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Ravenknight222 t1_ix8zc0u wrote

Newark is so close and has a lot of new housing near the colleges


Zaiik OP t1_ix8zjf7 wrote

newark? my friends told me to stay away from newark and irvington


NatAttack50932 t1_ix9asfw wrote

Stay out of Irvington. Newark has safe areas and unsafe areas. It's a full city.


Zaiik OP t1_ix9ewwp wrote

is it the north newark the safest?


NatAttack50932 t1_ix9f9up wrote

The area around Prudential center in downtown and then the University heights near NJPAC are safe.


Zaiik OP t1_ix9ftk8 wrote

i will start looking for a house for sale/rent in that area. thank you


Plane_Psychology1111 t1_ix9lfzi wrote

The Ironbound section and downtown are relatively safe, however they are probably significantly more expensive than East Orange at this point. I would suggest Bloomfield which is not far from East Orange and tends to be more affordable. Also look into Belleville but I believe they have sketchy areas as well.