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Zajac19 t1_iydjn0x wrote

They’ve had multiple home invasions in holmdel to get the key phob. This isn’t the residents fault it’s almost 5 out of 7 nights a week in Holmdel now


trixiewutang t1_iydon1b wrote

It’s been going on for 5+ years though. I have a lot of family in Holmdel and most car thefts there are people leaving their keys in their vehicles. I haven’t heard anything about home invasions to get key fobs though, that’s insane.


Zajac19 t1_iydovc6 wrote

there was one by CBA a few weeks ago and then one by bell labs as well. They enter the house because the value of the car is worth It. But definitely people need to stop leaving the keys out!


trixiewutang t1_iydpaz5 wrote

That is crazy as shit. I’ll warn my family to be extra careful. Thank you