Submitted by eliasronaldo t3_z5t7r8 in newjersey

PSEG bill is outrageously high!

Has this happened to any body? I have automatic payments, so I usually don’t look at the mail sent by PSEG, but this is ridiculous. Will be calling them, and if anyone has advice or any clue as to why this is happening please let me know.



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SnooWords4839 t1_ixxx9hs wrote

You got a new meter. There is definitely an error.

What is your normal monthly average?

I can't even back into the old meter #'s 1205 - 1599 is -394. Even still, if it s/b 1599-1205 = 394.


Tempounplugged t1_ixz6lje wrote

Yeahhh, there's an error. Something similar happened to me like 8 years ago. I received a monthly bill which amount was far superior. So I called them and they went to my house, fixed my meter and gave me a new bill.


arden13 t1_ixzj9v0 wrote

Likely a meters maximum number is 100,000 which is 99606+394. I'm guessing they took an incorrect reading at one point (yielding a negative number) and the computer system assumes you rolled over.


WhiskyEchoTango t1_ixxxqyg wrote

They swapped your meter and the new meter reads less than the old meter so they assume it went around 9999.


Front-Tea-2061 t1_iy0r6t8 wrote

That is hilarious. Just goes to show how stupid computers can be. Hope the computers that control the nukes work a bit better.


Real_Presentation552 t1_ixysmlq wrote

Call them and they will adjust it. It looks like a problem with the old meter. You were estimated at zero usage for months (look at the bar graph - that’s what the E means). Then we changed the meter we finally got a read. But even with that said you see the new read is 1205 in comparison to last month at 1599..the system billed it forward causing a wrap read when instead it should have been billed backwards. Since 1599 was an estimate they can change that to 1204 so that it falls in line with the actual of 1205 then it will be 1 kWh instead of 99999.

I saw this without knowing the rest of your billing history though. If you were being billed 0 kWh for years and years then this bill can be accurate. This is an area lighting account - is this commercial lighting? If so and you are using this meter then it’s it should’ve rang a bell when you were being billed for zero for the last year. But give them a call and a rep will see the entire picture.

Source: PSEG rep


lykewtf t1_iy06103 wrote

Why Reddit is the best….because of people like you!!!


eliasronaldo OP t1_iy6ye4k wrote

Thank you! And they recently replaced the meter and this is what they sent. It is a 3 family home and this bill is just for the stairs and garage, it’s rare when we use the garage and the lights from the stairs are automatic. The bill ranges from 5 to 9 dollars, But we did give them a call, at first the rep said it was one year accrued, and then I questioned it, and then the rep proceeded to say he didn’t know, that it might be from several years. We’re going to call back again tomorrow hopefully we get this fixed.


Real_Presentation552 t1_iy82u92 wrote

I wish I could look at it for you but I would get in trouble. If you get no where with the rep then ask for a will call you back. Ask if the “meter wrapped.” Good luck!


JerseyWiseguy t1_ixxxan7 wrote

If you think that is bad, just wait until the DEA raids your home under suspicion of operating a grow house.


bigmphan t1_ixyovwy wrote

That’s a lotta weed your growing in your basement


whskid2005 t1_ixykwv7 wrote

You know how when your odometer rolls over it starts back at zero? That’s what the system is thinking happened because of the new meter. Call them up. It should be a quick fix. u/whiskyechotango is correct


damageddude t1_iy0wty4 wrote

I haven't had a car roll back to zero at 99,999 miles since around 1990. I only did it once but it was fun driving with friends waiting for it to flip. Now it is 999,999 miles.


Alchohlica t1_ixz413o wrote

Are you sure NJ Transit isn’t running an extension cord to power the Northeast Corridor


njpaul t1_ixxy06n wrote

They misread the meter when they removed it. Just call and straighten it out.


dooit t1_ixyxj7l wrote

Yeah. Called them, told me to upload a picture of my meter. Didn't fix it and called again. Idiot couldn't figure it out and put me on hold for a supervisor for like an hour. Wife called them while I was on hold and an employee with critical thinking skills fixed our bill before I could speak to a supervisor.


mcgeggy t1_ixz6zah wrote

Man, I wish places had more of those employees with critical thinking skills. Can you imagine what the world would look like?


dooit t1_ixz7gaf wrote

It was pretty obvious they read our meter wrong.


mcgeggy t1_ixz7ov8 wrote

Well, my point still stands, no?


Sunsailor76 t1_ixy9uui wrote

“Societal Benefits” $958!!!! WTF?


Leftblankthistime t1_ixybwhr wrote

Carbon offsets


aden_feifdom t1_ixyl9kb wrote

then why not call it what it is then? why be vague like that? life experience has taught me that if something doesn’t sound right, it most likely isn’t right.


Leftblankthistime t1_ixyq6cj wrote

It’s part of their total clean energy program. The money goes to a bunch of initiatives including not just carbon credits, but also helping people with their bill when they can’t afford it, waste site clean up and other things


aden_feifdom t1_ixyre94 wrote

wow, had no idea thanks for the link. i was thinking “societal benefits” could be like giving Uncle Vinny a new kickback.


kurtsdead6794 t1_ixyrrip wrote

This is exactly why I don’t have my electric on autopay. This is not an isolated incident with PSEG.


FartFragrance t1_ixyuzka wrote

Are you running a computer datacenter in the basement of your house?


HSprof t1_ixz4ald wrote

My gf and I just opened a new account at pseg, and they tried to bill each of us separately. Lucky for me her bill was $10 more 🤣🤣🤣 idk how they get away with this bullshit!


jjwalker67 t1_ixzqcjz wrote

Looks like you had your meter replaced. the Sub-total from that section of the bill is obviously an error. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of this due to the meter replacements.

Do let us know how this pans out.


Ohenry_94 t1_ixzsuwn wrote

Are the shipping the electricity first class or something?!?!?


BigDavey88 t1_ixzts98 wrote

Yeah this is an obvious error on their part. Like comically bad. There is no way a home can use almost 100,000 kWh in one month. It would take decades to do that even with an air conditioner running in every window you have 24/7.

For comparison, my 3BD 2BR single family home used 6.9 kWh for the whole month of October. In September it was 9.7 kWh. In the summer, a bit more than that. There is no way you used 100,000 even if they are claiming prior usage amounts. Zero chance.


littlefrankus312 t1_iy462ln wrote

There's no way you only used 6.9kwh for an entire month on a house. A small space heater would use 5kwh over 10 hours of time. At best 690kwh was used at your house over a months time. And 970kwh for summer use would be an average for a typical house.


BigDavey88 t1_iy475tj wrote

Ha you're right, I brainfarted and glanced at the wrong number on my bill. Those were my daily average uses for the month. I used 199 kwh in October and 290 kwh in September. My summer peak was 487 in July.


Weird-Appointment-53 t1_iy0dj79 wrote

You know it’s legit when the bill is teared a bit (crumpled up) 😂. That Would definitely be my first reaction…like… “THIS IS BS!” CRUNCH! 😡


VR6Bomber t1_ixzgzpw wrote

Ah the solid year of 'Estimated' and then the actual meter reading...

A friend of mine had the same issue, pseg did an incorrectly calculated estimated reading for a year during covid and then BAM, pseg finnally came out to do an actual reading and their differance was about $5,000+.


Ginder2k t1_ixzo1pa wrote

I had something similar happen with a gas new meter. gas changes were $3,000 the next month. call their hotline, they have photos taken of the old meter at a separate site which they can then verify. it did take 2 months to correct, but they froze my autopayments until they sorted it.


storm2k t1_ixzooxh wrote

pseg def fucked up. all those estimated months is very very wrong. this is why even with auto pay you have to look at your bill every month and immediately call if you see something that doesn't look right.

also, everyone should be on equal payment with both their electric and gas suppliers. makes life a lot smoother if you're getting charged the same amount every month and lowers the shocks when things spike (you'll usually dip more than enough to make up the difference).


jjwalker67 t1_ixzppmu wrote

Disagree. Always ended up with a bigger bill at the end of the year because of equal payments.


storm2k t1_ixzqs4z wrote

dunno. epp has always worked out more or less well. only times it's been bad has been the first year i lived somewhere because they underestimate how much to charge every month but beyond that pretty much ended up even.


stocktaurus t1_ixzvtx9 wrote

My water bill was little under $1000/ month this summer. Thanks to my lawn and heatwave.


itoverlordnj t1_ixzz71j wrote

It happened to me once. It wasn't because I got a new meter, but because the employee who read the meter must have had less than good eyesight. The amount of electricity they claimed that I used was mathematically impossible. I just called PSEG with my current meter reading and the fixed it right on the spot.


Cantholditdown t1_iy02x5f wrote

One time had a misread on meter. The read got corrected and I just got credits for like 4-5months. Definitely call and check.


Cam2XL-1 t1_iy0moob wrote

I live in Jersey, now I gotta check my PSE&G


obsessedsolutions t1_iy0oqv2 wrote

Call first thing Monday. Their math doesn’t even add up


SD-777 t1_iy0rfun wrote

Once I got a super high bill, like 6x the normal amount. Turns out they didn't bill me for 6 months, and I didn't notice because I have auto pay on. They had zero explanation why they didn't bill me.


BackInNJAgain t1_iy0rox3 wrote

I haven't gotten a bill for electricity in more than 18 months. I switched electric to my name when we bought our house after moving here in 2021. I never received a bill. I called them. They said there was "no such address." I called again, again "no such address." After the third call, I figured it's on them, not me. I'll enjoy my free electricity until someone figures it out.


bros402 t1_iy1uq7v wrote

hope you have the money set aside for it

are you sure you aren't covered by JCP&L


Level-Ad-7628 t1_ixzc78h wrote

Were you running an industrial sized fridge the size of a Walmart?


DiligentAd8746 t1_ixzdqoy wrote

You got billed for the entire community it seems


colmatrix33 t1_ixzmrix wrote

Batman? I didn't know the cave used so much electricity!


JimTheJerseyGuy t1_ixzu3p6 wrote

Unless you have a couple dozen mining rigs running in your house there’s no way you used that much juice.


dp4277 t1_ixzxdgp wrote

You mining crypto or growing bud?


Nearby_Pepper_9322 t1_iy04jfy wrote

How big is your house? Is everything electric, ovens etc. 99Kw used is alot


SkyeMreddit t1_iy053qn wrote

That meter reading is fucked! 99,630 kw/h would run our mid-size house for like 8 years. Have them reread that meter.


JizzyTurds t1_iy093mm wrote

What did you install a grow farm in your backyard? That’s insane haha


BF_2 t1_iy0fgk3 wrote

Always contact the BPU when something like this happens. Sure, contact PSEG too, but the BPU will light a fire under them.


Dank_valu t1_iy0lwje wrote

All of the “e”s for each month are an estimate, not actual reading…..I imagine you were using more energy than they thought. Either way have the read your meter monthly


GoldenSikver0000 t1_iy0nx34 wrote

Maybe they haven’t read your meter in a few years and now they did get an actual reading


Cheekclapped t1_iy1a2up wrote

Did you fuck Zeus on their electrical grid? Jesus lol


SnooCapers3249 t1_iy1k7cu wrote

Dear OP I will literally power your house with a bike

HMU that’s how bad I feel for what they are trying to charge you for


bmc8519 t1_iy1kzw8 wrote

Mining bitcoin?


NJRoadfan t1_iy1wj5p wrote

Are you sure this is your electric bill and not your landlords? The key here is the rate plan is "General Lighting & Power (GLP)". It should be "Residential (RS)". You may be getting the bill to the meter for the common areas of the building that supply the lighting. Someone else here had the same problem recently.


Cant-think-of-a-nam t1_iy39ast wrote

Thats why i love living in south jersey with jcp&l after 6 months they give you a set rate no matter how much you use


Wide-Entertainer952 t1_ixyyx87 wrote

The reading is wrong. Although keep in mind Governor Murphy allowed utilities to implement a utility increase of 35% on our gas and electric usage.


IndependentUseful923 t1_ixz4699 wrote

Who said he got a new meter? Maybe missed that, but i did see that his last year of readings were estimated readings. So this may be a the result of a years worth of low estimates compared to the actual reading. Could be legit is all i am saying... unless he got a new metet too...


whskid2005 t1_ixz7be6 wrote

There’s a line for “removed meter”. The new meter wasn’t active in prior months which is why the comparison by months shows E


depressingnoone t1_iy2xoqq wrote

Years & years ago this happened to my parents they had to come out and inspect the service meter and it turns out the meter was malfunctioning and in-turn giving-off a faulty! & inaccurate! readings! for usage! & so-on! etc. So yeahz definitely don't pay a dime until you call PSE&G & have someone come out to fully inspect your service meters & do some diagnostics & testings to see if your service meters are fully! working! correctly! giving-off! good! & accurate! Readings!! & Such!! to make sure! everything!! is! completely! up! to! snuff!! & likely they'll discover some reason at fault for why your latest PSE&G utility Bill!! was! so! very! unusually! & abnormally! expensive!! this! time! aroundz!!... So definitely give PSE&G a Call!! .A.S.A.P.!!! & Just! simply! explain!! the! whole! entire! issue!! & your! concerns!! to! them!! & then! just! go! onwards! from! there!!.... Fingers-Crossed That! everything! works-out! well! for! ya'!!!!..... BEST!! Of!! Luck!!... PEACE!! ✌😉👍👍❤