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johnnyss1 t1_iufwf5o wrote

So do I egg my neighbors house tonight or last night


njrun t1_iufx7rb wrote

Egg last night and toilet paper tonight


storm2k t1_iujczvz wrote

look at mr. moneybags here who has money for eggs to egg his neighbor's house. hell, i bought an 18 pack at target recently because 4.79 was way better than the nearly 6 bucks shoprite and wegmans are selling an 18 pack for.


johnnyss1 t1_iuk4iz9 wrote

Nah, I live in hunterdon. I steal the eggs from my other neighbor


Artystrong1 t1_iuhatot wrote

You ever seen the episode of halloweenie of Pete and pete


alissa2579 t1_iufz1c5 wrote

Wait what? People do this? I usually wait till the day of to get my candy. Some poor kids will be walking away with canned goods if they showed up early


itsaboutpasta t1_iug0m5w wrote

I’ve heard some stores have already cleared out Halloween candy and replaced with Christmas candy. My old tradition was to go on 11/1 for all the discount candy but these days I guess I should have gone a week ago!


frogonmytoe t1_iuga11r wrote

Can confirm. I had to run to Walgreens and the supermarket today and seasonal aisles are 80-90% Christmas and 10-20% discounted Halloween.


JayMonster65 t1_iuhjdrx wrote

This is a "tradition" that ended long ago for just about any holiday. The sale is usually now a week (sometimes 2) ahead of the event so that they have nothing left.

Trying to buy candy even the week before is a crap shoot, because they are already sold out of some of the food stuff and all you have left is the junk nobody wants.

There is no cheap chocolate on sale for Halloween, same goes for the old joke of waiting until the day after Valentine's Day to get the candy at half off, or buying wrapping paper after Christmas. It just isn't a thing any more because of computerized inventory systems. They estimate how much they would sell and seemingly would rather run out early than be stuck with some extra that they have to put on sale.


SMODomite t1_iuhhfs2 wrote

Happened last year, ran out of candy, went to get more on Halloween, ended up giving out reeses christmas bells.


simplyxstatic t1_iugnx5k wrote

We tried to go to target on Saturday to grab some decorations for a party that night. It was already gone and replaced with Christmas decorations!!!


DrWumbo t1_iuhu8tj wrote

I went to 4 stores yesterday, until I caved and went to Costco who had *some* candy left (mostly king size bars and the jelly-type stuff). Kids in my neighborhood are lucky I procrastinated.


storm2k t1_iujcoyz wrote

the north planfield costco still had the big bags of chocolate miniatures on friday, but i'm sure those went fast.


jarrettbrown t1_iuj05hn wrote

I can confirm. My store manager at Stop and Shop was setting up Christmas candy yesterday, so I assume that the markdowns are coming


PawneeGoddess20 t1_iuj945z wrote

Yeah everything goes early now. I buy school supplies in July because by august stores like target are already trying to push out back to school in favor of Halloween. As a consumer, it’s so annoying.


storm2k t1_iujctzf wrote

which is frustrating, because teachers don't usually send the lists of needed supplies until maybe the last week of august. at least staples still exists and is always stocked up on school supplies all thru september.


storm2k t1_iujcis0 wrote

went to target on friday night to try to get a few decorations and they have basically emptied the store of halloween items and it's all christmas all the time across the store. welcome to the new reality. i'm glad i had bought candy weeks ago.


Good-Pop7582 t1_iug0gk9 wrote

I was thinking the same. I have to go out tomorrow. Today I'd be handing out soup or beans. Their expression would be priceless. Still better than the people who gave out boxes of raisins when I was a kid.


guacamole579 t1_iui17zm wrote

My kids would love the beans. Haha! Baked, refried, black, pinto. They would look at you strangely but then ask if we can have it for dinner.


NJBillK1 t1_iughgee wrote

Some towns that have Halloween parades will often have the kids go out the night before, since the parade is often on Halloween itself.


Moksha100920 t1_iuhyonz wrote

Can confirm. Took my neice and nephew out on Sunday in Toms River as that is their trick or treat day and they do the parade on Halloween.


liltone829 t1_iuhk3q9 wrote

Nah fuck that bro they walking away with nothing


jpporcaro t1_iui581v wrote

I came here to make the same comment - this actually happens? People trick of treat on NOT halloween?


jumbledgarbagebrain t1_iuip33e wrote

I remember getting cans of soup from not one, not two, but three houses in Kendall Park in the early 2000’s lol.


itsaboutpasta t1_iufvapq wrote

I’m only in my 30s but i get very “when I was a kid…” and upset about how Halloween is now like a month long event. Why are there Trunk or Treats a week before Halloween? How can a town just change the holiday and force trick or treating on a weekend because it’s more convenient? And a very safe suburb next to me has a curfew in place tomorrow night starting at 7pm, unless you’re accompanied by an adult. Now if you’ll excuse me there’s some kids I have to tell to get off my lawn 😂


chrisms150 t1_iug5h95 wrote

I'm right there with you.

I'm not in Jersey anymore (sorry... I have PA plates... I'm so sorry.) - but my area has NO trick or treating at all. Not a single kid has rung my doorbell in 3 fucking years. I fucking hate how we've gotten rid of kids being kids in every aspect - halloween included.

Please. I have a bunch of full-sized bars just in case - save me from my fatness! Come ring my door with awesome costumes!


oatmealparty t1_iug5yej wrote

Probably all going to trunk or treat events instead, because the parents are all lazy paranoid losers. Trunk or treating is just depressing to me


stricklandfritz t1_iug8u1t wrote

I like the idea of alternative trick or treating (mall trick or treating, trunk or treat, etc) as options for kids who live in areas where trick or treating isn't safe. But having it for kids who live in the suburbs with easy access to safe walkable trick or treating streets... It just feels unnecessary


oatmealparty t1_iugbxyf wrote

Yeah it makes sense in rural areas where you don't have sidewalks and it's impractical to walk or drive to people's houses but I see people talking about trunk or treating in Bayonne and Jersey City and Lyndhurst and it's like... why?


ScumbagMacbeth t1_iujgoct wrote

It's totally weird to me to have it in Jersey City because like half of all households don't even own cars.


Kinoblau t1_iugls58 wrote

I hated both trunk or treats and mall trick or treating when I was a kid. Could not stand either. Being out in the neighborhood running door to door with every other kid in the town is like 60% of the fun of Halloween.


WredditSmark t1_iuikc9x wrote

Trunk or treating is also good for those with disabilities 👍


The_Wee t1_iug7kf0 wrote

I remember when I was younger, we'd sometimes go trick or treating at malls. But now, Monmouth Mall might as well go all in and be a haunted house (improvement over ghost town).


OkBid1535 t1_iuh300x wrote

Top comment right here. Monmouth mall could be a spirit Halloween and the rest of the mall be the haunted house haha


RosaKlebb t1_iuhvb0k wrote

Preach, the glazed over tablet generation just is getting beelined into being weird indoor bubble kids, hell more than half these kids don’t even say Trick or Treat at the door anymore and kinda just blankly stare there awkwardly.

I’m not knocking logistics stuff where Trunk or Treat or a communal party, parade thing makes a lot of sense, but I find it so weird how much has gotten sucked out of a lot of normal ordinary flow of Halloween and trick or treating. It genuinely seems like something that kids don’t even really care about.


itsaboutpasta t1_iug8ss8 wrote

You gonna drop your address…….? Full size candy bar houses were the ultimate trick or treat spot growing up.


daedalus_was_right t1_iugqpvm wrote

>3 fucking years

Hmm, I wonder if there was something going on in the entire world that made it deadly to come into close proximity with large amounts of strangers...


KneeDeepInTheDead t1_iuiq14d wrote

Im in NJ and a kid hasnt rung my bells in years, had to be before Sandy. Probably doesnt help that I dont have any decorations up, but when I was a kid I literally rung every bell on the street.


kittyglitther t1_iufvh2k wrote

Also in 30s, also ready to get all "get off my lawn" about this nonsense.


BYNX0 t1_iug5dvv wrote

7pm curfew? That’s ridiculous. If they said 9, I’d be in support of that 100%


ShadowSwipe t1_iuge4vr wrote

One bad thing happens one time and you get all kinds of extremist zealots going "we can never let it happen again" and that's how these stupid rules end up inconveniencing everyone in some ridiculous way.

At some point we need to accept that sometimes, bad things might happen, and not everything can be fixed to be "perfectly splendid", especially not without removing normalcy. One bad incident does not neccesarily mean everyone else in your town needs to change their way of life to make sure it never happens again. A 7PM kid curfew on Halloween is ridiculous. People need to stop with the hopeless pursuit of making the world completely grey and bland with such stupid ordinances/laws. It's hard to argue against pursuing "making things better" so a lot of people just passively accept these extremist approaches and it never stops until you have no semblance of normal left. I've seen this type of attitude in businesses, I've seen it in HOA's, I've seen it in legislative bodies. They always end up worse off and no one can explain how they ended up there.

It reminds me of The Giver.


OkBid1535 t1_iuh39mq wrote

My sister lives on base on McGuire and they have a 2 hour window to trick or treat from 5-7. When she told me that, bragging like it was some wonderful rule. I said “yeah us free American civilians can go out starting at 3pm if we so feel like it and we can end at 8…you can keep your two hours I’m going to let my kids be kids and go out as long as there little hearts and feet desire. My kids say there feet hurt and we stop and that could be 4 hours into our adventure, like yesterday.

A curfew or weird block of time to go is ridiculous in my opinion.

Also I agree with other commenters. There is zero need for multiple trunk or treats on every weekend leading up to Halloween. Especially here in Tom’s river. Walking is accessible all over this town and it’s just laziness to have so many trunk or treats.


jailguard81 t1_iuhe0zt wrote

2hrs? Not sure how that’s bragging. military rules sounds like communism. we go at like 4-8. Or when kids get tired. You’re not gonna get enough candy in 2 hrs 🤣


OkBid1535 t1_iui18gs wrote

Exactly! I laughed so hard when she tried to “sell” there trick or treating, as if it’s some wonderful perk your allowed only 2 hours to enjoy trick or treating. Give me a break!!! I heard hours are between 2-8 pm in most towns, some from 2-9. Allow people to go when the hell they want, not some time slot.


jailguard81 t1_iuibpap wrote

Yea that’s the thing about military is that they enforce a lot of rules and can be very strict. I was in it for 20 years and I’m so glad I was done with that part of my life 😂 no freedom what so ever. You go home when they tell u u can go home. there is no 9-5 or whatever your set schedule is lol


BYNX0 t1_iugkpul wrote

Very true, i can relate to your comment. I need to start referencing the giver more


Ezl t1_iuhpflr wrote

What’s the “one bad thing?”


ShadowSwipe t1_iuij93d wrote

It's just a general statement as what typically drives these types of rules. One rare terrible thing happens and everyone goes on a crusade to change everything to attempt to make sure nothing terrible ever happens again. Don't get me wrong, there are of course many things that are in fact worth fixing but some people don't understand that not every bad incident ought to require some sweeping solution in a senseless pursuit to make sure everyone is 100% perfectly safe, or tidy, or happy, etc. Sometimes, bad things happen, and we have to accept that and move on.

I don't know what specifically drove the 7PM curfew in this case, but based on the ridiculous nature of the rule, I can only assume the justification is equally bad.


Ezl t1_iuizrsh wrote

Oh gotcha. I totally get what you mean but I asked because in other instances (I suspect this one included) the “one bad thing” never even happens, it’s just some weird, unjustified fear. Like, we all know about the “razor blade in an apple” fear but that literally never happened anywhere. But parents have checked their kids candy for decades. This year there was the rumor that drug dealers were (for some reason) disguising fentanyl as candy and giving it to kids which, of course, makes no sense.

So I totally get what you were saying and agree that it happens but I’d bet this 7pm curfew is more the result of baseless fear than any specific event.


PurpleSailor t1_iuh3gst wrote

We used to head out at 6:30 or 7 and quit around 9. But then again I think my generation was the last of the free range kids.


SMODomite t1_iuhhkkk wrote

I think 8 is the sweet spot...Gotta watch the Phils!


BYNX0 t1_iuhjz1p wrote

Stopping at 8 may be reasonable, but it’s still too early for a forced end time


WredditSmark t1_iuik8oj wrote

What’s funny is in my town the Boy Scouts did a thing in the big park and they had a massive sign that said ABSOLUTELY NO TRUNK OR TREAT NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and I just thought that was funny.


OkBid1535 t1_iug2e7s wrote

Live in Tom’s river and the town goes HARD the night before Halloween. Because of the parade this town has trick or treating the day before. Always. Only from Sandy and Covid did that change. My kids love it. The only thing I find odd is with the schools, costume day was Friday and they don’t have you dress up the same day as Halloween. Which makes zero sense to me and even my kids don’t get that one.


DrMantisToboggan45 t1_iugi2w3 wrote

I'm also in TR. Went through 2 jumbo bags of candy today


OkBid1535 t1_iuh2dgj wrote

I got zero trick or treaters. Which means I need to get with the decorations to get me some. My kids filled six 1 gallon ziploc bags with candy. They’ll have enough til Valentine’s Day!


ace2daMAX1993 t1_iug0zaa wrote

Toms River lol


kjb9898 t1_iug4qk6 wrote

TR here and the Halloween parade is something like the 4th biggest/oldest inn the country so they've always done trick or treating the night before. I've only been to three parade once and it was enough.


OkBid1535 t1_iuh2qp1 wrote

Dude same! I went to the parade once a few years ago and it was so lame I will never go again. Just cop cars and fire trucks and poorly designed floats. Maybe I went a bad year? I haven’t cared to find out honestly


jarrettbrown t1_iuj1p7q wrote

According the the website, it's the second largest. The largest goes to the Village of course.


kjb9898 t1_iuj3cq4 wrote

Funny, when I looked it up about 10 years ago, it was the 4th. But on the news this morning I also heard it was the 2nd . I'm guessing two towns decided that a Halloween parade is stupid.


_drdamian t1_iug3s0d wrote

I grew up in Ocean County in the 80s and remember having to find out what night Trick or Treat was in my neighborhood each year - sometimes it was on Halloween, sometimes not. I live in PA now and once made the mistake of asking my Bucks County-born-and-raised wife what night Trick or Treat was about 8-10 years ago and haven't lived it down since.


Loki_God_of_Puppies t1_iugcv1x wrote

This why I love my town. Trick or treat is October 31, no matter what. Kids walk around with one adult if under 10, but sometimes just by themselves if it's a big group. Everyone knows each other and looks out for each other


r_koenig t1_iufzzsz wrote

In the Toms River area they do it the day before because the parade downtown is on Halloween day


Jetro313 t1_iug1bhv wrote

I saw so many with costumes today. You know what the kids didn’t look happy at all. Not sure why but almost all the kids I saw seemed upset.


oatmealparty t1_iug6o2b wrote

Probably upset because their parents dragged them out and nobody is giving them candy.


TheDewd t1_iugoagn wrote

Parents do this?? I’m a parent. Just gonna dress my kid up and show up at peoples houses a day early like an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm?? I had no idea this was a thing.


Jetro313 t1_iui7i16 wrote

I cannot imagine what would make parents think this was a good idea or acceptable.


Jetro313 t1_iui797o wrote

Yes. These kids want to be part of Halloween with everyone else, not without.


ElBomberoLoco t1_iugme2l wrote

It’s only four towns….Toms River, South Toms River, Beachwood, and Pine Beach. It’s because of the Halloween Parade.


speed136688 t1_iufzxxc wrote

Toms river has done this since i was a kid cause we have the Halloween parade(second largest on the east coast) on the 31st. To me it's normal and I'm in my 30s bow


Imalawyerkid t1_iugkr8o wrote

My town did a “trunk or treat” at the high school tonight. Kiddo filled up her pumpkin, saw the fire truck, and took pictures with inflatables in full costume. I heard some people in line say it was their third of the day.

Tomorrow is her daycare parade and then we will do the neighborhood until she taps out.


UniqueSemiconductor t1_iugsdle wrote

I wish we got there scene in the sopranos, tony giving out candy to the kids guessing what their costumes are and stuff, would’ve been nice lol


turtle2turtle2turtle t1_iug458j wrote

Halloween should always just be the last Saturday of October. Weeknight Halloween kinda sucks!


coreynj2461 t1_iuhr06z wrote

Then lets make 4th of july, Christmas and new years always on a saturday


turtle2turtle2turtle t1_iuhx2vs wrote

4th of July and Christmas are days off in the US, so it matters much less what day they fall. Halloween there is work and school, so having it on the weekend makes a much bigger difference e


yeetus_feetus1234 t1_iugadgj wrote

Mischief night is its own thing. Trick or treat after school like everyone else


Wildwilly54 t1_iufw9uf wrote

I think some people did today because there’s a chance it rains tomorrow. But yeah I’m with you, it is weird.

Tonight is mischief night! 20 years ago I’d be out tp’ing houses, and shooting shit with a paintball gun. But I Guess everyone has cameras now.


Vitalremained t1_iug4dbe wrote

The fact you were using a paintball gun is very frustrating. So much can go wrong and can ruin and damage people's property. It's not like TP which is just annoying.


itsme__ed t1_iuga7jq wrote

Motherfucking Goddamn Orange Peel Beef


H3ll3rsh4nks t1_iuh5pjg wrote

Most towns in South Jersey all do it on Saturday night. At least the hours are "4-7" now, used to be they would do it from noon till 3pm and that was dumb as shit.


RemindMeToBlink t1_iuh6t7i wrote

Living in south jersey my whole life in a few different towns, Halloween was always 6-8. Talking to other people around NJ towards Philly say there is no time and never was. It’s just when the kids get home from school, they go out trick or treating. Sounds like chaos to me.


betcher73 t1_iuht2am wrote

I may get downvotes for this, but we should change the official holiday to a weekend. It’s stupid to have kids trick or treating on weeknights.


Wrong_Window_7322 t1_iug5ags wrote

Why do the residents of this state continue to give the state a bad rep…..


Ants1963 t1_iugdmiq wrote

Where I live we have a town square and the day before Halloween, there is something for the young kids.


jlamb99 t1_iuhdm10 wrote

Toms River?


IHSCOUTII1973 t1_iuhgh2w wrote

Yeah what’s up with that? Saw people trick or treating on Saturday


capotetdawg t1_iuhm2m1 wrote

When I was a kid you went to the next town over on the 30th and your town on the 31st to maximize ultimate candy consumption god damn it ^shakes fist at clouds^


op00to t1_iuhxh2d wrote

In Philly, certain neighborhoods celebrate "White Halloween" a few days before October 31st because those people are absolute shitbirds.


ayame_shirosama t1_iuhz9o8 wrote

Toms river does This because of the massive halloween parade tonight. It was great xD I would trick or treat at home, then at my grandparents in brick on Halloween. Double candy xD


newwriter365 t1_iufv9k1 wrote

I actually prefer it.

I don't have to worry about some little kid dashing in front of my car tomorrow night as I drive home. While tomorrow is supposed to be nice, I really, really hate rainy Halloween nights. Between the wet leaves making everything slippery and people losing all driving skills in the rain, I'm over it.


Kinoblau t1_iuglxgv wrote

You don't like kids trick or treating on Halloween because you're afraid you're going to accidentally run over and kill a child?


yaychristy t1_iugipaw wrote

My town did trick or treating Saturday night. I was so confused.


Zypher042 t1_iuhweu7 wrote

Unfortunately that's the official day in the town I'm in since they have a parade on the actual day


hawkclaw98 t1_iui4wsg wrote

I'm not sure about everywhere else, but where I'm from the 30th acknowledged as a holiday. Usually called beggers day, I think it has relation to either the large Irish or large polish ancestry we have here


the_ejbeast t1_iui65p9 wrote

In Buffalo we had a thing called Beggars night where'd u go out the day before. Idk if it's still a thing but people I know have beggars night parties n stuff.


turkeyvulturebreast t1_iuia0y1 wrote

I have fam that lives in central PA area and different counties do the last Thursday of the month. And it’s a confusing, but I guess cool if you live next to one of the counties and get two have two days of T-or-Ting! 12 yr old me would have loved it!


CKtheFourth t1_iuia7a3 wrote

In fairness (at least in South Jersey), they were predicting rain on Halloween all last week. Weather forecast only changed like yesterday.


oodja t1_iuia9ax wrote

Trunk or treats are harmless- our elementary school does one. We still have regular Halloween trick or treating though. I actually like decorating our car as well as the house every year!


jarrettbrown t1_iuizzz3 wrote

The manager I deal with at work told me that Toms River trick or treated yesterday because of the Halloween parade today. I would have gone elsewhere today because of that reason.


lsp2005 t1_iujm8db wrote

Ugh I see these moms asking about it on the local mom board and all the veteran moms do the take down on those posts. It is the 31st. Your special snowflake child can trick or treat with everyone else. I am not getting ready for you early.


47-is-a-prime-number t1_iuk9u6o wrote

I feel this way about the people who started trick or treating in my neighborhood at 4:00. After dark, people!


OkMolasses4099 t1_iufzk9c wrote

If anyone thinks I’m getting off the couch on a football Sunday to answer the door y’all are crazy


EstateOutrageous8399 t1_iugcfy4 wrote

Exactly! Bunch of pansies changing the date of Halloween.. What next change Christmas and Easter next?