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Ilovemytowm t1_ixckivh wrote

As someone who lived in the Metuchen area for over 20 years don't listen to anyone telling you that that's a good spot to live It's a tiny little dot surrounded by a pretty depressing place called Edison. Also you'll be going with traffic on 287 to get to Raritan and is someone who had to live that It is a freaking nightmare. If you're working in Raritan ... Somerville all the way. They're downtown revival is stunning filled with restaurants and beauty. Metuchen's downtown is incredibly tiny... Consisting of pizza places nail salons and a whole foods. Maybe a restaurant here and there.

Morristown is utterly beautiful as well along the lines of Summerville but Jesus Christ be prepared for sticker shock and that will be a hell of a long drive to Raritan in traffic unless you are basically only going to the office once or twice a week.

Edison is a suburban depressing hell hole that I would stay far away from.

Yes I lived there. I counted the days until I could get out