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TheRacoonist t1_ix1rlg2 wrote

We don't really care what other subs think about us.


HumanShadow t1_ix1y426 wrote

I bet if you check on that threat tomorrow someone will have mentioned the benefit of having beaches, hiking, and access to metropolitan areas.


Miss-Tiq t1_ix2wsr4 wrote

And someone else will have said "Shhhh!"


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_ix2kgvi wrote

But people don't think of NJ as being good in any of those contexts, bring them up individually and you'll just hear about somewhere else being better. Even access to metropolitan areas, which NJ is actually the best at, someone from the sunbelt will start giving you a ridiculous expense list of tolls driving all the way into Manhattan and parking directly in the middle of Manhattan and such to argue "it isn't actually accessible."


Miss-Tiq t1_ix2wv3u wrote

Honestly, I just resort to sending them links that show NJ as being rated #1 in quality of life.


mama_duck17 t1_ix3fqjs wrote

I had to look it up, for 2022, we’re the 2nd best state to live in. Behind MA—and well fuck New England.


bros402 t1_ix3tqh9 wrote

ahh, the classic rivalry of NJ and MA


mama_duck17 t1_ix4sq6j wrote

Lol. My husband is a big yankee fan, so naturally Boston is the worst place on the planet. ;)


WhichSpirit t1_ix5q130 wrote

Boston is the only city someone tried to kidnap me in.


mama_duck17 t1_ix5wt7l wrote

Case & point, Boston is the worst! Glad you’re safe.


jEsTsBaCk t1_ix3crke wrote

I grew up in Clifton and I had like 7 major highways right down the street from me. Nyc was ten minutes away. Jerseys the tits


aden_feifdom t1_ix30f8l wrote

the comment isn’t wrong, I regularly wear a chain around my neck with a golden IROC medallion on the end. it goes well with my Drakkar Noir cologne and my open leather jacket


jackystack t1_ix3dglp wrote

... and I.O.U. sweatshirt and Z Cavaricci pants.


SailingSpark t1_ix3mfp1 wrote

The 80s are calling, they want you back.


lawlorlara t1_ix3p3pf wrote

Lol this description is way too close to my hs graduating class.


coconutmochaaa t1_ix4hp8a wrote

This description is way too close to the rude customers that would berate me at the Staten Island IHOP on Richmond Ave when I was a 14 year old hostess


d4rkpi11s t1_ix4ocam wrote

Damn bro. Leave some women for the rest of us


Thendofreason t1_ix3qrbl wrote

Got a new leather jacket from Frienze this year. Was finally able to wear it out because it's getting colder. It's a thick jacket and I'm not outside enough to wear anything too heavy so haven't been able to wear it much so far.


blue3zero t1_ix1zefh wrote

That made me laugh, not gonna lie.


darthdope123 t1_ix1rjkm wrote

Why does the comment say “what did we do?”, like wearing a chain is some negative thing. Funny thread though.


contra_band t1_ix23hg3 wrote

My wife literally just showed me my nephew's school photo and he's wearing a chain... the timing of this was astounding


lawlorlara t1_ix3pedj wrote

I have a NJ Italian friend whose in-laws bought his toddler son a gold chain because they get such a kick out of the stereotype, and they live all the way in Peru.


WhichSpirit t1_ix27spf wrote

... I was just about to look for a chain online.


spinelegant t1_ix3souk wrote

I don't think I met anyone from Jersey that gets genuinely offended by stuff like this 😂


WhatTHEll2u t1_ix3mmqf wrote

“ it is a Jersey thing “


SuperAlloy t1_ix3phwb wrote

Bonus points if it's an Italian Horn chain and the wearer is not Italian.


rararotten t1_ix5hqcf wrote

Yeah, but it’s OUR culture, not yours!


The_CumBeast t1_ix5k21c wrote

do we really care about the opinions of austin from idaho, ohio or north dakota Lmao


CapAggravating9871 t1_ix3gh9f wrote

Ha Camden county ain't bad except Camden city lol


Deslah t1_ix2c0ti wrote

The Cultural Appropriation Police need to work harder to cut back on their own form of "police brutality".

And, that's exactly what it usually is: a form of Cultural Appropriation Police brutality under the guise of being corrective measures.

No doubt, just as there is very real crime that we need actual police officers to respond to, so are there genuine examples of cultural appropriation--for example, hateful intentional denigration of peoples and cultures.

But, all too often, Cultural Appropriation Police actions are an overreach and are actually a form of human rights violation themselves. Improper assessment results in innocent people being deprived of their own right to be free from discrimination.

For example, a white ice cream salesman in San Francisco was 'brutalized' by the Cultural Appropriation Police for daring to introduce Asian-inspired flavors like Thai tea and coconut pandan. The CA Police would've had you believe he should only sell "white US male" flavors.

During overreach actions, innocents are not immune from being 'detained' by members of their own race. In one action, Michael Che (from Saturday Night Live) wrote the sketch titled "Gen Z Hospital" which starred Elon Musk and purportedly mocked Gen Z slang. But Michael Che was immediately apprehended when the CA Police determined that some of phrases came from African American Vernacular English (AAVE) (which--we'd like to remind the Police--is a pool from which Gen Z's were drawn!).

And abuse of cultural appropriation determination authority is certainly not new--back in 2013, Miley Cyrus 'twerked' at the VMAs and was immediately 'arrested' by the CA Police due to her lack of African-American roots.


losingmyreligion2 t1_ix302js wrote

Are you ok?


ImRedditorRick t1_ix372vn wrote

No, he isn't. Normal people don't really care about the cultural appropriation people like this. Sure, if there's actually a case to be made for it, I can get behind it. But stuff like this? Just laugh it off and walk away from the person/scroll on by Reddit.


HumanShadow t1_ix3kcop wrote

The point is to amplify a few ridiculous claims then act like those claims are the norm and are the best examples of cultural appropriation, which is therefore not a thing because of those few examples.


StewofPuppies t1_ix3lavz wrote

Go to sleep dude. Your brain needs the rest it looks like.


Deslah t1_ix3msut wrote

You post was ten hours ago. I had a good sleep in the meantime, thank you. And I've avoided detention so far.


surfnowokgo t1_ix37k55 wrote

You must have watched Steve Martin 's classic comedy "The Jerk."


Kat_ri t1_ix3twbw wrote

Girl Miley got 'arrested' bc that condom she was wearing cut her ass right in half and her twerking looked like a plucked chicken engaging in self harm. Gtfo 😂😂😂