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iamstrugglin OP t1_isjoizj wrote

Eyyy local 11 connector? Awesome story, you stay safe too brother.


Doowrag t1_isjwt02 wrote

Thanks but I leave the connecting to the pros, I prefer to just weld all day.


iamstrugglin OP t1_isjy638 wrote

Everyone does their part. Hopefully you can pass by one day and tell everyone what your part was.


THE_some_guy t1_isknfyx wrote

Isn’t welding a type of connecting? What’s the difference in this context?

If it’s not clear, I know almost nothing about steelwork. Please pardon my ignorance.


Doowrag t1_iskwzlk wrote

Oh that’s ok. The connectors I was referring to are the guys that work with the crane hoisting beams, columns, joists etc into place. They’re in what’s called a “Raising Gang” which is usually made up of 6 people. A foreman, a crane operator, two guys on the ground sending the pieces up, and two guys in the air.

Welding is fusing two metals together, we typically use welding rods or a wire feed machine. For the points I had to weld, I used the wire feed machine because it’s much faster than using welding rods.


iamstrugglin OP t1_islq1qf wrote

I love the wholesomeness of our tradesmen interacting with the community. MAD Jersey.


Gogh619 t1_iskvd26 wrote

Connectors are the guys that erect the steel and get them into place. Then the bolt up gang comes in and bolts it up, unless it calls for a weld, which in that case a welder would weld. There are times where you might need to weld to hold a piece in place, but that doesn’t happen too often.