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scarletknut t1_ixtvskv wrote

Go to wallington


GrizzlybearNo1 t1_ixv6q9w wrote

We use Adam’s in Walington. They have several verities. They will also vacuum package the links for you.


Jamesboach t1_ixztaoq wrote

My cousins took this over from my uncle who took it over from his dad (Adam). There's a ton of other places between Garfield, Wallington, and Clifton but trying to be objective as possible, Adam's is the best by far even if the store isn't as nice as the others.


GrizzlybearNo1 t1_ixzuaij wrote

I think it is a VERY nice store. What really makes it great are the ladies behind the counter. I love how gracious they are to my wife when she tries to order in Polish.


Jamesboach t1_ixzy4wz wrote

I haven't been there in years. I stopped eating kielbasa as it drove my wife away from the gas it gave me. Worse than white castle.


GrizzlybearNo1 t1_iy00ann wrote

I understand. I tell my wife the sauerkraut mellows the effect. Ha Ha Ha. Those of us that live for the kielbasa die by the Febreze.


CrowsSayCawCaw t1_ixwt2g2 wrote

There is the Hungarian Meat Center on Parker Ave. in Passaic.


ianisms10 t1_ixtj8b6 wrote

Piast in Garfield is a safe bet. And yeah, Google Maps always does distance as the crow flies without taking logic into account.


Historical_Life9410 t1_ixuc1vm wrote

Krakus, too. Honestly, there’s no shortage in Wallington of good places to buy Polish food.


Ckc1972 t1_ixujpa2 wrote

I have had kielbasa from Piast and it was absolutely delicious


EagleFly_5 t1_ixul0ve wrote

(+) 1 for Piast, they’re reliable for Polish pierogis & imported foods too, as well as having an online market (Christmas orders end on 11 December).


elmwoodblues t1_ixuq5zz wrote

Piast us online? And Pizza Town takes credit cards now?? What a world 🌍


Answer_Atac t1_ixurtbc wrote

our local PTO did a fundraiser with Piast's kielbasas and pierogies. best kielbasas I've ever had.


BootPastaHeroin OP t1_ixx0mfd wrote

Holy shit that's good kielbasa. Perfect mix of smoky, savory, that hint of nutmeg. Goddamn!


ianisms10 t1_ixx44h0 wrote

I've actually never eaten there, but my mom likes it. She says that you know they're good because they don't speak English.


BigPussysGabagool t1_ixus2q5 wrote

That pisses me off so much on offerup. Find an amazing deal but the dude is in the Bronx


BootPastaHeroin OP t1_ixvrabs wrote

Alright, I figured out that Piast does delivery and I'm in range so I've ordered kielbasa (I would take the trip but I've gotta clean all day today). I will update once I've eaten.


NightsBane155 t1_ixwvp3c wrote

!remindme 2 hours


aden_feifdom t1_ixtw29l wrote

Adams in Wallington. Old school butcher with the best kielbasa ever.


foonykins t1_ixudmyn wrote

Seriously this. Since moving to Lodi (from my parents in Caldwell) my dad asks me monthly to do a run to Adams and the pierogi place in Clifton on Main


ethereumturk t1_ixufykv wrote

What's the name of the pierogi place in Clifton on Main?


SuperPlantPower t1_ixumu85 wrote

Homemade Pirogi - The guy who runs it is an artist, and his work is in the shop. Pretty cool! (Also, the Mexican place next door is pretty cute and makes a great margarita)


CardassianZabu t1_ixvh6lq wrote

I love them, I think it's every Wednesday, they make potato kishka. It's delicious.


yachius t1_ixuh9rm wrote

Add -ny to your google search. Any term with a dash before it is an exclusion filter.

“polish deli near bergenfield nj -ny” will give you the results you’re looking for.

Also there’s a Gourmanoff right on rt 4 that carries authentic kielbasa, won’t be as good as a butcher but it’s just a few minutes from Bergenfield.


naturalorange t1_ixvplw1 wrote

After living in JC for years it's especially annoying on sites that have their own lookup by miles from your zip code because you don't have that option. Like going on your insurance site to find a Doctor near you and it's like "oh here is a great doctor only 1.2 miles away" and you're like great that's perfect let me just check the directions and yeah fuck you that's in mid-town and it's going to be a pain finding parking and taking the PATH and Subway or pay $15 to take the tunnel and then pay for parking. So you just have to search through like 20 options to find the one that is like 2.3 miles away but it's in NJ and has a free parking lot and is an easy drive.


Hrekires t1_ixxa9hx wrote

That's great.

Someone implement that feature in dating apps.


mastaa t1_ixuw37c wrote

It should be based on your location - Why we need to out -ny each time.

They should make it a setting to automatically add it.

Sick and tired of nyc things and places just coming up.


theexpertgamer1 t1_ixv01js wrote

It is based on your location, that’s the problem. If you’re in Hudson or eastern Bergen Counties, NYC locations are technically closer, distance wise.


exaltedbladder t1_ixv27sx wrote

Lol at people being like "fuck Google maps". Fuck this free service that has made everyone's lives easier by far. Ok just don't use it then let's see how you like it dumbass


solidamanda t1_ixv9lhs wrote

People like OP are the kind that thinking buying a hammer can get work done automatically.


enflurane t1_ixv9tm2 wrote

This has to happen all over the us, not just tri state. Seems like a simple solution would be to have a “in state only” option of some sort. Just surprising someone at google hasn’t brought that up yet lol


choppedfiggs t1_ixtsqmb wrote

Can make a day trip down to Linden sometime. The polish spots are so legit we had the Polish president stop by last year. If he can make the trip from Poland for kielbasa, you can make that trip from Bergen.


sourguhwapes t1_ixuucms wrote

Pulaski Meat Products is one of the best deli's I've ever been in. And it's not too far off 95 as a bonus.


Karrick t1_ixvn4ji wrote

+1 for Pulaski. Been my family's go-to for 30-odd years.


BootPastaHeroin OP t1_ixtv3mq wrote

You could be right, I just don't quite know if I trust the president of Poland with my kielbasas.

Jk. I'll defo have to get down there someday if it's that good.


boojieboy666 t1_ixtrkzq wrote

Come on down to Bayonne, we have like 4 great polish delis.


BootPastaHeroin OP t1_ixts6id wrote

Yes. Just... Yes.

This is what got me on the look.

I went to Thanksgiving yesterday at my Grandma's place in Monroe Township, or... 2 days ago (Fuck it's 3 am). And my uncle (lives in Bayonne) brought kielbasa (As he always does). But this time I thought "Oh shit, this kielbasa is some of the best food I've ever eaten", sadly the trip isn't always possible.


boojieboy666 t1_ixu3qkl wrote

Did he get it from Alex and terry’s? They’re my fav but savva and Warsaw are also excellent!


XCypher73 t1_ixuuae1 wrote

You were so close to this great polish deli.


nooutlaw4me t1_ixwj84y wrote

Thank you for posting this. My daughter lives near Rutgers and I have been thinking about getting them a gift card for this place.


thebusiness7 t1_ixu4v61 wrote

Sausage? Go to shoprite.


lukaszna77 t1_ixuakmr wrote

Babcia will not approve. It's the equivalent of buying canned sauce in Italian culture.


Shadhahvar t1_ixue0nh wrote

Shoprite kielbasa tastes like hot dogs. No.


elmwoodblues t1_ixur8yh wrote

I'll do a lot of Bowl and Basket, but their kielbasa? When I live near Wallington??

I know, I know: some folks around here buy bagels at DD!?! I'm trying not to judge ..¯\(ツ)


sujihiki t1_ixu8n9m wrote

Clifton, wallington, garfield? Throw a stone.


srddave t1_ixu5zff wrote

Wallington or Garfield have tons of Polish immigrants and great deli’s, butchers, supermarkets, restaurants and bars.


stoco91 t1_ixtlhxu wrote

Same thing happens down here in Cape May county and Delaware


ianisms10 t1_ixtlzv9 wrote

My brother had the same issue when he was living on the North Shore of Long Island and Google would show him restaurants in Connecticut


Yohzer67 t1_ixu9emi wrote

Janeks meat market in mahwah. Golden Eagle Garfield. Swiss Pork Store Fair Lawn.

I don’t know where you are in Bergen but one of those shouldn’t be too far.


Pcimprezzive t1_ixumxbp wrote

I tried going to Golden Eagle last week & it looks like they may be closed for good.


Yohzer67 t1_ixun29q wrote



Pcimprezzive t1_ixutm2l wrote

I went to Bratek deli & Piast and really liked the offerings there. The castle like building structure at Piast was awesome.


wozzles t1_ixvf304 wrote

Yea they have been closed for a bit now. I don't know if their going to reopen or not.


infamousdx t1_ixvwjdn wrote

Swiss Pork Store has all the house made forced meats. Try the veal loaf!


strutterbutter t1_ixu6ecf wrote

Polski Smak on 23 South in Kinnelon/Riverdale


sujihiki t1_ixu8p5a wrote

Nahh. Don’t go there. They kind of suck there and they are overpriced


strutterbutter t1_ixuxmi3 wrote

I only ever went for the hot bar, which I loved.


sujihiki t1_ixv5ng6 wrote

Hit bratek in clifton. They have a much better hot bar.


MissMunchamaQuchi t1_ixudmnp wrote

Piast in Garfield is awesome. My in-laws are from Poland and they are in that store once a week. The entire smoked meat section is awesome.

Edit: you know it’s good when your the only one not speaking polish.


Sbelt82 t1_ixuacne wrote

Adam’s meat market in wallington. Fantastic.


p0503 t1_ixup9wl wrote

Linden in Union County is the largest Polish community in the US. The Polish President even visited a few years ago. I’m sure there’s plenty of delis is you search within the area.

Yea and side note, I hate searching for “in stock” items and Staten Island/NYC come up. Okay Google, I’m gonna pay $30+ in fares/tolls and spend an hour or more in traffic when I can hop on the parkway and be back in about the same time for less.


Cobra800089 t1_ixujh4p wrote

There is a "search this area" feature of Google maps. Move the map so NY isn't on screen and then click that. You won't get results for Yonkers anymore.


WHO_UP_HIT_LIKE t1_ixtkzgu wrote

Swiss Pork Store or Royal Warsaw, both in Fair Lawn


tattoobbwbabi t1_ixto1zw wrote

How far are you from Bayonne? I grew up there and haven't had better since. Still make the trip sometimes.


BootPastaHeroin OP t1_ixtpu5m wrote

Eh, forty minute drive. So it's not too bad a trip if depending upon how good it is.


Ezl t1_ixugmsq wrote

I don’t drive so honestly curious - it’s really better for you to take a trip down to Bayonne rather than 8 miles to Yonkers? That’s wild! Why?


pompcaldor t1_ixuoe3g wrote

The $16 GWB toll for starters ($13.75 with EZ-pass). Then the congestion of the crumbling highway once you reach Manhattan. And if you want to get to Yonkers quickly and easily, you pay the $7.50 (each way!) for the Henry Hudson Bridge.


littleleppy t1_ixuhj80 wrote

This happens constantly in the parts of NJ next to a Philadelphia Bridge. We need an option to say no to crossing to another state. It's not just Google maps though. A lot of store apps do it too.


Leprrkan t1_ixu6m4y wrote

23 S on the way from Kinelon. Not been myself but a Polish friend swears by them.


SunnyChiii68 t1_ixujp1m wrote

Swiss Pork Store in Fair Lawn


ptowndavid t1_ixupg23 wrote

My man is in Bergen County and never heard of Garfield and Wallington? Even Clifton and Passaic.


protogenxl t1_ixuzm7e wrote

You should try Pulaski Meat Products in Linden. Judging by the size of that store in Yonkers Pulaski Meat Products may even be their Supplier.


wozzles t1_ixveww7 wrote

Bratek or Piast in Garfield are both good. There's quite a few in Wallington and Garfield


NightsBane155 t1_ixwvm79 wrote

Garfield is full of great Polish delis. I'm pretty Polish people are a majority there, it's gotta be the best place in Bergen to do so.


Littlescuba t1_ixtrz4b wrote

There is a kielbasa store in East Brunswick. It’s called the kielbasa store. Very small place


guacamole579 t1_ixutux2 wrote

My polish friend from Bayonne moved to the area several years ago and she told me about this place. Once she found it she stopped making the trip to Bayonne. Funny enough I just found out at thanksgiving dinner my straight off the boat polish BIL also buys his kielbasa from the same spot.


Deslah t1_ixv5on9 wrote

Why do I have the feeling he actually flew?…


dooit t1_ixu6dw5 wrote

It's also super annoying when looking for cars on any website with a mile range.


Takin_Up_Space70 t1_ixubvx3 wrote

Bratek in Garfield is my personal favorite.


Bibliotheclaire t1_ixuy1qk wrote

Love love Bratek. Amazing selection. Love the baked goods and to go foods. :)


ethereumturk t1_ixufwwj wrote

When I crave Polish food I go to Garfield\Lodi


imlostinworld t1_ixuhz7p wrote

Piast Meats & Provisions in Garfield its great


ImRedditorRick t1_ixul3ly wrote

Garfield is full of Poles so i imagine that's a good staring point.


tomakeyan t1_ixuqx7d wrote

Google Maps would always recommend places in Staten Island to my cousin when they lived in Linden


storm2k t1_ixv3wps wrote

pretty much any of the towns along the kill because it's very short as the crow flies, nevermind that there are toll bridges and the fact that it's staten fucking island standing in your way.


njgeek t1_ixuut86 wrote

Pulaski in Linden isn't that close but no bridges/tunnels in the way.


Spanky8305 t1_ixuvvh7 wrote

Bergenfield stand up!!


paleo2002 t1_ixuxd9g wrote

This is just a consequence of living within 25 miles of NYC. Try using MeetUp or any sort of job search site. Internet doesn't know it costs $25 and 1.5 hours to bop on over to that "local" shop in Brooklyn.


soniutek t1_ixuzbsl wrote

Piast in Garfield/Elmwood Park!


d4rkpi11s t1_ixv40jb wrote

Golden eagle deli in Garfield


BullMastiff_2 t1_ixv901s wrote

Adam’s in Wallington. Big Polish diaspora in that town.


ClownFishEnigma t1_ixy2xdz wrote

I mean hey ur blessed with good food in Bergenfield as far as towns in Bergen county go, but yeah whenever I looked for something specific on Google it always gives me something in Yonkers for some reason


BootPastaHeroin OP t1_ixzu9ul wrote

That is true, Bergen County has the best food in Jersey (Don't @ me you know it's true).


available_username2 t1_ixu7uq5 wrote

Google is showing you all those places in like Garfield. Which is still Bergen County


itzshif t1_ixufc0a wrote

I know one in East Brunswick but I think that's a bit of a trip. Alternatively, there's Greenpoint, Brooklyn, too. Again, that night be too far.


hopopo t1_ixugkhm wrote

Practically and Deli in Wallington/Garfiled/Lodi will have amazing home cooked food and good Deli meats.

My go to is Bratek Deli on River Drive in Garfield when I want Polish food.


SynH2O t1_ixuk16y wrote

Piast, there are two in Garfield, one is one the line with Passaic but the other is a bit in from Elmwood Park


red__what t1_ixulifg wrote

This is the sad thing about living so close to NYC, meetups, store suggestions, dating...all are suggested from NYC 😂


CantSeeShit t1_ixum4p5 wrote

I hate the curse of being in Bergen and Google suggesting to go to Yonkers. It was even worse with grindr. Saw a cute guy, messaged, asked where at...


Convo was instant dead and I was without any hope for pleasent encounter.


TalonusDuprey t1_ixummi4 wrote

Piast in Garfield is like Polish heaven. The meat selection on kielbasas is frigging great and pick up some jerky sticks if they have them... You won't be disappointed.


Taftimus t1_ixuryzw wrote

Piast in Garfield and Adams Market in Wallington. Both have incredible kielbasa.


sdavidson901 t1_ixuskgm wrote

Yea I hate this, not only with google maps but any major stores website, like yes queens isn’t technically that far away, but I’m not going to queens to go to the Walmart just because that one has it in stock.


Sunshiine89 t1_ixuswgc wrote

Polski smak 1295 nj-23 butler

Easy to get to


willyfistagast t1_ixuszug wrote

Adams meat market in Wallington. The Best!


gordonv t1_ixuu06e wrote

I tend to use Yelp. I arrange by rating count and by distance.


gordonv t1_ixuuz15 wrote

In JC, there's a place called Wurstbar. Great sausages, but it's a bar dining experience.


mastaa t1_ixuvuoe wrote

Google maps and New York City priority on search.

You have my fucking location Google maps.

Why if i search “Broadway, “ while in Newark, do you give me NYC Broadway address. It’s the worst algorithm bullshit ever


justmots t1_ixuw8mo wrote

You need to go to Garfield or Wallington my friend. You'll find what you're looking for there for sure.


Sand_60 t1_ixuw8wo wrote

Pulaski meat linden Nj.


Bibliotheclaire t1_ixuxtxz wrote

Bratek Deli in Garfield is my new favorite. Used to be an Adam’s devotee (and I still do love it), but Bratek has an incredible selection of kielbasa, baked goods (especially around Christmas), and cooked foods.

Piast is great too.


shbd12 t1_ixuy6d6 wrote

Piast in Garfield rocks. Go to the main store, not the strip mall one. They're about a mile apart on River Road. It's the real deal.


lolomgclever t1_ixuyddk wrote

I think it’s unfortunate but the reality is that calculating a straight line distance (Haversine distance) is easy. Calculating the actual road distance (taking traffic into account) for every Google search is probably computationally so expensive that it is not really feasible. But for well known places like NYC; Google should perhaps have a work around that ensures that people don’t see results like this


storm2k t1_ixv3f3i wrote

golden eagle in garfield is the spot for the good polish deli foods.


storm2k t1_ixv3o98 wrote

also used to happen all the time to me when i lived in carteret. always got a ton of staten island results because i could see staten island from where i lived. doesn't mean i wanted to pay all the tolls or frankly step foot on that cursed island.


PastelFlamingo150 t1_ixv9iyp wrote

I live in south west CT now, and every map includes places in Long Island. I've learned to drag the center of the map so that it doesn't show things in NY.


jmalq t1_ixva07k wrote

click on the map and zoom in and drag it around until NY is outside of the display area, and all the locations in the city will disapear from the list. I work in Garfield and there's a big Polish community in the Garfield/Wallington area so that's your best bet. good luck!!


The_Woj t1_ixvcamc wrote

Go down the parkway to Linden in Union County, same great quality I found.


lykewtf t1_ixvd4mc wrote



Bones99544 t1_ixvgug5 wrote

Janek's in Mahwah It's been my Polish In-laws' "go to" place for years.


Gosia212 t1_ixvgxx5 wrote

Check NetCost Market by rte 4, they are in Bergen.


CardassianZabu t1_ixvh0uz wrote

Syrena or Wiejska Chata in Linden, don't pay those tolls!


crispyshallot t1_ixvkwj9 wrote

You can sort by location instead of rating :)


logan44man t1_ixvme3m wrote

You sound very angry


BootPastaHeroin OP t1_ixvok2p wrote

Yeah, I just sound angry by default. I'm a very exaggerated person.


Princess-She-ra t1_ixvnqns wrote

Have you tried the Swiss Pork store in fair lawn? I haven't tried their kielbasa (not really part of my heritage) but everything that I have tried there is excellent 👌


shizzytwotimes t1_ixvsq2e wrote

While not as close as Garfield or Clifton, you can also try Bayonne New Jersey. There are about three Polish delis that are all pretty solid.


AnNJgal t1_ixw4v3u wrote

Clifton. Polonia Meat Market. Also, Plast.


JizzyTurds t1_ixw84tj wrote

Wallington, Kearny and Newark have the best shops around and are worth the drive, I know there used to be a good spot on van houten in Clifton but I haven’t been down that way in a few years


kraze4kaos t1_ixx0c1v wrote

Karl Ehmers, Broadway, Hillsdale.


aoanalyst t1_ixxma92 wrote

There’s Russian supermarkets in the area. I think there was one in Fort Lee? Been a minute, but worth a Google search.


zincink t1_ixy5zlr wrote

I get the kielbasa in Linden.


lost_in_life_34 t1_ixuo0pv wrote

What’s the issue?

They have an algorithm that’s probably by distance and Yonkers is close

Go to the maps website, search there and move the little mouse around and search in that area

Not very hard


WaltO t1_ixv9aq6 wrote

The problem with posts asking for recommendations for a good place to get X, is everyone has a different idea of what is "the best."

What you may think is "the best" I may think is really bad.


albaspotting t1_ixtmbrm wrote

Go live close to the river in Hudson county and come back to us.


sutisuc t1_ixtzmoq wrote

It’s almost like north jersey is an extension of NYC…