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TRILLUXXE OP t1_irrpqn3 wrote

Thanks! Yeah jersey city seems like a parking nightmare anyway & those rents are like NYC 😩. I’ll check those other places out.


littlelaws232 t1_irrvqmh wrote

NJ is getting insanely expensive so if you’re priced out in nyc it’s not much better here especially jersey city weehawken Hoboken probably going to leave NJ


Unknown_Species666 t1_irrsh3w wrote

I have family living in jersey city. Worth considering but I wouldn’t recommend it. every year we have news of some shootings and killings.


TRILLUXXE OP t1_irrsn1w wrote

Couldn’t be any different than Brooklyn or the Bronx. But thanks for that heads up.


Unknown_Species666 t1_irrt9py wrote

Then you’ll feel at home. Welcome to our garden state. You’ll most likely be working and commuting to New York City. Therefore it makes no sense to live farther south like Middletown or east like Somerville. Too much of a commute for people working in the city.


TRILLUXXE OP t1_irrtige wrote

I want to be close to the city. I don’t want to be in traffic longer than I have to.


hatkiss t1_irrt800 wrote

all cities have crime. This isn't going to affect 99% of people living there.


Unknown_Species666 t1_irrty1h wrote

Places where people go to get high and drugs are sold makes it likely for anyone living nearby to be a target sooner or later. Misdemeanors and petty crimes compared to grand theft auto and killings is a big difference in my book.


hatkiss t1_irruvj4 wrote

What? Just because people are buying and selling drugs doesn't automatically mean you're in danger.

These statistics are not high for any city. Stop fear mongering.