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pfistacuffs t1_itn99aw wrote

Have you been driving for a while? It may save you time and money to just pay the speeding ticket and take the 2 points if that's all it is. If you have years of safe driving without any violations your insurance company may not raise your rates. I got a ticket on the parkway for 9 over and after 10 years of safe driving my insurance didn't raise my rates. If you do decide to talk to the prosecutor just keep in mind that the violation you wind up pleading to may wind up costing way more money (my speeding ticket was only $89 vs $450+ when pleading to unsafe operation or similar). Also, you probably have to take time off work to go to court. Lastly, many insurance companies have gotten wise to the pay more, plead to a 0 point violation move and have begun using their own 'points" system that doesn't necessarily reflect the same as the MVC.