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I was expecting a rougher season and it feels like we barely got hit with anything. We had some good rain from Ian but overall it seems like it wasnt overly bad this year for most of the state. The only part that felt like it got it bad from Ian was LBI.



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coreynj2461 t1_iu95548 wrote

Thanks for jinxing us, now were going to get an epic blizzard this year


neekogo OP t1_iu966vc wrote

Why do you think i flaired this "Bread & Milk"? 😆


reeny706 t1_iu9ga7f wrote

Seriously?! It’s like commenting on a lack of traffic. You don’t say it out loud, just quietly enjoy it.


NatAttack50932 t1_iu9hmy2 wrote

Last winter was super mild. We were getting an epic blizzard no matter what because of it.


OttoBaker t1_iu9gudv wrote

On this day in 2011 NJ had a big big snowstorm.


DrHamzaDO t1_iu9yf1b wrote

Dang crazy that was 10 years ago


Platypus211 t1_iuahv04 wrote

Right?? I just realized that was the last time I dressed up for Halloween; I graduated college the following spring. It's been 10+ years?! ...Oh shit, I'm old.


DrHamzaDO t1_iub00l9 wrote

My family and I are Muslims and we don't celebrate Halloween. I remember the day that some people were Trick or Treating my mom commented something like "Ever year they dress as ghosts, this year they got a real ghost in that storm"


Cherabee t1_iubw80k wrote

When did Irene Hit? Wasn't that in September of 2011? I don't think there were hurricanes in NJ in October 2011. Irene did give us a shitload of rain though. It broke roads, flooded houses in Lincroft/ Tinton Falls. Irene also broke a water treatment facility near me. We couldn't drink tap water& short showers were required while they fixed the busted up pipes, & updated the layout.


OttoBaker t1_iubx8h2 wrote

Irene happened at the end of August 2011. There was an impact but nothing like Sandy the following year. The big October 2011 snow was super odd. Trees were not yet bare and the snow really weighed them down. A family member was delayed 3 days in LA because of it.


pjsparkles83 t1_iu8y7xl wrote

Tell that to my homeowners insurance, they just requested a 38% increase for the state of NJ through the Dept of Banking and Ins. Apparently they saw something we didn't.


I_Am_Skipples t1_iu8zghz wrote

Yeah, they saw an opportunity to steal more from you.


Reddit_-_username t1_iua0kzf wrote

If you insurance companies are milking profits in a way that doesnt accurately reflect their costs, you should be able to make a significant outsized return investing in insurance companies.


I_Am_Skipples t1_iua0qu7 wrote

If stocks made sense like that we’d all be able to retire at 65.


Reddit_-_username t1_iuachxc wrote

I don't understand what your mean by that. First, the average age of retirement is 63, second, companies that grow profits without growing costs experience outsized returns.


vafunghoul127 t1_iubjc14 wrote

Also a shrewd businessman would see those big profits and get in and undercut those charging too much.


dread_beard t1_iuaamaw wrote

Do you have any clue the razor thin margins that most personal lines carriers operate on? They make most of their money by investment strategy.

I work in the industry (but on the brokerage side) and people don't realize this. You see 100+% loss ratios fairly regularly (hence rate increases).


SailingSpark t1_iu92k77 wrote

probably they see more fires in our future due to drought?


psuedonymously t1_iu9fphm wrote

The trend of what’s going to happen with hurricanes is very clear, they’re growing more intense and dumping more water. That doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily have them every year this far north, we certainly didn’t before.


PSEOL t1_iu91t0x wrote

And you’re sure that has to do with hurricanes because…?


pjsparkles83 t1_iu9mm1v wrote

I didn't say that. I said my insurance Co is trying to take more money from me.


metsurf t1_iu9qbba wrote

Have you looked at the price of lumber and other building products? My insurance company now says the value to rebuild my house is over 600k up from 400k five years ago, thus higher premiums.


PSEOL t1_iu9mvvu wrote

You’re responding on a thread about hurricanes complaining about your home insurance going up…why else would you make the comment?


Leftblankthistime t1_iu9aoo7 wrote

As a comparison, when I was little, we might get up to D E or F names this late in the season. Hurricane Floyd was in 1999 and the hurricane that them movie “perfect storm” Hurricane Grace was 1991. Now not many were direct hits for NJ this year but according to NOAA’s National Hurricane Center, we’re up to Julia already… in 2005, 2020 we ran out of English letters and had to go to the Greek alphabet(which they changed so you won’t see Greek used anymore), so if that’s your basis for comparison, yes this year is less, but over the last 40 - 50 years, no. 10 hurricanes in a season is still a lot.


ALC_PG t1_iua87a2 wrote

Floyd hit on Sept 8th or so... your point stands


burton614 t1_iud5xqj wrote

Sandy hit Halloween weekend, I realize that was the S’s but we aren’t in the clear. Hurricane season isn’t over yet.


ALC_PG t1_iud8l3m wrote

Right, I think hurricane season runs until 12/1? Point was that Floyd wasn't an example of being in the D-F range "this late in the season."


Leftblankthistime t1_iueekte wrote

There were still only 8 Atlantic hurricanes that year and that was one of the most active hurricane seasons since the sixties


ThatsRobToYou t1_iu9lshm wrote

I mean Florida doesn't think so.


jerseybert t1_iuat83t wrote

As someone who lives between Tampa and Naples, I agree.


asian_identifier t1_iu9lz8d wrote

those were 100 year events, you can relax for the next 100 years /s


metsurf t1_iu9rayj wrote

The 1938 Long Island Express Hurricane , destroyed the boardwalk in AC , then wiped out towns like West Hampton Beach on LongIsland, cut the Shinnecock Inlet and then wiped out the beach towns of Rhode Island. About 700 people died . So the Northeast has seen two catastrophic hurricanes separated by 80 years . I think we will be ok for awhile


GomezCups t1_iu9e0f3 wrote

We’re more likely to get nor’easters through the winter than hurricanes which can also do damage. Not out of it yet.


SailingSpark t1_iu92h5j wrote

I live in Northfield, except for the week long rain from Ian, we had one rainy day between June and the end of September. I actually thought my weather radio had packed it in because it was quiet all summer.


lost_in_life_34 t1_iu9kajf wrote

Other than ocean temperatures, If the winds blow sand from the Sahara into the Atlantic then it messes up hurricane formation and we get a quiet season


BenBishopsButt t1_iu9pdzx wrote

Yep! There was a solid sand covering for most of the season. Very few storms were able to gain strength in the Atlantic like they typically do. That dropped off before Ian. Now the waters are cooler so that keeps storms at bay too. We got lucky this year.


ser_pez t1_iu9ae9p wrote

A quiet hurricane season immediately following a rough hurricane season probably made this one seem even quieter.


RevolutionaryPut3853 t1_iub30n2 wrote

Honestly I see us getting a bad winter. I honestly see that. Based upon the climological conditions are in place I say there's a 50-50 chance.


alittlefaith530 t1_iubcnz3 wrote

Why would you ask this on the 10th anniversary of Sandy?!


heardbutnotseen2 t1_iuag4ek wrote

Dude said that in the Orlando sub. Ask how that turned out.


jerseycityfrankie t1_iubyshx wrote

I’m holding out hope for some good “ice pellets hitting your window Tick Tick Tick” kinda November storms. Get my hygge on inside my warm apartment, wearing wool.


bibfortuna1970 t1_iu9jkxd wrote

Absolutely. Except for Ian (which was horrific) most of the storms were pushed out to sea.


12kdaysinthefire t1_iu9sgey wrote

It was a relatively quiet season. A lot of people like to point at Ian and say look how devastating and equate that to the entire season being overwrought with storms. While we did have an average amount of named systems, only two were quite damaging, Ian and Fiona, and most spun out into the oblivion of the Atlantic or died soon after they were born.


itsmydoggie t1_iuahj43 wrote

Great, thanks for jynxing us!!! Hurricane Sandy 2.0 here we go 😍


SupaRitz t1_iualayu wrote

You asshole you jinxed us lmao


msoats t1_iuamefp wrote



SkyeMreddit t1_iub1ecc wrote

Florida got the big one this year and Puerto Rico also got hit hard again. It was quite minor for us


bagless89 t1_iubc7e3 wrote

Florida was nearly wiped off the map


Catvros t1_iubdn36 wrote



Candid-Doughnut-8299 t1_iuet06d wrote

If you got a big storm in a previous year and didn’t get one this year, it may seem quiet to you. It might not seem quiet to people where the opposite happened, which might not be far away.


Personal_CPA_Manager t1_iu99ket wrote

Yes. You were expecting a rougher season why, exactly? And what does a calmer season tell you about your expectations?


neekogo OP t1_iu9hw55 wrote

It just seemed growing up and especially more recently when hurricane season hit NJ was impacted more. That doesnt mean direct hits exactly but just a lot more rain and shit days going into and throughout October