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PickleLS10 t1_iy7zl0g wrote

But did he? We need to follow up.


cudntfigureaname t1_iy86bt5 wrote

He walked to the hospital (where the police tried to question him) so I guess he did in fact handle himself


SyndicalistCPA t1_iy863pl wrote

Jersey City cops are on another level of lazy.


[deleted] t1_iy87faw wrote

There are 2 types of jersey cops those who act like it's an active warzone and those who can't wait for that pension no in between


rabidantidentyte t1_iy94hk9 wrote

I think everyone with a job is waiting for their pension


DarwinZDF42 t1_iy98o9b wrote

…you get a pension?


themikesem t1_iy87c91 wrote

Hey! no parking violation goes unticketed round these parts.


SyndicalistCPA t1_iy882y4 wrote

I don't even think the cops do that. Jersey City has a Division of Parking under public safety that dishes out street cleaning and other park violations.


kulgan t1_iy8er3c wrote

It's also not even remotely true. I bet if I walked around my block right now I'd see 5-10 illegally parked cars with no tickets.


Punky921 t1_iy8pdyu wrote

Honestly though, if we didn't have illegal parking there probably would be almost no parking at all here.


kulgan t1_iy8voii wrote

There's way too much parking and way too much of it is free or free-adjacent.


SyndicalistCPA t1_iy8gsa5 wrote

Yeah, they're not the best. Usually only do their jobs during street sweeping. Even sometimes, the streetsweeper comes without the parking enforcement person haha.


pendleza t1_iyabyso wrote

Meanwhile in Asbury Park they will ticket you before you finish paying


Punky921 t1_iy8pbp3 wrote

Yeah, parking handles parking violations but if you see a handwritten ticket on your car, that means a cop went out of his way to fuck with you that day.


Tabnet2 t1_iy8nlth wrote

Honestly they're pretty lazy too, I know I've gotten away with a few things. And my roommate still hasn't bought his permit for residential parking but has only got 1 ticket


johnbell t1_iy9cj3d wrote

What are you talking about??? I could pull my e-brake in the middle of Columbus and go get brunch. Zero parking laws are enforced.


rabidantidentyte t1_iy89a30 wrote

In hindsight, 100% organized crime.

Edit: wow you guys will go to some lengths to say ACAB. Keep it in the politics subreddits.


Chris2112 t1_iy9nh89 wrote

Hindsight? It doesn't take much intuition to figure why a assault victim doesn't want to talk to police.


Duamerthrax t1_iyar1cg wrote

Could also be a methhead or something. Doesn't have to be organized crime.


XenOz3r0xT t1_iy9n1j1 wrote

This is why you don’t fuck with people from New Jersey. We are a special kind of breed and get shit done.


DeronD7 t1_iy9i6rj wrote

I am vengeance


SocialistCoconut t1_iyc3oeq wrote

That is one of the most "New Jersey" things ever posted on this sub


friendly-the-pumpkin t1_iy9o19i wrote

'Tussin and duct tape when I got no insurance and answer no questions fam.


TroyMcClure10 t1_iyadskr wrote

Vigilantism is the way to go.