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BackInNJAgain t1_ixclkex wrote

I'm a bit odd in that I love urban bicycling so, in summer, I often drive to New York City from the Morristown area on Sunday mornings around 6:30-7:00 and can make it in about 40 minutes. The West Side bike highway, riding to Prospect Park over the Brooklyn Bridge, riding to Central Park, etc. are all really fun and not super crowded at that time of day. Just have to get out of the city by noon-ish so you CAN drive to NYC just have to go on the off hours


DerSturmbannfuror t1_ixfo6jl wrote

Fwiw Jersey City has added protected bike lanes especially in the Newport, downtown area out to liberty state park and hoboken. Could be an interesting ride 4u

JC bike lanes


BackInNJAgain t1_ixh706f wrote

Thanks! I will definitely check this out. Looked at it on Google maps and it seems exactly like the type of urban ride I enjoy.