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jsuispeach t1_ix99cjp wrote

Agreed. Lots of shit talk but I've not a problem in years. Even with the occasional long lines at security I've walked onto my (domestic) flights within 45 minutes of arriving to the airport. Flown at least a dozen times this year.


breakplans t1_ix9diwu wrote

I don’t fly that often but agreed, Newark is a busy airport and therefore it’s better than many others! I think because it’s so busy, TSA has their shit together and they move the line quickly and efficiently. It’s smaller airports like Tampa where I’ve had issues, or even tinier ones like Trenton or AC, while speedy, are disorganized and the staff can be rude. EWR ain’t nobody got time for that.


WhichSpirit t1_ixcim9n wrote

Same. Even when I have had a problem the staff are always like "I got this" and sort it out. If you're not a dick to them, the EWR staff are the coolest airport staff I've encountered. But if you are a dick to them, they'll make you suffer.


KneeDeepInTheDead t1_ixdqriq wrote

Ive been going to EWR almost every year for the past 20 years, the only issue i had was maybe 2 years ago with an asshole agent at the customs border when I was returning from a trip abroad.