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My family will be relocating to the Hunterdon county area next summer and I'm trying to get an idea of the best towns for families/children (ages 7 &10). We are coming from Connecticut so I can't imagine that its vastly different, but any tips or areas of interest would be much appreciated. We are considering the Flemington or Clinton, or any other nearby towns. We love being outdoors, but are also looking for a sense of community.



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JusticeJaunt t1_iumv3a8 wrote

Hunterdon is a nice county. Smaller communities and loads of outdoor activities. Beautiful area.


decoycatfish t1_iunln5j wrote

Stockton and lambertville are beautiful and great, but get a house up on the hills away from the river / canals. Last year we got flooded really badly in the low areas and I suspect this will be a more frequent occurrence in the coming decades


Sn_Orpheus t1_iuo7l6j wrote

Always look up the flood maps when moving. And then still try to stay up high. Nothing is a sure thing, but water rolling downhill is pretty dependable.


12secondscooby t1_iup1g24 wrote

Another vote for Lambertville (on one of the hills to avoid flooding) if you like a walkable downtown. Small school district and right on the towpath/river for the outdoors stuff.


Thejerseyjon609 t1_iuobf4g wrote

Also one of the smallest high schools in the state. We move here 20 years ago for this reason.


royalewithcheese51 t1_iur58yc wrote

How is the school there? Did you want a small school district?


Thejerseyjon609 t1_iur70yr wrote

Yes, wanted a small school. My kids were in 5th and 8th grades when we moved. They were in a small private school previously in PA. Schools are ok. At the time if you wanted to be on a team or in an activity (cheering, etc.) you were on. Being on a team here won’t get you a D1 scholarship but you will play. Also some unusual activities for NJ. FFA was (is?) pretty big. Everybody knew everybody in school, for better or worse. Teachers knew everyone. Academically good enough for one daughter to get into Elon early admission. Both kids did well I college and felt prepared. Good luck.


butters2000 t1_iunlinw wrote

Clinton area is great (biased because I live here!). There are two Clintons: town of Clinton (has its own k-8 school) and Clinton township, which surrounds town of Clinton. Town of Clinton is slightly blue, Clinton township very red. I love the accessibility to high bridge and flemington, plus being so close to I-78. Only thing that is a down side is the commute into NYC is long.

Edit to say my partner works in skillman and the commute is ~40 minutes.


Spladoinkle t1_iuns24i wrote

Aww man. Clinton is the best. I miss it there. Want to send me some pork roll?


butters2000 t1_iuo3cck wrote

Anytime! We went trick or treating last night, I love the small town vibes ✨


Spladoinkle t1_iuoi5v4 wrote

The best trick or treat route were the homes back by hunts mill park. Then beaver brook. Not necessarily in that order.


butters2000 t1_iuojpyv wrote

Yup, that’s what we did- the Hunts Mill loop :)


SquirrelEnthusiast t1_iumx5md wrote

I live in the area.. Flemington and Clinton are both really cute towns with things to offer, but have different high schools. Raritan has the same high school as Flemington. Clinton is steadily republican, Flemington is steadily democrat (as of today). Raritan is mostly republican but I am pushing the gay agenda here as we speak.

There's a few additional nice towns (Lambertville, High Bridge, Frenchtown, etc) and they all have a little bit difference between them (like ice cream shops, coffee shops, etc), and where you live should probably reflect your political leanings and what you like to be closer to (PA/NYC, which highways).

If you want any more specifics feel free to message me!


Darko33 t1_iun9d2x wrote

Believe it or not, Biden won Clinton by a couple hundred votes in 2020.


sunnyhigh75 t1_iunbm8q wrote

I had to reread that a couple times to remember that we are talking about the town Clinton and not the political candidate 😂


SquirrelEnthusiast t1_iunkplq wrote

From what I understand, the town hasn't had a democratic mayor or council in forever tho.


AffectionateParty754 t1_iupzu5y wrote

Flemington's mayor is Betsy Driver. She is not so friendly but has a lovely wife. She's been a good mayor but yeah, Hunterdon is a pretty red county in a blue state. She holds her own. There is a lot of white supremacy, homophobia and racism here.


playdohplaydate t1_iuno3tr wrote

I moved here this year from another vastly different spot in NJ. Everyone covered a lot of what you asked so I’ll just add, get a kayak at some point. Lots of beautiful reservoirs and lakes.

There’s lots of hills in Hunterdon so biking and running are a nice challenge.

Electricity is mostly JCP&L who are comparatively worse then the other state alternative PSEG.

If you’re looking for a house, many you find may only be septic, well water, and/or oil heat. Also, it’s good to learn how a water softening system works.

There is a fantastic pet hospital on Rt 22 towards Whitehouse Station if you have pets.

If you find a UPS store near Clinton, please let me know


justcharliey t1_iuo9o5r wrote

Don’t forget about Black River Roasters…local coffee spot in Whitehouse Station.


pheliam t1_iuocu1g wrote

Dude, there's a UPS Store down Rt. 22 a ways, closer to Whitehouse Station.


GetOffMyLawn_ t1_iuok4f8 wrote

I think the nearest UPS store is now in Whitehouse.

Are you referring to Crown Veterinary?


playdohplaydate t1_iuoo828 wrote

Yes thank you! I forgot the name of it but they saved my dogs life and were incredibly nice at very late hours of the night


ImAlwaysPoopin t1_iuohebe wrote

there's also one- a UPS store that is, in greyrock plaza on 31, headed north, just past the turnoff for highbridge


itjustkeepsongiving t1_iuolout wrote

They’re closed. They should be reopening with a new owner, but I’m unsure of the timeline.


billfredgilford t1_iuowybj wrote

Do you bike and run on trails or on the road? If on trails I’m curious where?


SoSoOhWell t1_iupxvon wrote

If your looking for trails these are easy to find around here.

If I want easy Columbia Trail from High Bridge up hill untill I feel like turning back. Sometimes all the way to Long Valley.

Harder some of the trails at Round Valley or Vorhees can be fun. Not a fan of the ones at Spruce Run.


Used_Pudding_7754 t1_iun6wi9 wrote

Franklin, Union, Alexandria, Readington, Where will you be working? Do you need to be close to 78? Trains? Bus?

Each HS has a niche in what they do well. Central is big, South is tiny- bigger schools more options, but also more competitive.

If you want "in town" - also consider High Bridge, Frenchtown, Lambertville, if your looking for burbs and newer development- Clinton Twp. Raritan Twp. If you want rural/farm Kingwood/ or the Amwells.

With kids that age - I'd look to be closer to a school, you'll spend a lot of time driving them, or they may end up on a longish bus route. Property taxes on a 4 bedroom will be 10K+ per year, it's not insane for NJ cost wise, but it is also still North/Central NJ.


Krisl0417 OP t1_iunjdg6 wrote

My husband will be commuting to Skillman so anything within a 30ish min radius is preferred. Yes - closest to schools is probably best!


fpaddict t1_iunukk6 wrote

Tons of J&J employees in the area drive down to Skillman.


Used_Pudding_7754 t1_iunsmzj wrote

Readington- East Amwell - Raritan twp will all work back roads commuting- enjoy


scyber t1_iuo6wgg wrote

We moved to Hopewell (township) last year. We love it! It is further south then you are looking, but a quick commute to Skillman.


theelectr1cwolf t1_iup834o wrote

Hillsborough, Montgomery and Somerville are also good options right there as well. Very safe towns with a lot to do!


rockclimberguy t1_iupicdy wrote

Some parts of NJ are over run with MAGA conspiracy types. I suggest you spend a bit of time in whatever location you are thinking of to see if this is the case. Of course, if you are pro MAGA then you can ignore this warning.

Too many parts of NJ have people driving around in flag laden pickups with F Joe Biden flags and Let's Go Brandon stickers. I am embarrassed that so much of the state I care for so much is like this.


sharkethic86 t1_iumz75j wrote

Hunterdon ROCKS. I've moved around the state a bit but I'm back there now and it's really just unmatched. You're not far off access to anything you really need, you're not near the most congested traffic-riddled areas of the state, and the landscapes are just beautiful.

It's unfortunate that it tends to lean Republican a little bit in terms of votes, but doesn't seem to really affect me or my wife enjoying our lives here.


JimJobbers t1_iun8l8p wrote

If you don’t like driving literally everywhere, I’d recommend moving within the denser parts of Flemington, Lambertville, or Frenchtown. Then you’ll only have to drive like 80% of the time for everything else.

In those towns your kids can reasonably walk around to somewhere and may even have friends close enough to walk to. As they grow up, they will certainly make friends across the ever larger school districts and you will have to drive them everywhere.

I lived off a main county road in Hunterdon when I was younger and before you can drive, it fucking blows. If my parents or friends parents couldn’t drive us somewhere or to each other’s house, well there wasn’t much to do.


Krisl0417 OP t1_iunejxi wrote

thank you! We live in the woods in CT now so I can't imagine that the driving it worse than it is now...15-20mins everywhere at least.


WingedDefeat t1_iunv3la wrote

I refer to NJ as a 45 minute state. It takes about 45 minutes to get just about anywhere unless it's right down the road.


Sheeps t1_iuo66sh wrote

My wife moved here from Ireland and she's amazed that no matter where she asks about, it's 45 minutes away LOL.


WingedDefeat t1_iuom76s wrote

That must've been quite the culture shock.


Sheeps t1_iupjunb wrote

In some ways yes, in some ways no. It's been an adventure all the same, hah! She didn't even have a license (or need one in Dublin). A real trooper learning to drive in NJ lol.


WhichSpirit t1_iuni7ik wrote

laughs in Hunterdon Double that for getting anything around here unless you live on Main Street, Flemington.


snake--doctor t1_iuofhye wrote

Agreed, having lived in North Jersey the minimum 20 minute round-trip drive for anything here kind of sucks. But it is beautiful.


dfiore t1_iund63s wrote

Branchburg (town over from Flemington moving to the east) checking in.

We love it here. Larger lots, mostly older construction homes with lots of charm


brandnewfashion t1_iunm9xu wrote

Branchburg is definitely great option, but I may be biased since I grew up in Branchburg/ Somerville/ Bridgewater.


PondaBobasLeftHand t1_iunkbyu wrote

Depending on your commuting needs, Tewksbury has good access to 78 and 287, it’s rural, with great schools and a nice sense of community. We have kids in the schools now, and we are really happy. We don’t have the charm of downtown Clinton, but it is all close enough. Trick-or-treating in Oldwick (part of Tewksbury) is a huge community event, as is the tree lighting at the library.


jadnich t1_iunz31i wrote

The towns you have mentioned are all nice, but they are somewhat sleepy. IMO, Somerville, which is nearby is better for families. Parks, street fairs, a nice downtown, community events- Somerville just has a bit more going on.

For reference, Raritan is a neighboring town. Easy access to Somerville. Flemington is (and sorry to any Flemington residents) a dead town. It’s been trying for more than a decade to get back to what it used to be, but it isn’t going to happen. And it is just a bit too far away from everything else. I’d scratch that one from your lost.

Clinton is a nice town. If you are looking for a bit more rural small town feel, it’s a good choice. But If you are looking for more of a suburban small town feel, Somerville is the way to go.


ser_pez t1_iuodg77 wrote

I agree with you except I’d recommend Bridgewater or Raritan over Somerville only because the schools are better. Still close enough to Somerville to participate though.


jadnich t1_iuog98j wrote

I think the school ratings are old data. The Somerville school system has greatly improved. I have two kids in the elementary system and I think it’s great. Of course, Bridgewater still ranks very highly, and is no doubt a good school, but I don’t think the old Somerville comparison will be around much longer.

The difference between the two towns, IMO, is that Bridgewater has expensive homes and lower taxes. Somerville has median homes and high taxes. But the taxes pay for some great Somerville services.


ser_pez t1_iuosltw wrote

You know, you’re probably right. I was in school in the area over 20 years ago and things were way different back then. Somerville has changed a lot.


snake--doctor t1_iuooosi wrote

It's true, most of the good restaurants/pubs in the area are either in the Lamberville/New Hope direction or Somerville. They are actually finally working on the Union Hotel in Flemington which will have some restaurants/bars but I don't think it will be on the level of those other downtowns.


New_Stats t1_iun3ft2 wrote

Either one is great for kids. Personally I'd move to Flemington but I already live here so I'm probably bias. Clinton is great, but the downtown area is much smaller and cut off by a highway. In Flemington you can walk to shops, the library (tons of kid activities there), a bunch of restaurants and parks, but it's still a small town, Clinton is just smaller.

I don't have kids so idk about that but just Google "things to do in Flemington" and "things to do in Clinton" to get a sense of how much community stuff goes on in each town. I think Flemington has more stuff but I don't ever look for things to do in Clinton so IDK

There's a bunch of great nature preserves in Hunterdon county, with easy hiking trails. You'll absolutely be able to find a wooded area to go play in


billfredgilford t1_iuoxomx wrote

What hiking trails do you recommend?


New_Stats t1_iuqts8c wrote

Sourlands and Brenda Morelous (that's not the correct spelling. You'll find it, just Google nature preserves in Flemington)

The Brenda nature preserve has a bit of a hill, the Sourlands are mostly flat, depending on which entrance you go to


Glengal t1_iunuddk wrote

I've lived in Hunterdon for 29 years and raised two kids here. My kids went to Clinton Town School (Small K-8), a quaint town with a real main street. They go to the North-Hunterdon Voorhees high school district. Clinton Township has a larger area, more students, and several schools but is also N Hunterdon/Voorhees.
The Flemington area might be an easier commute for your Husband. The kids go to Hunterdon Central, a much larger high school. Flemington town is small but surrounded by a much larger Raritan Township. A bit busier than the Clinton Area. There are other towns in-between as well. The traffic between Clinton and Flemington can take up to 25 mins, which might be part of your husband's commute.
Great place to live, we love it.


kennedyBeach t1_iuo3sh5 wrote

Clinton (town) is beautiful, esp if you love town living. Gorgeous.


ferocious_coug t1_iunt2c7 wrote

As someone who grew up in Annandale: Clinton is vastly superior to Flemington


hilokass t1_iunk6iw wrote

Clinton's great!


VR6Bomber t1_iuntyar wrote

I live one county over. Hunterdon is very nice especially Flemington.

I wanted to live in Hunderton but it would have increased my commute.

Flemington is one of the larger and more prominent towns in that area and I would say that it has a healthy economy of retail and dining but retains a country-like feel. Its a nice area to raise children, activities and such.


prayersforrain t1_iumt0hd wrote

Well... I don't have kids but.... Flemington has a lot to offer and the FRSD and Hunterdon Regional Schools are supposed to be pretty good.


WhichSpirit t1_iunhy9l wrote

I grew up in Hunterdon and loved it. Just a warning, you might see bears (give them their space and they'll leave you alone) and it can take a while to drive anywhere.


Krisl0417 OP t1_iuniv17 wrote

haha we regularly have bears through our yard now, so the kids will be glad to hear NJ has them too :)


WhichSpirit t1_iunjg3b wrote

That's good to hear. Someone just across the border in Somerset was complaining on the Nextdoor app about seeing a bear in a wildlife sanctuary from his upper story apartment window and asked how to get the bear moved. All the responses were like "Bear stays. You go."


ALC_PG t1_iunsbv2 wrote

They couldn't bear the sight of it?


GetOffMyLawn_ t1_iuokgre wrote

Wait, it was in a sanctuary and he was complaining? They hang out on my street.


SpacePuppy1017 t1_iunzeg6 wrote

I grew up in Flemington, loved it! Pm me if you want to chat about it.


GetOffMyLawn_ t1_iuoirjr wrote

Depends where in CT you're coming from.

Hunterdon is a mostly rural county, unfortunately it's getting developed more and more. If you like the outdoors and don't care about night life then it's perfect. I've been here since 1987.

Clinton has the advantage in that it is at the confluence of rts 78, 22 and 31. There are a couple of local train stations and a bus station. However, shopping and dining are sparse. Want to go see a movie? Gotta drive 20 minutes to the nearest urb. We only have 1 supermarket and the Walmart is on the small size. On the other hand, several state parks are here, including Round Valley and Spruce Run Reservoirs, Voorhees state park, and several smaller parks. It still has a small town feel and is surrounded by a bunch of actually small towns.

Flemington is almost a city with tons of shopping. The hospital is down there. So is the main branch of the county library, although there is a major branch in Clinton.

Personally I prefer the Clinton area. My only caveat is don't buy near 78 or 31 otherwise you get to hear traffic, especially at night. Depends on the wind too. My neighbor likes to say we live in god's pocket here. Beautiful surroundings, not too crowded, peace and quiet, smells like flowers all summer, no extreme weather (except Sandy).

Hit me up with any questions you have.


mcveddit t1_iuoohbb wrote

If you look at Raritan, there was lots of flooding last September. I'd make sure to ask about that. I see a lot of houses along old York road and close to the river that are for sale.


AffectionateParty754 t1_iupxj89 wrote

It really depends on your commute and what high school you want your kids to go to. I moved to Raritan 10 years ago. I absolutely love the FRSD school district for my kids. I was on the PTO board for five years. Hunterdon has very good schools but not without problems. The way the schools work is they have local elementary schools, for example FRSD has 5 schools (K-4) that feed in to RFIS (5-6) that go to JPCase (7-8) that go into Hunterdon Central which also has sending districts from surrounding school districts. I believe Clinton goes to Hunterdon North. There is also Voorhees. It's a beautiful area. Hunterdon County was rated the safest place to raise a child and most of their schools rank high in national rankings. There is no "bad" section of Hunterdon with a high crime rate. If you need access to 78 Clinton and surrounding areas is better. For 202 and 287 Raritan is better. A lot of addresses say Flemington because of zip code but aren't in Flemington proper. Just do research on schools and commute. If you need a friend when you get here feel free to message me.


Krisl0417 OP t1_iur186x wrote

Thanks very much! Just realizing there are two Raritans?? The actual town and then the township?? Seems like this is common throughout the state…a little confusing!


tonyisadork t1_iurfvd1 wrote

There are two of many, many town names throughout New Jersey. They can be on opposite ends of the state. It’s very confusing.


powerwdp t1_iuradiv wrote

Also relocated from CT to NJ years ago. Hunterdon county is very like a larger Ridgefield CT area, even the commuting time to NYC is identical.

Clinton/Readington -> Ridgefield (Rural, small main street)

Bridgewater/Raritan/Somerville -> Danbury (Nearby populated town and Both has a decent mall)

Flemington -> Norwalk (Nearby larger town with more activities)

Morristown -> Stamford/Greenwich (Nearby city-like but is very safe, rich)


Krisl0417 OP t1_iut4xga wrote

This is amazing…the comparisons are super helpful - thank you!


WhichSpirit t1_iunig35 wrote

What is your price range? That'll help us narrow it down a bit more for you.


Krisl0417 OP t1_iunpxka wrote

up to 850K


greensocks77 t1_iuqnfo0 wrote

East Amwell area. Edit -just be warned that the Sourland Mtn area has a bad rep for losing power frequently (and extended too during storns).


Ok_Virus_720 t1_iupd8mp wrote

In that case definitely consider Hillsborough!


[deleted] t1_iuq179z wrote



Ok_Virus_720 t1_iuqzol0 wrote

Yeah but even with traffic (per gps at this time rush hour) it’s only a 16 min commute to Skillman where OP says her husband will work. I’d say that’s not terrible at all and still worth considering for a good town with nice houses and good school for their kids. Not to mention they’d still be close to nature and the lake in round valley, also PA, and not as far from the nyc either compared to flemington, so they’re gonna be more central


[deleted] t1_iurg1a4 wrote



Ok_Virus_720 t1_iurgd6s wrote

Yes ofc it is, it’s also more accessible from whitehouse and branchburg lol, but still not far at all from hillsborough so 🤷🏻‍♀️


WombatSpitzer t1_iuns04e wrote

I grew up in the borough of Flemington and was able to walk/bike around town safely (and happily) on my own. As a teen I worked on a farm during the week and went into NYC most weekends. Lots of options! With a commute to Skillman, have you considered Hopewell?


davep18 t1_iuo044f wrote

I live in Readington and my family really loves it here. Readington is massive and sprawls. If you are commuting to Skillman you could do it from anywhere in Readington but the easiest would be if you lived on the 202 side of town. If you live in the area closer to 22, the commute gets a bit longer.

Readington is a nice community, 850k will do pretty well here. The elementary schools are solid as is the intermediate school. The middle school experience wasn't ideal for us but it is under new leadership so hopefully, that has changed for the better. Hunterdon Central is a good high school. It is big but the size allows it to offer plenty of opportunities for the students. In addition, there is an academy system in Hunterdon. Students are able to apply to a computer, biomedical, or environmental program. They take regular high school classes and add on top of those some program specific course areas.

Family life is good here for any age. Yes, most requires driving. You have a ton of hiking and water opportunities. There are plenty of farms and farmers markets. Hot air balloons are a common sight. Fishing is good. There are a good number of non-chain high quality restaurants in the area (area being Readington\Flemington\Raritan\Clinton). The county library system is awesome. The Clinton Main street area is nice. Flemington has a decent Main street as well but it isn't very active in the evenings from my experience. Main Street in Somerville is also bustling and easily driven to from Readington.


itjustkeepsongiving t1_iuomwtn wrote

I know someone who grew up in rural/woodsy Connecticut and absolutely loves life in Readington.

We moved to Hunterdon county 3ish years ago and are still convinced it’s one of the greatest decisions we’ve ever made.


billfredgilford t1_iup0a4d wrote

Where do you like to hike in the area?


davep18 t1_ius0s4o wrote

Several spots. Round Valley. Cushetunk "mountain" trails. Several of the trails that start behind Pickell Park. There is a nice set of loops that lead down to the river behind Old Highway 28, park behind the fire station and the trails start near the softball field.

Not Readington, but not far, we like to hike Hacklebarney as well.


RivChk t1_iuo1qj1 wrote

I live in Hunterdon County, it’s beautiful.


Ahoffman9 t1_iuo6pdn wrote

Lived in Clinton Township for the past 17 years moved to Flemington last year I recommend Clinton Township, the schools and the community are the best parts


BoomTownRat71 t1_iuo8tdo wrote

Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll find a great collection of towns to choose from. I have a horse farm on the upper edge of Hunterdon near Trump’s golf club, and aside from the occasional smell when he’s in town, it’s truly beautiful.


Due-Tear107 t1_iuo9t0z wrote

I’m biased because I work at new pediatric dental practice in Flemington. New to the area but the families are really nice. The town has a lot to offer and like many people are saying, easy to commute to most places!


PrincepsMagnus t1_iuobu3d wrote

Flemington has really good trails.


billfredgilford t1_iup0fo6 wrote

Can you recommend a few?


PrincepsMagnus t1_iuu430s wrote

Search Bernadette morales nature preserve on Google maps. If you drive there going up the hill on capner street than there is a nice park and trail on the left and a 3 hour hiking trail called uplands nature reserve on the right. It has three different levels mapped out based on difficulty. Nice plants with ID tags etc.


suztomo t1_iupchqk wrote

I just visited Flemington’s Black River & Western Rail Road for steam locomotive. That was a great experience with kids. It was a nice town.


Low_Refuse4791 t1_iupz9ki wrote

I live in Morris County. Great schools.


BobbyBolo5150 t1_iuq0gcg wrote

Used to live in Raritan/Whitehouse Station with an ex. Definitely a beautiful part of jersey. I miss it tbh, relaxing and family friendly. Pretty close to Flemington as well.


Overall_Barracuda334 t1_iuq0mvv wrote

All i have to say is...New Jersey is a like a Tar Pit, and we are all the dinosaurs...


tonyisadork t1_iur5n1g wrote

Hunterdon central school district is excellent (at least it used to be). You can buy a lot as a regional high school - that’s why they haven’t split it up even though it’s so huge and covers a ridiculous amount of the county. That’s Flemington/Readington and idk what other towns. The other two (north and south hunterdon) districts are fine but not as good. Some really good people out that way but also a lot of it is (secret) tr*mp country, just FYI.


Catvros t1_iv0xxye wrote

East Amwell is an easyish commute to Skillman, rural but close to everything, and is a sending district for the top tier Hunterdon Central RHS. Good choice and good luck! Just remember to use your doggone turn signals.


jayac_R2 t1_iuo2kj0 wrote

Raritan is very nice, especially due to its proximity to downtown Somerville. There more happening there than in Flemington or Clinton, but those two are still good options.


Lphozzy22 t1_iuodevb wrote

Basking ridge has great public schools, but it's definitely less diverse.


ImaginationFree6807 t1_iuoup2m wrote

Believe me as essentially a lifelong resident NJ is vastly different from Connecticut. Best schools are closer to NYC. Millburn, Summit area have some of the best schools in the country. If you you want to live in the boonies live out in Flemington. I think west Jersey is boring AF and Ik for a fact the schools get worse as you get closer to PA. Whatever you do don’t move to Clark. It is the most racist town in the state.


godslayer3j t1_iupfppt wrote

Fuck Raritan -someone who's in marching band


crustang t1_iuo2o3y wrote

I hope you like a whole lotta nothing


giggity2 t1_iunt8rf wrote

The DMV is in Clinton. Get to know route 78 real well. That's your community. Raritan by the river got way too many bugs.


farfacogin t1_iuoc5t7 wrote

That’s Trump country lol


kellyatta t1_iunl6ex wrote

Do yourself a favor and don't raise your kids in Hunterdon County. Try Princeton

Edit I saw you were interested in Bucks County as well which is also nice.


Krisl0417 OP t1_iunm2wv wrote

Ah yes, originally we were concentrating on the PA/NJ border...but are looking into all options. The relo isn't for another 6 months so we have time to scope out locations


Still7Superbaby7 t1_iuo31v2 wrote

You should check out Yardley in Bucks county. Great highway access, lower taxes than Nj. I used to live in Robbinsville, NJ and that was a great town for families also.


Sn_Orpheus t1_iuo9lvd wrote

A lot of upper level execs at J&J live just across the border in PA (for financial reasons I'm sure). When we moved here, we debated it but my wife would've spent a lot of time on the road and time is something you can't get back and the financial savings weren't as noticeable ;-). We drew an approx 30 min commute around Somerville and looked to see if we could find something amenable. As you've probably figured by now, the further you get from the city and direct train lines into city, real estate tends to be less expensive.


kellyatta t1_iuno2au wrote

I lived in both Hunterdon County and Bucks County and have family in Princeton NJ.

Hunterdon County is not a nice place to raise kids. It used to in the early 2000s but not anymore. Flemington in particular is very run down nowadays and if you are considering public schooling, the school systems are subpar contrary to belief. Hunterdon Central High School is the WORST!

Bucks County is a lot nicer. Public schooling is good from my experience. Doylestown in particular is a beautiful town with a great central borough, LOTS to do for kids, the town is right next to the high school, Doylestown Township is nice and expansive, great big houses and all. It is a lot cheaper to live in PA as well.

Princeton, although I did not grow up there, is by far the best out of these areas. Beautiful town, sooo much to do and walk around, their prestigious university is right next to town and is a beautiful sight. The high school is close to town as well, and the Princeton Public School District is some of the best in the state.

I recommend you scope out all areas for yourself and see what would be the best fit for you and your children.


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Or come here and help us vote those guys out :)


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Flemming is solid blue, we have the first and only intersex politician on the country elected as mayor