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SexWithAnAvocado t1_isj6ca3 wrote

Your username doesn’t leave me any optimism about the project.


iamstrugglin OP t1_isj78aq wrote

To struggle is an act of effort, we're trying.

Also you've got an interesting name as well.


SexWithAnAvocado t1_isjk2g3 wrote

Hey, I believe in you.


Doowrag t1_isjijv4 wrote

I’m an Ironworker and was on the project a few years ago when we were setting steel. I had to weld these gigantic moment connections, some hanging from a wooden float because there was no way to get a 120’ man lift in position, it was pretty awesome. Looking forward to flying out of the new terminal soon and stay safe!


iamstrugglin OP t1_isjoizj wrote

Eyyy local 11 connector? Awesome story, you stay safe too brother.


Doowrag t1_isjwt02 wrote

Thanks but I leave the connecting to the pros, I prefer to just weld all day.


iamstrugglin OP t1_isjy638 wrote

Everyone does their part. Hopefully you can pass by one day and tell everyone what your part was.


THE_some_guy t1_isknfyx wrote

Isn’t welding a type of connecting? What’s the difference in this context?

If it’s not clear, I know almost nothing about steelwork. Please pardon my ignorance.


Doowrag t1_iskwzlk wrote

Oh that’s ok. The connectors I was referring to are the guys that work with the crane hoisting beams, columns, joists etc into place. They’re in what’s called a “Raising Gang” which is usually made up of 6 people. A foreman, a crane operator, two guys on the ground sending the pieces up, and two guys in the air.

Welding is fusing two metals together, we typically use welding rods or a wire feed machine. For the points I had to weld, I used the wire feed machine because it’s much faster than using welding rods.


iamstrugglin OP t1_islq1qf wrote

I love the wholesomeness of our tradesmen interacting with the community. MAD Jersey.


Gogh619 t1_iskvd26 wrote

Connectors are the guys that erect the steel and get them into place. Then the bolt up gang comes in and bolts it up, unless it calls for a weld, which in that case a welder would weld. There are times where you might need to weld to hold a piece in place, but that doesn’t happen too often.


Unknown_Species666 t1_isizsmz wrote

Never been to terminal A. Only B and C. Where are you headed?


iamstrugglin OP t1_isj193u wrote

To build the new terminal friend 😁


Sinsid t1_isj4jwo wrote

See you again in 15 years!


iamstrugglin OP t1_isj4lor wrote

Lmao 🤣 hopefully not, I wanna start the next terminal.


Indin_Dude t1_ism1h41 wrote

The new Terminal A at Newark airport is scheduled to open next month.


iamstrugglin OP t1_ism1kcs wrote



Indin_Dude t1_ism3q6l wrote

I hope it’s as or more sophisticated, modern, and efficient as some of the best in the world (currently most in Asia).


Illnasty2 t1_ism89kb wrote

Aiming for the stars huh? I hope it’s on par with airports in third world countries. By that comparison it would be a 1000% improvement


thebruns t1_iso0d37 wrote

Zero chance. November-Dec is the busiest travel part of the year and no airline will want to test things out during that time. Imagine if the baggage system breaks


Indin_Dude t1_iso3io6 wrote

I am sure they have done testing - and they still have the original terminal A and C. They can always temporarily revert flights back to old terminal A if they have issues

The new terminal A is for smaller aircrafts so think it will be for nearer destinations or destinations with fewer passengers.


thebruns t1_iso3s35 wrote

> The new terminal A is for smaller aircrafts so think it will be for nearer or less critical destinations.

This isnt true at all.


Indin_Dude t1_iso3zsk wrote

If you are so certain then perhaps you can shed more light on this terminal and it’s go live date


shadydoglies t1_isjj2lv wrote

I hope the bathrooms and food are better in this terminal but somehow i expect they will not be.


thephunkmaster t1_isjmk2x wrote

I have a food kiosk that will be open with the new terminal. I can confidently say the food options is TONS better with some healthier options mixed in too.


iamstrugglin OP t1_isjo28p wrote

Yeah the restaurants looks like they have great atmosphere. Maybe later on today I'll snap a couple more pictures and make an album on a new post.


brp t1_iskg7f1 wrote

I think anything would be an improvement over the current Terminal A.

Terminal C isn't too shabby now, just still a PITA with the choke points at the security exits.


-MACHO-MAN- t1_islw7js wrote

I don’t know about b but food in c is actually halfway decent now


[deleted] t1_isjfmfb wrote



iamstrugglin OP t1_isjfpyp wrote

The new parking garage is dope.


runnywetfart t1_isjqymt wrote

Like philly hopefully. Fucken easy. Park and walk to ur terminal. In and out. And cost effective.


iamstrugglin OP t1_isjrkbd wrote

Yeah the pedestrian bridge really affords that ease of accessibility in the new terminal.


sharkethic86 t1_isjwikj wrote

A and B both so bad rn. I know people complain C is expensive but damn it's nice.


talk_birdy_2_me t1_isjjmzo wrote

Is there a date for when it will be open? I'm flying out of A in a few weeks and was wondering if I'd be able to see the new terminal


iamstrugglin OP t1_isjnver wrote

Unfortunately I don't represent the airport, I would love to give you a concrete answer but I wouldn't want to lie to you.


Dozzi92 t1_isj8nss wrote

Saw some pictures of the inside, looks great.


snarkuzoid t1_isj945y wrote

Best of luck. It needs some love.


BlackWidow1414 t1_isjhveu wrote

Is this terminal going to improve Newark's on-time percentage rates?


iamstrugglin OP t1_isji0gg wrote

I just work here lmao, my efforts are purely transactional.


taricua t1_isjsxej wrote

Yeah, yeah, passing the buck…


VaMoInNj t1_islq35d wrote

I think most of the issues are due to runway capacity, so doubtful. At least it will be a nicer terminal to wait in than the current A.


paintnprimer t1_isjqsq6 wrote

Pallets and pallets of paint going to this job. Keep it up!


iamstrugglin OP t1_isjr0rp wrote

Ey! IUPAT brothers in the house! Thanks for your efforts!


paintnprimer t1_isjsybs wrote

Just the people who get it in, tint it, and ship it. No union here 😭


playdohplaydate t1_isjwgc6 wrote

My brother in law is working on Newark also with AECOM. He’s probably there rn juggling one of his many projects.


Dur-gro-bol t1_isj9ajd wrote

You mean terminal one


iamstrugglin OP t1_isjbxzm wrote

Yeah I was confused by that also. We were calling it terminal 1 since the beginning of the project. Maybe this sign isn't finalized? Not too sure.


Dur-gro-bol t1_isjcha2 wrote

Hahaha I just figured it was so workers and deliveries didn't go to active terminal A. They just called it "one" so it was different from A. I haven't been there in a month or two, it must look great. Besides the ceiling lol.


iamstrugglin OP t1_isjfxmc wrote

You know what, that never even occurred to me. That seems the most likely, were you working here?


Dur-gro-bol t1_isjjrnl wrote

Yeah I've been in and out for the past year or so. I'm in 254


iamstrugglin OP t1_isjnrcl wrote

Oh nice, we still have some carpenters here. Most of the rock is in but, it's getting close to punch list time.


rossg876 t1_isjjkve wrote

It was 1 until a new terminal 2 was cancelled. Now it’s just A


Dur-gro-bol t1_isjngfj wrote

Yeah the old terminal A is the oldest one right? I figured they would just use this new one for A,B,C as they redo them all.


EWR-RampRat11-29 t1_isjpdbz wrote

We were also told Terminal one, yet I keep seeing information with it being called Terminal A. So who knows. Maybe it’s to make even harder to get into and out of the airport.


Dur-gro-bol t1_isjpzlj wrote

Yeah I figured it was just a title for development, easier to tell workers and deliveries to go to terminal one then terminal A.... No not that one the new one. Go around and go to the south area of the airport. Yeah that huge dirt area, that's terminal A too lol.


Pepalopolis t1_iskoy55 wrote

Thank you for doing the work my friend! Great to hear. What was updated? I haven’t been to A in a while.


Gogh619 t1_iskuoye wrote

Yeah, they’re tearing down terminal A and B once terminal one is up and running.


noping_dafuq_out t1_islpi43 wrote

That's great and all, but daddy wants his Centurion Lounge at Newark.


iamstrugglin OP t1_islpn93 wrote

Is that the design? It's unique with the bamboo. The bathrooms are dope too.


analdelrey- t1_ismnpl7 wrote

My dad's working on the elevators here


iamstrugglin OP t1_isngcmn wrote

Nice! Local 1 family! I probably know your dad, are you looking to get into the trade as well?


analdelrey- t1_itlxg6x wrote

Yes he is part of local 1! I would love too...he tried to get me into a program a year back. It was something for women specifically to get in.

My dad's old as fuck, I'm hoping he retires after this job. He doesn't want to, but he needs to


iamstrugglin OP t1_itlxvq9 wrote

Huh, I only know one old fuck of an elevator constructor. Ironically he's the one who has been most friendly to me and the crew 🤣

You should join up the trades need more strength in diversity 💪🏽


analdelrey- t1_itprodg wrote

His name wouldn't start with 'R' by chance would it?! You might know my dad lol. He builds elevators!


ASlap_ t1_ismvu26 wrote

Hell yea cuz. I worked there for two years until I took a layoff beginning of August. Local 164 🤙🏼


taricua t1_isjspf3 wrote

Is this going to help the big mess that getting to terminal C is right now?


iamstrugglin OP t1_isjswfj wrote

Hopefully? It seems like the design is superior to the other terminals. I'm not a civil engineer though so I'm going purely off esthetics.


[deleted] t1_isjsr7m wrote

What will they do with the flag atop Gate 17 (the gate that Flight 93 left from)?


iamstrugglin OP t1_isjtc5p wrote

Good question, I'm assuming it's going to stay in its location or be transplanted. I can still see it air side.


OttomanTwerk t1_isk2hoj wrote

What airlines will fly out of the new terminal? I assume the old ones will be left for Spirit and Frontier because they are outdated, cramped, and filled with angry people.


iamstrugglin OP t1_isk2ue4 wrote

I can't say definitively who will be here. What I can say is I haven't seen those logos around the job site. AFAIK Air Canada, United and American are here. I imagine that could change at the port authority's digression though.


SleepyHobo t1_iskxxkf wrote

More overpriced food options yay!


Linenoise77 t1_isostzc wrote

I don't mind terminal C. Yes, you are paying more than you would elsewhere, but, uhh....its an airport. When you get delayed or deal with a connection, its nice to have the option for something other than mcdonalds, or even worse in terminal a's case, the earl of fucking sandwich. Even grabbing a beer in A is a pain in the ass.


Babhadfad12 t1_isp27gv wrote

You should see options other airports that didn’t give the food and beverage operations to a corrupt port authority connected company like OTG. Obviously, C was better than A, but still piss poor compared to other airports.


jhaze3 t1_ism4zjq wrote

Should of awarded job to a local contractor…would be open already! Tutor-perini are just terrible.


iamstrugglin OP t1_ism52yb wrote

Who would you have awarded it to? 😏

Congrats on your first comment of the year as well.


Agnestika_noine t1_ismd64z wrote

I thought this was a mausoleum.


iamstrugglin OP t1_isnfwu0 wrote

The burn out might be setting in from all the overtime but, trust me we aren't dead yet friend lol 😅


artinnj t1_ismfyn2 wrote

So does this mean they are going to try to get this up and going around the holidays? Can’t picture the CF that is going to happen.

Will be grateful to see the old Terminal A TSA screening go away.


iamstrugglin OP t1_isng2vg wrote

I would imagine the GC wants this done as soon as possible, and port authority even more so. There is still work to be done. I imagine it's soon but, there could be an unexpected "hickup" once the punch list phase begins. The only entity that has a clear and accurate time line is the GC unfortunately 😔


StrawhatPAT69 t1_isl53gn wrote

If by some reason, are you guys installing panels made from Bamco Inc.???


iamstrugglin OP t1_isl5b4m wrote

Huh, I'm not sure I'll have to get back to you on that one. I know it's like a composite material, who manufactures them, I'm uncertain.


StrawhatPAT69 t1_isl5mof wrote

Yes, that is exactly why I’m asking. We CNC those composite panels, fold, and install the hardware needed to put them up. We’ve been making a lot of those for the airport and the same color as well


iamstrugglin OP t1_isl5v8l wrote

Oh man, that's awesome are you guys machinists out of Lyndhurst's local?


StrawhatPAT69 t1_isl6g8k wrote

No, we operate in Middlesex. Right next to Bound Brook. I love working for them, we can make a lot of cool stuff with those panels. We also work with sheet metal panels and weld, all in house