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dumbass_0 t1_iu10k3q wrote

The only thing JC should have a bad reputation for is overdevelopment and god awful traffic


Blackest_Beard t1_iu17be4 wrote

Don't forget the parking.


marceljj t1_iu1i6yb wrote

we need less space dedicated to parking lots tbh


dumbass_0 t1_iu1g81z wrote

Not sure how i forgot that one, but so true


BYNX0 t1_iu20a3p wrote

Yes!! Parking. It's more difficult than many areas of Brooklyn, and any other city in NJ (except for Newark)


Certain_Minimum_8862 t1_iu455hf wrote

I have an easier time parking in Newark than I ever do in JC


BYNX0 t1_iu4parl wrote

I guess it depends on which part of both. Both are very large, over 20 sq miles each


aporochito t1_iu29egq wrote

Thank God for JC building as much housing as they are building. Otherwise NYC rents would be more. Given how good public transport options are, people should use less cars to commute in JC.


Certain_Minimum_8862 t1_iu456oc wrote

You know JC is more than just downtown right.


aporochito t1_iu4d12w wrote

Light rail covers big parts of JC. Not just downtown. Administration, both city and the state, should be pushed to cover more. In any case, complaining about JC building housing for residents is stupid.


Certain_Minimum_8862 t1_iu4drq1 wrote

It sure does but what if you live too far to walk to the light rail and have mobility issues.

What if you don’t work in the city - because I’m telling you know most of the people that live outside downtown aren’t all commuting to NYC.

The fact you think everyone just lives works and plays in JC shows how out of touch you are with the reality of the city. Take that light rail for a little ride and walk around where you get off. And I don’t mean Liberty State Park.


aporochito t1_iu4fpeb wrote

Hence the government should be pushed to provide more public transport, not more parking lots.


Certain_Minimum_8862 t1_iu4h66s wrote

Again if someone lives outside the city, and just needs a car to get around, more public transportation and less parking won’t help that situation.

America as a whole is way behind on public transport. That needs to be a nationwide effort to fix it just city to city.

And building high rises and pushing long term residents out of their homes to make way for the richer residents technically does help the numbers the city shows off. But building more homes that people can’t afford only makes those people move. So was the poverty issue ever really addressed or did the mayor just essentially hide it under a proverbial rug?

Really solutions are finding schools properly, creating outdoor spaces that everyone can use, providing support for families and those that need it. Support for job loss, addiction, rehabs, affordable extra curricular activities


effort268 t1_iu5eozw wrote

I use to think just the way you do, and I'm all for keeping people in their neighborhoods. But let's be honest, if demand increases and we purposely block every new residential, then new residents will just buy up the homes where people rent, thus forcing them to leave. I rather have large high towers where all the middle-upper class people live, then to have them come after my neighborhood.

FYI - i'm in Ironbound Newark, and I rather them build in downtown then here. PLenty of empty parking lots to build hundreds of housing units. JC has less space but you guys are building very tall which is good. Ya just need better public transportations so everyone can get around.


Certain_Minimum_8862 t1_iu68ne8 wrote

That’s not good and they are buying up residencies all over the city from people. Every area of the city is starting to feel the squeeze and no one benefits except the out of towners taking over. Have a great weekend.


moobycow t1_iu4zzmv wrote

People outside of DT have some of the lowest car ownership rates in the country.


Certain_Minimum_8862 t1_iu4dvft wrote

It’s not building housing for all residents. Just the ones who can afford 2k rent for a shoebox apartment. 🤷🏻‍♀️


aporochito t1_iu4fhr4 wrote

So building less will make the housing cheaper? What happens when they build less of "shoebox apartment"? Where do those go who can afford 2K+ rents, and are now living in those apartments? Aren't they going to occupy currently cheaper, slightly older places? Additionally, most of the new developments have affordable units in them, which in itself increases the number of available affordable units in the city. Without this building boom, JC would be less affordable.


Certain_Minimum_8862 t1_iu4g25o wrote

Ummmmm you seriously need to like venture outside or your little bubble. All of JC isn’t a bunch of young folks with city jobs. Most of the city are working class and people in poverty. Long time residents being forced out of their homeS, intimidated to sell, so the developers can knock it down and build something newer (aka a shit ton more expensive) in its place.

I spent the last 8 years paying kids graduation dues, buying lunches, school supplies, uniforms, dresses and clothes for dances, contributing to endless fundraisers, because parents can’t afford it. I’ve been to more funerals for kids who have died to gang violence then any one person should have to.

You think the solution to that is “most of the buildings have affordable units.” Go back to your bubble please.


aporochito t1_iu4goa4 wrote

You think the solution is not building? How will that reduce poverty? You did not answer the question I asked. How is building less makes JC more affordable?


effort268 t1_iu5fyrz wrote

I'm from Newark and I know exactly what you're talking about. But let's not play into our emotions. We need to increase supply because demand is high. If we refuse to build, prices will go up....that's literally what inflation is all about...

I do realize that a good amount of people are working class folks and I want to help them but reducing housing won't help not one. I do think we should focus on increasing wages, providing more social safety nets, etc. I'm also in favor of taxing big corporations to help fund this, I mean Goldman Sachs has received $165Million in tax breaks to bring their headquarters. None of us received tax breaks for our rent.

Please realize that the middle class is not your enemy, it's the people at the very top.


Certain_Minimum_8862 t1_iu5h9i4 wrote

Yeah but then build the right types of housing. The demand is up because rich assholes from across the River want cheap rent and a nice view.


SyndicalistCPA t1_iu4dxne wrote

Yeah, what year did this dude come from? I expect suburban peeps to keep shit talking Newark, but Jersey City? Lmaoo


YawnTractor_1756 t1_iu2teln wrote

I thought people in cities were supposed to take those streetcars and buses and bikes and stuff, because city bloggers told me that's what cities are for. Yet all the time I hear how people living in cities everywhere complain about traffic and parking, European cities too.


oatmealparty t1_iu35v4s wrote

What a bizarre comment.


YawnTractor_1756 t1_iu4wqbu wrote

Is this your best response why people even in walkable cities talk about traffic and parking so much?


oatmealparty t1_iu5dk19 wrote

I'm just not sure what your point is. Cars and traffic exist and therefore... cities are bad? Trains are pointless? Liberals are hypocrites? Like, what are you even getting at?


YawnTractor_1756 t1_iu8scvl wrote

Talk about bizarre comments. Cities are fine. Trains are convenient. "Liberals" is a weird term.

What I'm criticizing is modern public-transit-over-all city bloggers and "fuckcars" people who are either blind of hypocrite. They are usually triggered when someone says something good about cars like pointing out people actually need them regardless.


oatmealparty t1_iu8w63d wrote

This makes absolutely zero sense. How does the current proliferation of cars mean they are blind or hypocrites? Because current infrastructure encourages the use of cars, the people that want fewer cars and better public transportation and walkable cities are blind hypocrites because....what?

This is as dumb as saying "if you want fewer ants in your house then why are there so many ants in your house huh smart guy?" It's confusing tautological nonsense that you somehow think is a gotcha against better infrastructure.


YawnTractor_1756 t1_iu93czy wrote

OMG I talk to you that there is no place on Earth no matter how public transport friendly that does away with personal cars, I give you personal examples but to you your theoretic theories you built in your mind are more real than reality. I'l see myself out.


oatmealparty t1_iu9715n wrote

Yeah, cars still exist and there's still lots of infrastructure built around them, congratulations I guess?


Poldark_Lite t1_iu4bgr6 wrote

How do you think those people moved there in the beginning? When we lived in Manhattan we still had a permanent parking space we rented for our car, so we could drive to visit family whenever we had a long weekend. ♡ Granny


YawnTractor_1756 t1_iu51a6m wrote

Oh no. What are you saying. That people in walkable cities will still drive, need roads and parking spots? That we can't do away with all commuter paradise?

Stop! Stop saying such things! It's evil!



wheelman2925 t1_iu1o04s wrote

Taking some real risks in that area. You may choose a dangerous food truck or be acosted by scooter riding toddlers.


TheRacoonist t1_iu0ute4 wrote

Bad reputation?

Tell me you nothing about JC without saying it


HumanShadow t1_iu1so7k wrote

Parents probably raised them to think the actually densely populated areas of the state are scary and they internalized it.


GrunchWeefer t1_iu5ca33 wrote

I nothing about JC. There, I said it.


TheRacoonist t1_iu5d2eq wrote

It's an awesome little city with lots going on.

You should totally check it out! Don't even need all the words 😂


GrunchWeefer t1_iu5dfgq wrote

I'm just joking. I worked there for years. I go in frequently for the restaurants. I'm making fun of your typo :)


airthrow5426 t1_iu0t8xs wrote

What bad reputation does Jersey City have?


SweetheartAtHeart t1_iu1m5sp wrote

Any time I go anywhere in NJ and say I’m from JC, they say, “oh I feel sorry for you.” Ugh


yuckyd t1_iu1ec2k wrote

Uhh, there are still a good amount of shootings. Not as bad as it was but still some bad areas.


Dr_smell t1_iu1nq6k wrote

Shooting victims, incidents, and homicides have been on a steady decline in the city for a while now. Out of 283,927 residents, 56 were shot this year and there were 11 homicides. Last year was 86 and 20. That’s not perfect, but it’s also not a place to avoid.


yuckyd t1_iu1sc0m wrote

Sure if you stop recording data it is going to look great! From NJ. com. But it’s difficult to assess if crime overall is down in the city because the New Jersey State Police’s Uniform Crime Report has not been updated for 2021 or 2022, and Jersey City no longer publishes monthly or annual crime statistics on its website. The only statistics posted on the city website, on the Police Division page, are the shootings, shooting victims, and homicides.


potatochipsfox t1_iu1t2qn wrote

> The only statistics posted on the city website, on the Police Division page, are the shootings, shooting victims, and homicides.

So, exactly the statistics that he just said are down.


Dr_smell t1_iu1zspg wrote

Yeah that’s what I wrote down. But beyond that, we’re talking about it’s reputation. Jersey City has a great reputation.


darthdope123 t1_iu1ja14 wrote

Every major city in America has good and bad parts as far as crime. Jersey City is a very safe city.


kittenesque02 t1_iu2tov9 wrote

That confused me too. I no longer live there, but the city will always hold a special place in my heart.


albaspotting t1_iu1okza wrote

God forbid you beautify outside downtown.


ThanosBigPurpleCok t1_iu0xxbj wrote

What bad reputation, OP?


You may be hearing stories coming from Greenville, but that neighborhood is safer compared to Camden.


BYNX0 t1_iu20fh4 wrote

Anything is safer than Camden. After much in-depth research, the only city I found in the country worse than Camden is East St. Louis IL (not to be confused with st louis in MO).


Pixichixi t1_iu3suki wrote

Camden crime rate has been steadily decreasing. It's still in the top 20, but hasn't topped the list for some time now. I believe East St. Louis also experienced a significant decline in 2021 (East St. Louis is btw directly across a bridge from St. Louis MO. and their crime rates are fairly in tandem)


BYNX0 t1_iu4p656 wrote

All St Louis residents comment how scared they get when they miss their exit and accidentally go over the bridge in to ESTL. Police recommend you go through all of the red lights and stop signs at night. It truly is a hell hole.


LootFroop t1_iu0z5x1 wrote

You sound like a New Yorker who took the PATH for the first time and got lost in that mysterious land across the Hudson.


darthdope123 t1_iu1imah wrote

Nah, he definitely sounds like a northwest jersey or south jersey conservative lol. “Bad reputation”


tomakeyan t1_iu22o98 wrote

Jersey City hasnt had a bad reputation for a while..


HumanShadow t1_iu1shqv wrote

Yeah OP not to be on some shit but what's with the caveat?


lightinmylife t1_iu20hxu wrote

Jersey city doesn’t have a bad reputation, at least not anymore. It’s the most expensive place to live in the United States


poete_idris t1_iu16hms wrote

JC does not have a bad reputation at all lol. You’re thinking of Newark.


Evildude42 t1_iu1q51o wrote

That's not JC. That's the local SID/BID paying someone to change the flowers, clear the sidewalk of litter, and all the other bits that make it "nice". JC just takes the tax money. There are at least six in JC, probably more.


BYNX0 t1_iu204iy wrote

Any "Bad reputation" it may have had is stuck in the past. It's been completely revolutionized from 30-40 years ago.


analdelrey- t1_iu27j4y wrote

Lived in JC for 4 years and i miss it everyday


Certain_Minimum_8862 t1_iu45gyi wrote

🤣🤣🤣 all you JC implants make me laugh. Do you realize JC goes beyond Newark Avenue right? Like a whole city - a pretty big one in fact - and yes there are parts that definitely get a very bad rap and deal with a lot more than tough parking.

Love, A JC teacher that doesn’t live or work downtown.


kktyp t1_iu4sh3b wrote

Right? They wouldn’t last a day outside of the gentrified parts.


Javesther t1_iu2zuyt wrote

That’s downtown jersey city ? Leave that area , drive west , go to MLK & Ocean BLVD , tell me what you see . That’s Jersey city .. the rich in the waterfront high rises have no idea of what is a 5 min drive away from their bubble


FishinDrones OP t1_iu42n0c wrote

I am a subcontractor for NJ Transit and I am doing work on each light rail station. I am currently heading to MLK today ironically.

I am 2 mins away and can drastically tell the difference of areas.

I am at fault tho for thinking all of Jersey City is like this & not like the water front areas.


MapleChimes t1_iu42atp wrote

I only hear the "bad reputation" of Jersey City from older generations. Now it's a trendy but expensive place to live. There's still some parts that get higher crime but that's how every city is.


Certain_Minimum_8862 t1_iu4536p wrote

It’s only downtown where the “worthy” people live…🙄 the rest of the city barely has dead trees that includes the parks


playdohplaydate t1_iu178e8 wrote

JC’s mayor has made so many improvements over the years without raising taxes somehow. At least that’s what he said in his state of the city. They do a great job leveraging the available grant fundings out there


Pixichixi t1_iu3rqix wrote

JC is just covered in Urban Redevelopment zoned lots now. It's definitely smart for funding. Some of the developer agreements are covering the immediate streetscape as well.


UnderstandingFluid18 t1_iu2s1qk wrote

That’s because that’s the nice part. Jersey City is like three cities in one.


Vegoia2 t1_iu1lxsc wrote

JC is great, always.


Pixichixi t1_iu3szv0 wrote

Terrible traffic and excessive flooding doesn't mean they can't have flowers.


Breadly319 t1_iu59js3 wrote

jersey city is gentrified now, that jersey city is from the early 2000s and prior


delirium720 t1_iu5htem wrote

What's wrong with Jersey City? It's a great city, everything you need is there


lykewtf t1_iu4btj1 wrote

Looks like a mini Park Ave


5uck3rpunch t1_iu50383 wrote

Nice pic! People used to call it Jersey Shitty when I lived in NJ growing up. Glad to see it's getting nicer!


Signal-Blackberry356 t1_iu2txxp wrote

I would make assumptions about you but I’ve learned to stop making an ass outta myself. You should do the same.


Unka82 t1_iu2bxr2 wrote

They help soak up the blood from all the Lack Lives Mattering