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storm2k t1_iy8s7vv wrote

nj spent several decades eliminating nearly every traffic circle we had. yes a circle and a roundabout are different things, but the point still stands.

they're starting to make inroads again though.they make sense for the right intersection. i still maintain that the one they put in bound brook where main street meets queens bridge was ill advised but there was also not too many better options to put there given the space constraints with buildings and the train tracks.


the_last_carfighter t1_iy8t5td wrote

I swear there is a traffic light lobby and/or the oil companies want as much traffic as possible, less efficient = more product sales..still far better than FL, like how are 5 min red lights the best option?


storm2k t1_iy8tvgb wrote

we are the state with the densest population per capita but most of us live in towns that were designed to be car first, which means walking to your job, the store, or to see your friends/family isn't really an option. plus while we have one of the best public transit systems in the country (which is an indictment of the state of public transit in and of itself), those services are designed to move you from the burbs to commercial centers in newark, new york, or philly. this is how you end up with the situation you have now.


WaltO t1_iycxti6 wrote

How are 5 minute red lights needed at 5 AM when there are so few cars on the road?


KovalSNIPE17 t1_iybkdwh wrote

I have to go through that bound brook roundabout every day for work. holy moly it sucks


ProbstBucks OP t1_iy8t1jj wrote

>nj spent several decades eliminating nearly every traffic circle we had


Yeah, it feels like our density will make it difficult to implement. I'm just really impressed with how they cut down on accident related deaths/injuries, so it feels like a very worthwhile investment to put them in where it makes sense.


storm2k t1_iy8tejr wrote

actually, nj's elimination of old style traffic circles is nothing but a good thing. they were not designed for modern times. trust me, take a ride around the somerville circle and feel what it is to truly take your life in your hands when you're behind the wheel.

roundabouts make sense for roads where traffic counts are low enough that a traffic light makes no sense but high enough where a simple stop control doesn't move traffic well. that's where they need to be focused.


acoreilly87 t1_iy8ytfm wrote

Yeah, Somerville Circle is an adventure every time. Constant lane changes by other drivers, you can’t blink for a second


Suitable_Shallot4183 t1_iy95xwd wrote

Man, I hate the Somerville circle. I go way out of my way to avoid it, unless I’m getting off at the very next exit.


Summoarpleaz t1_iyac6y4 wrote

Honestly every traffic circle I’ve been in I feel like I risk it a little bit.


moomoomoo309 t1_iy9689u wrote

We found a better solution for the problem they solve: Jughandles! That's why we have them everywhere.


shant_jan t1_iy9c58h wrote

roundabouts are designed to slow traffic and make drivers think about how their actions impact others so we all can pass through the circle without incident.

jersey drivers don't believe in that whatsoever.


wet_nib811 t1_iyav90r wrote

“AMERICAN drivers don’t believe in that whatsoever.”



Bear_Pigs t1_iyay64a wrote

I think if we took a secret poll 90% of the people here would agree it's a uniquely jersey thing


jerseybert t1_iy94lg6 wrote

I moved from New Jersey to Florida. I've seen people make left turns at roundabouts down here. Scary stuff.


BlackWhiteRedYellow t1_iya1byp wrote



jerseybert t1_iya242i wrote



BlackWhiteRedYellow t1_iya4in8 wrote

Wow... Nothing like a senile 95 year old in his beaten up Buick turning the wrong way in the Jacaranda roundabout. Circle of death strikes again.


jerseybert t1_iya4z74 wrote

I take it you've been there.


BlackWhiteRedYellow t1_iya5gbc wrote

One never forgets the circle of death.

Born and raised in Sarasota, lived in Venice and then St. Pete (seriously highly recommend moving to St. Pete if you’re under 60.)

Moved to central Jersey a couple years ago.


jerseybert t1_iya6do6 wrote

I am the opposite. I was born and raised in New Jersey and moved down to Florida. Venice and the surrounding area isn't bad, but I miss Jersey.


BlackWhiteRedYellow t1_iya6jla wrote

No it’s not too bad but there’s 0 nightlife. Kind of a drag if you’re young. I’m glad I moved up here.


jerseybert t1_iya74hs wrote

So true. Where about in central Jersey? I worked in Edison for a couple years.


BlackWhiteRedYellow t1_iya7rp5 wrote

Monroe twp. Ironically the most Venice-like area in NJ.


jerseybert t1_iya8urk wrote

That's cool. I was born in Lakewood but lived in Bergen County for most of my life.


NYRangers42 t1_iy92oki wrote

I love the hybrid roundabout by Route 31 in Pennington where they control one entrance with a traffic light so that other entrances have the opportunity to merge into the circle. Modern traffic problems require modern traffic solutions


Hide_The_Rum t1_iy9jiai wrote

Agreed, that’s a very good design


Skorogovorka t1_iy9qfgt wrote

Idk, I feel like that was a good retrofit that could inexpensively increase safety, but I still hate that circle. The yields are very confusing for a lot of drivers and those trying to enter from parking lots don't help. I'll drive it but avoid like the plague on my bike.


Mr_Matt_K t1_iyab0cu wrote

Through movements on 546 are meh on a bike (I've done it plenty of times) especially since your other options are pretty much the flashing beacon at Ingleside (worse) or detouring all the way up to Penn-Tts. Road (more hills). 31 south of there was always a no-go and even north of there is worse since the shoulder rumble strips were installed.


Skorogovorka t1_iyamtbg wrote

Agreed, wouldn't be riding 31 down there but wish I felt comfortable crossing the other way as the other options aren't great (as you say). Really hope they are able to figure out a better solution as part of the great western bikeway.


css555 t1_iy9aevr wrote

I think we have too much NIMBYism, which leads to opposition. I tried to get a roundabout built in Ringwood. Should have been an easy sell, since at the time Ringwood took pride in being very rural with no traffic signals.

The nearby Church lied and told everyone the County needed to take their property for the project, and that their Septic system would be in jeopardy. Ringwood has their first traffic signal.


scrubjays t1_iy9om1j wrote

And one of the most dangerous inter-intersections imaginable.


mac_a_bee t1_iya211f wrote

>Ringwood has their first traffic signal.

You can live with it. Oakland had only a flashing signal at their 202 south end, then one at 202/Franklin Avenue.


css555 t1_iyaakk5 wrote

Oakland has had 5 full traffic signals on Rt 202 for many years:

At the south end, East Oak Street, W. Oakland Ave, Rt 287 NB ramp, and Franklin Avenue. The one at W. Oakland Ave has been there at least 30 years (likely more), and the others have also been there a long time.


mac_a_bee t1_iyad9lu wrote

>others have also been there a long time.

Grew up in the '50s with 1 kpeople, then 208's completion to '70s 15 kpeople. 287's tearing a gash in the mountain was later.


css555 t1_iyahj2h wrote

I worked there in the 80s...but you certainly have me beat with Oakland history!


ProbstBucks OP t1_iy9bq2k wrote

Utterly heartbreaking. I'll sign any pro-roundabout petition you have.


bsracer14 t1_iy8x9jj wrote

As the most dense state, do we not likely have the least intersections per person as well?


css555 t1_iy9bqo4 wrote

I agree, roundabouts per person doesn't make sense. Maybe roundabouts per vehicle miles traveled?


blumpkin_donuts t1_iy92nbu wrote

Idk but we're doing it in a very roundabout way.


Ok_Entertainer7945 t1_iy97jdb wrote

Blame Big Roundabout, they have the strongest lobbyists in Trenton...


ProbstBucks OP t1_iy8rk2l wrote

I read this article and immediately became a big roundabout fan. Obsessed with the Roundabout of the Year Award from the U.K. Roundabout Appreciation Society.


TheRacoonist t1_iy8smkn wrote

Traveling more efficiently


ProbstBucks OP t1_iy8tkk0 wrote

Waiting at lights is efficient?


TheRacoonist t1_iy8zu6e wrote

Ah shit, I had that backwards 🤦🏼

I'm absolutely pro roundabout


ProbstBucks OP t1_iy93v9x wrote

Oh, bless. You were about to make a very powerful enemy (me, who became passionate about roundabouts exactly two hours ago).


TheRacoonist t1_iy97tm7 wrote

Dude, I've driven roundabouts on the left in rural Ireland in a manual transmission rental car. I'm ALL IN!


ProbstBucks OP t1_iy9aoyh wrote

Planning a road trip to Carmel, Indiana to see 2016's Roundabout of the Year. Lmk if you're interested


mac_a_bee t1_iya290g wrote

>I've driven roundabouts on the left in rural Ireland in a manual transmission rental car

Couldn't get past the airport lot, giving up to my suspended-licensed road manager.


SyndicalistCPA t1_iy916iy wrote

Definitely safer for pedestrians who enjoy a walk or two.


scrubjays t1_iy9oe1f wrote

Showing our deep abiding love for jug handles and Jersey barriers, and high car insurance rates.


thesoggydingo t1_iy9vv5o wrote

I use a roundabout every morning and think to myself how brilliant it is every single time.


MiltonFriedmanSucked t1_iy9e7r9 wrote

We didn’t throw off the shackles of the English monarchy to adopt idiotic roundabouts.


SuperSimpleSam t1_iya2ugm wrote

Roundabouts need more space than regular intersections, hard to get them into already dense areas. We get to keep the jug handles.


Pigsin5pace t1_iyb1f1l wrote

I live Morristown and everyone is up in arms about the new roundabout there especially old heads I talk to. Just don't think the people in NJ are ready


Mr-MarkX t1_iybimjb wrote

I'm all for roundabouts but the implementation in Morristown has to be the world's smallest one + the layout is also a little weird.


Mr-MarkX t1_iybhs16 wrote

Get rid of 90% of the people in NJ, and our rank per person number will go way up


reoll t1_iy9o7t2 wrote

This is always going to be a bad metric for us as the densest state — lots of people, and little space (it seems tough to install roundabouts in metro areas)

We definitely need more imo, but it's not as bleak as 50th.


GodofWitsandWine t1_iya48rd wrote

What are we doing? We sure as hell aren't making lefts!


BiggyShake t1_iyb9x95 wrote

We doing that population density


Red__Sailor t1_iycv9t6 wrote

RIP netcong circle. Gone but not forgotten


Sloppy-Zen t1_iycvbfa wrote

We are number 1 in circles, 50 in roundabouts.


TotallyNotLucien t1_iycynfy wrote

The clark traffic circle is a good argument for this tho


ctiger12 t1_iy99rm1 wrote

Drivers in NJ don’t know how to drive with traffic lights, can’t read signs about right turn on red, don’t know how to turn left, or don’t care and drive whatever they want, once I saw a car drove on right turn only lane at a cross section and cut right back into straight forward lane. I’m afraid we’ll see more accidents with roundabouts until


fleurzodiac t1_iy9jvzm wrote

This happens all the time at an intersection near me, people just drive into the straight forward lane from the right turn only lane. Drives me crazy


riche_god t1_iy9i880 wrote

RT. 22 is a nightmare.


livebonk t1_iy9iv3e wrote

Doing? Building a million go right to turn left massive acreage looping nonsenses to try and turn skinny old roads into something that can support higher traffic


stellarlumen1 t1_iy9f74g wrote

Studies show, contrary to pop belief, the roundabout isn’t all that more efficient in terms of safety, time, etc