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WhichSpirit t1_iunhy9l wrote

I grew up in Hunterdon and loved it. Just a warning, you might see bears (give them their space and they'll leave you alone) and it can take a while to drive anywhere.


Krisl0417 OP t1_iuniv17 wrote

haha we regularly have bears through our yard now, so the kids will be glad to hear NJ has them too :)


WhichSpirit t1_iunjg3b wrote

That's good to hear. Someone just across the border in Somerset was complaining on the Nextdoor app about seeing a bear in a wildlife sanctuary from his upper story apartment window and asked how to get the bear moved. All the responses were like "Bear stays. You go."


ALC_PG t1_iunsbv2 wrote

They couldn't bear the sight of it?


GetOffMyLawn_ t1_iuokgre wrote

Wait, it was in a sanctuary and he was complaining? They hang out on my street.