? ha ha. No we are sitting back waiting to win son.


Motiv3z t1_itmwl9d wrote

Lol you seriously believe the election was stolen. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I found a real one


Motiv3z t1_itmfdqg wrote

Lol you were sitting back waiting to win” the last 2 election cycles.


Motiv3z t1_itmyug7 wrote

You believe the election was “stolen”. And YOU want to have a rational conversation? Lol nah son. You’re already lost


Motiv3z t1_itmyzj5 wrote

and I’m case you haven’t been paying attention for the last couple years…the “hate” is coming directly from the GOP. Fact.


TimSPC t1_itgh7rf wrote

Not for nothing, but removing opposing campaign signs has been around as long as campaign signs.


Dr_smell t1_itgu4oh wrote

Yeah but the GOP guy removing the signs is the chairman who oversees the counting of the votes. He's only removing the democrat's signs.


OkStatement4809 t1_ith3arz wrote

Was thinking this yesterday. Ban all lawns signs. They look so trashy


CreatrixAnima t1_itihimw wrote

I don’t have a problem with them on lawns, but when they clog up entire shoulders of the road with that crap it makes me angry. If you want to put it on your lawn, that’s fine, but I don’t think they should be allowed to fill the public land with this crap.


JerseyJoyride t1_itj7h3y wrote

I have literally seen these things blocking signs and fire hydrants!

Not to mention if the paper it's off to me of that wire mesh thing there that can be hit by somebody mowing along. Especially those guys on the highway that use those big mowers they wouldn't even see it when they're driving over the grass.


lsp2005 t1_itgrojq wrote

Campaign signs are just trash. Last election the right of way near my home had over 1000 signs (someone on the local mom board counted). It got brought up at the town meeting and caused a huge fight. Thankfully cooler heads prevailed and this time there are six signs in the right of way.


SmokePenisEveryday t1_ith4hh2 wrote

You mean you don't love seeing 30 of the same exact sign all stabbed into ground next to a utility section of the road???


HI_Handbasket t1_ithpusa wrote

"They paid me $50 bucks to plant 100 signs, they didn't tell me to spread them out."

-15 year old me back in the day.


iszomer t1_ith79t5 wrote

You know what's disturbingly egregious? Flyers being received promoting hatred and fear instead of what they're actually campaigning for.


woodhavn t1_itj5pct wrote

Amen, Ravi Bhalla of #hoboken is king of that spewing partisan hate in a local election. An automatic no vote for me!


Overhillflash t1_itgojae wrote

If I’m not mistaken, no one is supposed to place signs on public property. That’s why there are usually no consequences when they are removed. It’s only when you remove them from private property without authorization that issues truly arise.


bjorn2bwild t1_itgzjl5 wrote

No public property is fair game, just not private property (obviously). You also have to remove the signs within I think 2 weeks of election or else the candidate incurs a fine for each sign


PurpleSailor t1_ith4hq2 wrote

Actually they've got a day or two to remove them. Unfortunately nothing's done about those that leave them forever.


IronSeagull t1_itinzlc wrote

We had Shitarelli signs on the Somerville circle and outside the Bridgewater Commons for a couple of months after the last election. I don’t think anyone is getting fined.


NotTobyFromHR t1_itheskg wrote

How do you report these? Does it matter what level of election? BOE? Township? State?


SursumCorda-NJ t1_ithcsrv wrote

> no one is supposed to place signs on public property.

That is incorrect. You can place signs on the public right-of-way. It's how groups like Westboro Baptist get away with their crazy antics, protesting in the right of way is protected free speech but once you venture onto private property you can be pinged for trespass, same with the signs.


RafeDangerous t1_itkoexw wrote

These weren't on public property, they were on the property of the carwash that you see in the surveillance video. Troast claims that it's a misunderstanding and that the carwash said he could take them down, but tbh that makes absolutely no sense because why would he be involved at all? If the carwash didn't want them there, they could take them down themselves. He did it because he thought he could get away with it and then got caught by surprise when they called him out on it.


BigBossOfMordor t1_itgwpoq wrote

Kind of just settling in to the idea that we're gonna be a far right reactionary one party state by the end of the decade. We being the US.

I don't think opposition parties will be banned, but they'll be hamstrung, functionally powerless. More of a ceremonial self aggrandizing position for Dems who hold it, and a constant forever punching bag for the right


[deleted] t1_itgzhax wrote



beeps-n-boops t1_ith1qeq wrote

One world government within seven years?

Not a fucking chance. Literally, zero.


Mr_Matt_K t1_iti4ug2 wrote

You're talking to a guy who supports Libertarian and The_Donald_Lite (Conservative). Don't expect much logic.


j3rk-face t1_ithghcc wrote

Really, Why not?

The WEF thinks by 2032 but I think it will be sooner.


beeps-n-boops t1_ithlgxv wrote

We can't even get along perfectly with countries that are overtly allies. And there is a large movement here in the US to drop out of NATO and/or the United Nations, which aren't even governing bodies.

You actually think every government in the world -- including countries like China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, etc. -- will agree within 7 - 10 years to give up their autonomy and move to a single world government?

That's absolutely absurd and not fucking happening under any circumstances. ZERO chance.

And, assuming you mean the World Economic Forum, I don't care what the WEF has to say about it, either, They don't control anything.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_ith2dtq wrote

More than likely sneaky serfdom in 10 years. Not good either way. Oh well..


Farm2Table t1_ith3ukg wrote

Sneaky serfdom is already here. Has been accelerating for decades. Began when wages decoupled from productivity.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_ith44cm wrote

True enough, i guess it's getting more obvious with Jeff's warehouseburgs. So i guess it's blatant serfdom then!


Practical_Argument50 t1_ith3vql wrote

Uh we have this already. Go get a job your background check will go over criminal history and credit score so what? Digital currency, you do know we pass around paper? Each system relies on trust. There is virtually no difference between paper money and digital currency is spends exactly the same. The only advantage with paying with hard currency is avoiding taxes.


j3rk-face t1_itigslo wrote

Well then we should just lay down and take it then? Don’t talk about it, ignore it


BigBossOfMordor t1_ithjxrn wrote

There's not gonna be 1 world government. There's too many fractures in the ruling classes. The elites of the US and the elites of Russia are not gonna join hands and sing. And I don't think the Chinese state is gonna be cracked and opened up to control by foreign capitalists either.


Obvious_Ad9670 t1_itgsfn7 wrote

Always wondered why GOP has signs on public property. Party of lawn and order.


fidelesetaudax t1_itgdnw8 wrote

L O L. Self-involved politicians have their priorities so screwed up. Both sides see these sIgns as a “show of strength” and believe them important for the election simply because the other side does. In reality how many people are changing their vote because of these signs? Like .001 %? Is that worth the theft charges? Might be important for a third party candidate but Dem Vs Rep? Useless eyesores.


felipe_the_dog t1_itgedo8 wrote

I kind of agree. They're an eyesore and don't do anything. Ban all of them.


this_my_reddit_name t1_itgercr wrote

Also support banning them outright on public land (you wanna put one on your own lawn, more power to you)

The worst is when the election is well and truly over and you still see them on the side of the road. At what point does it become littering and we can charge the campaigns to remove them?


eeo11 t1_itgrq7u wrote

Some people still have Trump 2020 signs out… there should definitely be a limit to how long these things can be displayed


mdp300 t1_itgveru wrote

Some of them just drew a 4 to make them into trump 2024 signs.


Extra-Routine-5864 t1_itmcuo9 wrote

Midterms are not the same as presidential elections. Trump is not running for Midterms.


Draano t1_itgfwnw wrote

Many people get elected due to name recognition.


Zhuul t1_itgqo51 wrote

It's kinda funny how people overestimate their immunity to advertising.


Big_lt t1_itgfz55 wrote

They do more than you think. Subconsciously seeing the name will do a lot for months on end


NatAttack50932 t1_itgotmu wrote

They really don't. Campaign signs don't sway anyone. They just have a person's name pop out. They're worthless.


raindropdroptopz t1_itgqd3c wrote

I think in a local election like school board seeing a neighbor have a sign in their yard might sway people, especially when the candidates aren’t supposed to be a certain party and don’t have much press otherwise. But that’s a perfect world and not the one we live in, I think seeing campaign signs are atrocious.


NatAttack50932 t1_itgu8ws wrote

Yes buts thats only for school board. When your only campaign strategy is putting up signs it will work because its all people get exposed to. Its exposure bias.

If you just do yard signs in a congressional campaign you're going to get crushed.


NotTobyFromHR t1_ithgsrw wrote

As much as I hate the signs it did make me aware of local names. I'm not on FB and other social media.


PurpleSailor t1_ith54zi wrote

I've got no evidence but I think it helps with name recognition when someone that doesn't pay attention to politics is in a voting booth. "Oh, I've heard of that guy" click.


HI_Handbasket t1_ithpn1r wrote

Republicans of reddit: why do you vote for assholes? What drives you to even consider morally reprehensible people for public office?


restricteddata t1_iti1twm wrote

They literally believe that Democrats worship Satan, want to murder babies, are conspiring to destroy Christianity, want to turn all children into trans Marxists, and and so on and so on. If you believe your enemies are literally evil then you have a lot less problem justifying anything that subverts them. Even the ones who don't believe in Satan believe that the goal of Democrats is to enforce Stalinist Communism on them. It is a belief system totally disconnected from reality.

If you want to see how they see things, watch some Fox News, and you'll dip into their upside-down world. They just do not live in the same world as the rest of us, and have achieved total "epistemic closure." Of course, they would see the Democrat view of them — proto-or-outright fascist extremists hell-bent on destroying democracy, duped into serving the interests of billionaires and corporations, almost hopelessly misled by both domestic and foreign extremists — as being equally invalid (despite it being pretty easy to document, but part of that "closure" is that they reject serious evidence, and embrace the "throw everything at the wall" style of conspiracy theorists).


ATK42 t1_itl2mlj wrote

This is a very disconnected from reality post my gosh 😂


HI_Handbasket t1_itj7ewr wrote

They don't believe any of that, they are just incredibly and inexplicably stupid. Self-delusional trying to convince themselves that they aren't the villains, but they 100% are. What would Jesus do? Condemn Republicans and vote Democrat, absolutely.


restricteddata t1_itjspvm wrote

I think a substantial proportion of them do believe that, or enough of it for them to look the other way. Even the "moderate, educated" GOP I have spoken to in person seem to believe quite a bit of it — not the Satanism, but the culture war stuff about immigration, gender identity, Communism, etc. They might not have 100% of their minds corrupted by the brain worms of right-wing media, but they have enough...


HI_Handbasket t1_itr5je7 wrote

I was talking to a Trump supporter, and his delusion is GREAT, despite being an otherwise smart guy. He was talking about Hunter Biden being a felon and- "Wait, what? Hunter Biden is a felon? When did that happen?"

Him: Oh, he has multiple felonies.

Me: That would be news to me. Probably news to him as well. Show where and when, particularly the "multiple" part, he was convicted of any felonies.

Him: Oh, it's true, here, let me show you.

Proceeds to bring up right wing news sites that talk about the laptop, cocaine use, etc. But no felonies. Not even one.

Me: What did we learn today, C? That you need better news sources and you should probably not spread lies about people, right.

Him: mumble mumble

We have similar discussions like this almost every week, like the time he claimed that it was antifa and BLM who actually attacked the Capital on Jan 6th.


RafeDangerous t1_itkosbp wrote

> They don't believe any of that

I've seen people literally using some of those exact talking points to defend this specific guy, and to attack democratic candidates for the school board in Pompton Lakes. Clearly not all republicans believe this, but let's not pretend it's entirely made up.


Taftimus t1_ithn9ca wrote

The GOP is the enemy of the people.


Domestic_AA_Battery t1_ithlkc1 wrote

Good lol. Now hopefully Dems do the same and we have no stupid fucking signs anywhere. Pointless waste creation.


hammnbubbly t1_itikiui wrote

If political parties were reversed, this would be nonstop news on Fox News, OAN, Facebook, etc.


DuncanIdaBro t1_itim363 wrote

I'm glad this is being called out and addressed. Even as a Hudson county Democrat, who was probably the most guilty of this shit; you need to be accountable for it.


Emily_Postal t1_iti7npc wrote

I believe that’s against the law. Arrest him.


MapleChimes t1_itiszk3 wrote

I live in Passaic County. Taking down the Democrat's signs does not make this person fit to be overseeing vote counting. I can't stand all of the "Had Enough Vote Republican" signs. Had enough of what? Democracy? Reproductive rights? I wish we could just do away with all of these cheap ugly political signs.


JerseyJoyride t1_itj75ak wrote

They need to start doing what Clifton does to garage sale holders. They took you $30 if you put up a sign on a pole and you have to show up in court if they have court fee as well!!

When I asked the city about the illegal political signs they said "we don't do anything about him is because kids move them around."

What's a BS excuse for not doing their job!

I actually saw a truck driving down Route 46 ones with an extended arm and a bucket on the end. They were mounting the political signs and the telephone pole 12 feet up so no one would take them down. There's no way in hell is legal for them to drive that down the highway or put them on the telephone poles!!

Who's up for going out and cleaning them up!?


pac4 t1_itj3bxd wrote

I mean, it’s Passaic County. Republicans won’t even crack 40% of the vote, no matter how many lawn signs are torn down (also, lawn signs don’t vote).


RafeDangerous t1_itkpmkp wrote

They will in Troast's town, which I expect is his main concern here as leader of the "republican club". Pompton Lakes has a republican mayor, council, and majority on the school board (and I believe that may be a clean sweep for them after this election too). IIRC the town overall went trump both times, and is a reliable source of support for republican senate and congressional candidates. Tbh, a significant number of those people in local positions are very moderate republicans, and in some cases I think it's a "flag of convenience" since it's pretty close to impossible to get elected if you're not carrying an "R" next to your name. There have been more extreme candidates creeping in though, which is probably inevitable when you play that game.


markg1956 t1_itjdkr0 wrote

republi-TRAITORS are the slime under the scum at the bottom of a sewage pit


ReputationLeft3118 t1_itjrw1c wrote

Why is it this guy gets away with it and if I did the same thing my butt would be in jail???? Hmmm, sound like another politician?


12jpm87 t1_itl2i0s wrote

Serious question time: there are a couple of Healy signs that are in protected land in Wharton State Forest. Is that even legal? I am so sick and tired of seeing signs everywhere. One place I would love to not see them is in state parks and forests. Can we petition to have them removed or contact anyone about it?


ReformedBacon t1_itl4f2e wrote

My dad has at least 60 signs in our garage. From open house to construction ahead to vote for me! Dont put shit on other peoples property


tzon2012 t1_itldihs wrote

Turnabout is fair play


ShadowSwipe t1_itngsck wrote

If you vote based on what one of these signs say, you shouldn't be voting.

They should be banned IMO. Don't need literally hundreds of signs within a quarter mile of road. It's out of control. They lined a half mile of stretch street in my town with signs every 2 to 3 feet.


EvilDrPorkchop_ t1_ith58rb wrote

Honestly I stare right past them like they’re not even there


KenshiMKX t1_iti37b8 wrote

This is something both parties have been guilty of for a very long time, but it hasn't been a news story until now. It's wrong, and it shouldn't be done


CreatrixAnima t1_itih8hb wrote

I don’t think it’s usually been Election officials, though. They’re supposed to remain neutral.


KenshiMKX t1_itihe70 wrote

Never has been. This is no doubt new. It's always been operatives working for the candidate until now. It's really disgusting to see this kind of stuff


b4ngl4d3sh t1_itgl90p wrote

Lol, "deeply concerning". Calm down man.. You lead off a title like that, i was expecting something actually concerning. On the surface, all this dude did was clean up plastic litter.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_itgqu0d wrote

Is this really controversial? Lol. Deeply concerning is sedition, deeply concerning is rampant inflation. Stealing signs is jerkish douchebaggery, probably in the vaguely concerning range, bordering on meh.


Dr_smell t1_itgubmi wrote

He's the elected official who is in charge of counting the votes. He's only removing democrat signs.
Why is he personally removing signs of the opposing party that he belongs to?


b4ngl4d3sh t1_itguoh7 wrote

Because he thinks it'll effect the numbers?? Most people just vote along party lines anyway. These signs are just overkill and flat out litter. It's disgusting, as if there's not already a deeply concerning amount of plastic in our landfills and oceans. Find a better way, team red and team blue.


Dr_smell t1_itgvqyp wrote

I'm not saying I think lawn signs are good for the environment. But an elected official who is in charge of overseeing election results is personally interfering with the election. Just because this guy's name isn't in the headlines each week shouldn't be a reason to brush off his actions. If Phil Murphy was on the side of the street ripping up GOP lawn signs, y'all would freak the fuck out.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_itgwqk3 wrote

Y'all? I'm politically apathetic, unfortunately. I'm disappointed in all of our elected officials. I would treat Murphy the same. As in, I'd think it was a braindead, waste of time considering the American populations voting habits. Dems generally vote blue and repubs red. Roadside litter isn't swaying many people. if it was reported that he was taking them down and disposing of them properly, i may give him kudos, lol. We got a crisis on our hands in NJ and the world, our politicians told us we couldn't have plastic bags and straws, but they can still put an obscene amount of plastic garbage on the roadsides? It's gross and an issue that's near to my heart.


wildcarde815 t1_ithfrfn wrote

It's foolish to discount the impact signs have on name recognition.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_ithg7ua wrote

Agree to disagree, there are studies out there. I'm too reddit illiterate to link them. But the info is out there. Negligible, Americans far and large vote via party lines, and according to Yale, will regularly vote against democratic processes for their own party, and that's both sides.


wildcarde815 t1_iticj5i wrote

Always love a good both sides hand wave


b4ngl4d3sh t1_itj84al wrote

Ell oh Ell, i love how trying to be objective has become this mortal sin. I identify as left, btw.


Enjoy_Your_Win t1_itgx0cb wrote

They’re not litter if they serve a purpose, which they do.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_itgxctr wrote

Dude, you can't be serious? Litter is litter... And the usefulness of roadside political ads is dubious at best. There are better ways to get your political message out there without further harming an already precarious environmental situation.


Enjoy_Your_Win t1_itgxomt wrote

As long as the sign convinces at least one person to vote differently, the sign has served its intended purpose and is therefore not litter.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_itgyxup wrote

I disagree. It's the 21st century. Pay for YouTube ads, go old-school and run radio/tv ads. Anything but creating a one time use item that will end up as forever trash somewhere in an ocean or landfill. We can't really afford to be this nonchalant about useless plastic anymore. They're finding nano plastics in newborn placentas and the baby's themselves.


Enjoy_Your_Win t1_itgz5d0 wrote

Eh gonna have to agree to disagree here. I’m pretty far from an environmentalist.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_itgzwv2 wrote

Agree to disagree, I'm not trying to be preachy here. I just hope, as a species, we can do better.


Enjoy_Your_Win t1_ith0awf wrote

Well unfortunately (and I mean that 100% seriously) there are a lot of people like me who just can’t be bothered with the environment. I don’t have a good rationale for not caring, I just have so many other things going on in my life that I care about more. Maybe I’m just selfish and don’t care about how my actions affect future generations. 🤷‍♂️


b4ngl4d3sh t1_ith1yei wrote

It's the human condition man, we are an inherently selfish species, i can't hold that against you.

It just irks me because environmentalism goes hand in hand with almost all of my hobbies(bird watching, wildlife photography, hiking, etc). It's a passion of mine and what I've seen over the past 10 years or so is enough to make me weep.


Enjoy_Your_Win t1_ith2xez wrote

The way I like to think of humanity is that we are inherently good but inherently selfish at the same time. We want what’s best for others - as long as it doesn’t negatively affect ourselves. We primarily care about ourselves and our in-group, also known as our “tribe” which could be anything from your family, friend group, race, sex, political party, etc.

And the funny thing is that even though I’m aware of this, I still fall victim to it. In this case my “tribe” is my generation and possibly the generation after me who will be somewhat affected by climate change but will ultimately be dead when the real consequences start happening.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_ith3sdx wrote

I feel the same, it's the duality of man. The whole god and the devil dynamic. We can be the most kind, yet most cruel species on this rock. Most of us are concerned with surviving the money crunch, it's out of our hands to fix everything.

I'm already sold on the idea that it's gonna get a lot worse before it gets better, within my lifetime, at least (38yo). The hope is i live to see things start swinging in a positive direction before i shuffle off.


Dr_smell t1_itgvvhx wrote

Did you reply to your own comment?


b4ngl4d3sh t1_itgw44f wrote

Yea, i kinda wanted to understand why my opinion was deemed controversial, not that it really matters in the grand scheme of things, lol. Just curiosity.


Dr_smell t1_itgx7m5 wrote

Because you are immediately dismissive and gaslighting.
>"Calm down man... all this dude was clean up plastic litter."

Everyone is calm, and he didn't "clean up" litter, he's a republican official who oversees the election and is interfering with it by removing Democrat signs only. If he removed every sign from every candidate, that would be different. But he didn't. Your dismissive comment is controversial because you're saying that we're unreasonable to think its worth paying attention to.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_itgxyox wrote

I was being flippant because this is such a non issue, it's braindead, it's obnoxious and maybe a minor misdemeanor, but it is nowhere near approaching deeply concerning. I guess i was caught up on the language of the title. I apologize if it was perceived as gas lighting. My intention was to take a lighthearted jab at the obvious dramatized language.


Dr_smell t1_itgzc2s wrote

I disagree. While you're hung up on the fact that maybe some the signs he removed were possibly constructed from plastic, you're missing out on the fact that a Republican who works for the government to count the votes for the upcoming election is manipulating what you see from Democrats running in this election.
You can go ahead and think paying attention to that is "flippant, a non issue, braindead, obnoxious, and not concerning" but I think our elected officials who are paid with our tax money and oversee the integrity of our elections should not be out ripping up the signs of the opposing political party, and the fact that he did is a big deal and a sign of more election interfearence to come.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_ith1gn9 wrote

Some, maybe? Lol. They're definitely majority plastic trash. That can't be argued. Them signs have to go.

There are studies out there confirming most voters vote along party lines and that the effectiveness of roadside signs are dubious at best. I'll save my deep concern for gerrymandering and the like. This, as i said, is bad optics, vaguely concerning and probably something that, in a just society, would be handled internally as a chewing out.


Dr_smell t1_ith2nuc wrote

I don't care what studies say. I care what tax payer funded GOP elected officials do with freedom of speech and fair elections. Hopefully you don't have anything on your lawn, plastic or not, that Tim Troast doesn't agree with, because NJ GOP and you both appear to support his actions to remove whatever he finds irrelevant.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_ith33d8 wrote

Eh, fair enough, agree to disagree. I don't put garbage on my lawn, that gets disposed of depending on it's ability to be recycled. Regardless, I'm part of the working class, i don't really have much of a lawn, and if you had to sort Amazon parcels for a living, you'd be concerned about plastic waste as well.


Dr_smell t1_ith4ppf wrote

I refuse to use Amazon


b4ngl4d3sh t1_ith502i wrote

Hey! There's something we can agree on. I've yet to purchase anything from them and use none of their services. I didn't chose to move their parcels either, my employer decided to sign a contract to move their plastic waste on our planes.


Dr_smell t1_ithdn4e wrote

Yeah man, its such a waste of material and energy. And I don't like how they treat their employees and prevent them from unionizing. I also find that not having an amazon account prevents me from buying useless stuff I do not need.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_ithegq9 wrote

Yup, every night we sort four or five 53 footers worth of plastic garbage packed in plastic and paper waste. It's not ideal or sustainable. Their treatment of their employees is a whole other dystopian thread!