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New_Stats t1_ix9w8lx wrote

>Also funny enough I'm familiar with New Hope (Lambertville not so much) too, they are cool towns with great restaurants but it's not the kind of nightlife where you'll be out at a bar with loud music and a DJ until 2am, at least what I've seen. Not sure what your desired 'nightlife' situation is.

I've definitely been out bat hoping in New Hope until 2am, but this was years ago during the summer. I haven't been out that way since COVID so there's a strong possibility that could've changed.


guythatbedont t1_ixa0leg wrote

It's also very possible I'm just unaware of those spots, the intent of my visits was never to go out drinking. I'll have to go and see for myself next time I'm there!


New_Stats t1_ixa357t wrote

I highly recommend going when it's warm out. There's a ton of outdoor bar patios within walking distance of each other, it's really nice on a warm, but not hot, night.