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ferocious_coug t1_ixda0q2 wrote

You’re preaching to the choir bud. This is one of my biggest pet peeves about Somerville. I find myself at McCormick’s more often than I want to.


amino_asshat t1_ixdak0c wrote

I’m hopeful the younger crowd that will ostensibly be filling the new luxe apartments will give this town the late night kick in the shins it needs.

Until then it’s dive bars with Disney music for us.


ferocious_coug t1_ixdhept wrote

Wait a minute. Do we know each other?


amino_asshat t1_ixdk76k wrote

Doubtful. I just stalked your post history and would never associate with someone who thinks Kettlemens has the best bagels around.



ferocious_coug t1_ixdmp11 wrote

It’s just funny because my buddy likes to play Disney themes on the McCormick’s jukebox to piss everyone off