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PSEOL t1_iu8rf3d wrote

Reply to comment by ReggieNJ in 10 years ago by ReggieNJ

Ah yes, cause that would have changed things?

EVERYONE knew Sandy was coming and how serious it was going to be, regardless of shaded sections on a map.

Perhaps you were too young when it happened, but the coverage was immense on all local channels and weather channel for several days before the storm. This wasn’t some sleeper storm.


i-have-n0-idea t1_iu8xniu wrote

Yeah. We almost stayed because we were fine with Irene, But when they said 12 foot storm surge, we weren’t going to risk it. Storm surge is nothing to F with. Got 2 feet of water on our first floor. Would have been terrify to watch that come in. My street has never had that kind of water before. Crazy.


mdp300 t1_iu9acuf wrote

I definitely remember some government agency, maybe National Weather Service, issuing very serious warnings because they didn't want to think it would be like Irene again.


A_Downboat_Is_A_Sub t1_iu9ew00 wrote

They showed their storm surge forecast map for Sandy to Chris Christie and he thought they were joking, so he told them to come back "with the real map". An hour later they presented him with the same map, and that's the moment he knew it was going to be really bad.


rockmasterflex t1_iu935mc wrote

There were also evacuations and shelters set up too, in advance. This was well advertised as a “bad time” for NJ


onlyme1984 t1_iu8vmne wrote

You’re not wrong, but at the same time nobody imagined it would be as bad/destructive as it was. Yes they warned us, but we never saw anything of that magnitude before.


PSEOL t1_iu8y3tq wrote

And a graphic from NHC wouldn’t have changed that…

Let’s not pretend the NHC just stopped reporting information once the storm was extratropical, because that wasn’t what happened.


this_my_reddit_name t1_iu94fk5 wrote

Yeah, I can't say I know where this hate for the NHC is coming from. I do know that there's some debate in the weather enthusiast community as to if Sandy made landfall as a hurricane or extra-tropical storm. Sandy making landfall as a named tropical cyclone would have upped the insurance deductibles a lot of homeowners would have had to pay. I know my deductible is pretty significant if such an event were to occur. It's significant enough to where I would have to weigh making the repairs out of my own pocket or paying the deductible and making a claim. There's a "conspiracy" theory that states the scientists downgraded Sandy to extra-tropical just before landfall under pressure from the government to keep insurance deductibles down. Yeah...I don't know about that one.


onlyme1984 t1_iu9hcth wrote

I wasnt referring to the NHC reporting - wouldn’t have changed a thing you’re absolutely right. I just meant that despite all the warnings regardless of what type of storm they said it was nobody was prepared for what hit us.


this_my_reddit_name t1_iua2q24 wrote

You know, part of it was definitely this mindset that "oh, Irene wasn't that bad, it's just the news media blowing it out of proportion again!"

In a way, the worst thing that could have happened to us was Irene. I remember we went all out preparing for Irene. We were nervous, the fire department rode around telling us there was a mandatory evacuation, and - in our area - it was a big nothing burger. Power was out for a few days and nothing else happened really. Then a year later Sandy hit and - in the middle of it - we came to the realization that Sandy WAS the real deal. I had water lapping up against the tires of my first ever brand new car. I was convinced I was about to lose it to the surge. Thankfully, the water started receding before that. My neighbors weren't so lucky.


ismokeweedle t1_iu9mbkx wrote

My family had seen our fair share in Puerto Rico so they took it pretty seriously. Hurricane Georges trapped us in our neighborhood bc of flooding, no power/ water for weeks. I was in Louisiana during Sandy, my family leaving the coast gave me some peace of mind.


ReggieNJ OP t1_iuawyyr wrote

Too young? I'm 36 now and still remember that day pretty damn well. Nobody around us thought it was going be as bad as it was. We thought if we went through plenty of nor'easters before, we'd be fine. This was far worse. And all anyone talked about in the days after was the lack of information for how dangerous the storm would be for inland areas, not just the immediate coast.


MayflowerKennelClub t1_iuc0yc7 wrote

for real, it reminded me of how we were tracking katrina for like a week before landfall