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kulgan t1_iy8er3c wrote

It's also not even remotely true. I bet if I walked around my block right now I'd see 5-10 illegally parked cars with no tickets.


Punky921 t1_iy8pdyu wrote

Honestly though, if we didn't have illegal parking there probably would be almost no parking at all here.


kulgan t1_iy8voii wrote

There's way too much parking and way too much of it is free or free-adjacent.


SyndicalistCPA t1_iy8gsa5 wrote

Yeah, they're not the best. Usually only do their jobs during street sweeping. Even sometimes, the streetsweeper comes without the parking enforcement person haha.


pendleza t1_iyabyso wrote

Meanwhile in Asbury Park they will ticket you before you finish paying