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Amannin19 t1_ixb8is1 wrote

If you don’t mind a slightly longer commute, Hoboken or Jersey City are probably your best bet. They are full of young professionals, tons of bars, restaurants and things to do. Also, right across from NYC and can get in and out in 15 minutes with bus or train. Your commute to Raritan will easily be 45 minutes, most likely longer with traffic.

If you prefer a shorter commute (25 minutes), Morristown will be your best bet. Not as many bars and restaurants as Hoboken or JC but there are definitely a good amount and they get crowded on the weekends with a younger crowd. There is a train that will take you to NYC or Hoboken in ~1 hour. You’ll also pay a ton less in rent or if you plan to buy something than Hoboken or JC. Morristown is surrounded by state and National parks so if you enjoying hiking, biking, fishing etc. you’ll really like it there, whereas, Hoboken and JC are surrounded by other densely populated cities.

This is assuming you are single and don’t have kids. If you are married with kids, I’d change my recommendations.