Submitted by Notimportanthuman t3_ych9tr in newjersey

Like the title says, I just got my first speeding ticket. Is my first ticket of any kind. Was going 43 in a 25 (terrible I know, no excuses I never speed like this, was just zoned out and didn’t realize I was going that fast)

I’m reading the ticket and it doesn’t say anything about points so if I just plead guilty and pay the fine how many points are going on my license?

I know most people say to go and fight it but I don’t have the money to pay the fees to knock it down. I’m trying to weigh all my options here and see what’s in my best interest.

If anyone has insight or advice I’d appreciate it.



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thefudd t1_itm4eoy wrote

Plead not guilty and on the court date see the prosecutor, they'll drop it to a fine with no points. As it stands now that's a two pointer. What's the statute number on the ticket?


hip_drive t1_itmt9th wrote

>I know most people say to go and fight it

I don’t think anyone here would advise such a thing. There’s a way easier way around it. Go to court, talk to the prosecutor beforehand, and they’ll bargain no points for a bigger fine. You’ll still be pleading guilty, but no points. They often tack on “no moving violations for 5 years afterwards” or something similar.


pfistacuffs t1_itn99aw wrote

Have you been driving for a while? It may save you time and money to just pay the speeding ticket and take the 2 points if that's all it is. If you have years of safe driving without any violations your insurance company may not raise your rates. I got a ticket on the parkway for 9 over and after 10 years of safe driving my insurance didn't raise my rates. If you do decide to talk to the prosecutor just keep in mind that the violation you wind up pleading to may wind up costing way more money (my speeding ticket was only $89 vs $450+ when pleading to unsafe operation or similar). Also, you probably have to take time off work to go to court. Lastly, many insurance companies have gotten wise to the pay more, plead to a 0 point violation move and have begun using their own 'points" system that doesn't necessarily reflect the same as the MVC.


rtk117117 t1_itncf9a wrote

I agree with just about everyone. First off. Shit happens, no one is perfect. Secondly, schedule a court date. I know some municipal courts used to have day and night sessions. Try and schedule at your convenience. Finally, on your court date speak to the prosecutor and find out what they’re going to offer. They will probably down grade the ticket and you might have to pay a bigger fine. If you can not afford a bigger find, you can accept the points and pay a smaller fine. The court won’t tell you if your insurance rates will go up, it’s up to your insurance. Prior to going to court, call your insurance company up and ask them. They should tell you. Good luck, you’ll be fine.


BlazinBladeRanger t1_itqgo77 wrote

I recently got a ticket. You can go to the website on the ticket. You are now allowed to ask for a plea bargain from the prosecutor online. Ask for a no point ticket. You will have to pay the surcharge. You can also request a payment plan from the court if you can't pay the full fine right away.


_Ricky_Bobby_ t1_itt68a2 wrote

What town is the ticket in ? That will make a big difference on the potential plea bargain


Notimportanthuman OP t1_itt6nxh wrote



_Ricky_Bobby_ t1_itt9bt9 wrote

Ok so here’s what you do. Go to court and you will be able to talk to the prosecutor. Explain that this is your first ticket (the prosecutor will have access to your abstract anyway) tell the prosecutor it would be greatly appreciated if they would amend the ticket to 39:4-67 (obstruction of traffic) - there’s like a 50% chance that’ll work. Be prepared if they say no to say that you understand and offer an alternative — some possible alternatives to ask for would be:

  1. unsafe operation of a motor vehicle 39:4-97.2 which is a $150 fine + $250 surcharge (one time surcharge) + $33 court cost — this option is more expensive but avoids points
  2. 43 in a 25 is a 4 point speeding ticket - there is one category below it for speeding 1-14 above the speed limit - you can request this as a downgrade take the 2 points and then take a defensive driving course online to get the points taken off — in addition to the points there would be a fine of $85-98 + $33 court cost.

Any fines could likely be paid via a payment plan but the judge would have to approve it (which they almost always do)

So Long as you don’t act like an egregious dickhead the prosecutor would almost certainly be willing to do one of those 3 options.


thefudd t1_itm84ai wrote

Look for a number that starts with 39: on the ticket


Notimportanthuman OP t1_itmcdnj wrote

39:4 -98 or -88, it’s really hard to tell


thefudd t1_itmevkg wrote

>39:4 -98

Can't find either one online, but like I said, just plead not guilty and see the prosecutor on the court date. You'll be fine.