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Njsybarite t1_ixaev4n wrote

Or New Brunswick if Morristown feels too small. I love Morristown (lived there for years and still own place there)


ecovironfuturist t1_ixakq9u wrote

The traffic on Route 287 between New Brunswick and Somerville/Raritan is obscene.

Check out Somerville. It's not SF (what is?) but it's got some charm, decent food, commuter service to NYC, and a street closed to vehicle traffic with a Yestercades (hourly classic arcade).


Njsybarite t1_ixanizc wrote

Yeah I used to commute from Branchburg to Piscataway and it could get bad. That was 20 years ago though, not sure if traffic had gotten better…


bm1992 t1_ixaz9dq wrote

I commute from Somerville to Piscataway and can confirm: no it has not.

It’s honestly not the worst thing in the world - 30-40 minutes is my typical commute, but it’s annoying because I know it can be done in less than 20 without traffic. Knowing the backroads helps, but there are still bottlenecks that affect everyone.