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paleo2002 t1_iyd5xzc wrote

You're going to find a roll of duct tape, 3 boxes of Sugar Bombs, 2 shotgun shells, and a Ghoul in there.

If your hacking is high enough, you'll unlock a computer terminal with a journal entry describing the best TEC sandwich the homeowner ever had.


bah-lalala t1_iyde8x3 wrote

Thanks for this reference. Made me chuckle. 👍


JizzyTurds t1_iyec2jc wrote

If you throw your ghoul mask on before entering, you might make a friend.


Agent_Washington t1_iycysca wrote

I'm gonna find this on Zillow for like 550,000 aren't I?


zoicyte t1_iyczzip wrote

Probably, haha. Location? It’s probably only worth the land value now tho tbh so maybe not. Post your results!


linusgirl1011 t1_iyd0blm wrote

It's in Mill Creek Park in Willingboro!


zoicyte t1_iyd16ja wrote

Oh Willingboro. That explains a lot.

Yeah I’m gonna guess maybe $150k tops.


the_last_carfighter t1_iydp44i wrote

150K? IDK, the future sure is looking bleak though.


zoicyte t1_iyeetfc wrote

The land is probably worth $80k by itself. The building may have some intrinsic value if it’s not so busted as to still be salvageable, but it’s so niche that most people might just want to tear it down, so it could work either way.

As far as I can tell the land isn’t even listed and hasn’t been in years. So it’s really anyone’s guess.


starlingrr t1_iydj0zd wrote

do you know why its randomly in the middle of this park?


SursumCorda-NJ t1_iydycha wrote

It's actually on the edge of the park but to answer your question, it used to house the PAL office back when we still had that.


linusgirl1011 t1_iydlyfh wrote

Honestly, I haven't a clue on that. It's definitely interesting to look at. Being the kind of person I am, I'm really curious what it looks like inside, but it's all boarded up on the entrance/doorway.


BF_2 t1_iycv06t wrote

They should revise the design for use at the shore: Give it a real hull and anchor it to the site with at least 3 chains to let it float atop the hurricane storm surge.


heardbutnotseen2 t1_iyd1rpe wrote

What is a Futuro house?


nm1043 t1_iyd7abk wrote

Interesting this one in NJ isn't listed on the wiki page


thrwyoktoday t1_iydf4fi wrote

Yes it does…


nm1043 t1_iyebv1n wrote

Damn idk if I just saw a different page or it's all been updated but they had nothing about NJ on there that I saw


bananaland420 t1_iydk621 wrote

I’ve been past the one in OBX many times. Sad to see it just recently burned down.


SpeedySpooley t1_iyd4pn1 wrote

I remember there was one in Toms River back in the 80s that was used as a bank near the ShopRite & Bradlees on 37.

Then there was one in Seaside in the free parking lot.


CapeManiac t1_iyd58sw wrote

Shoprite and Bradlees is the most 80s NJ statement ever.


elmwoodblues t1_iyd6699 wrote

Bradlees was Target before there was Target


CapeManiac t1_iyd6hf4 wrote

Two Guys was Bradlees before there was Bradlees


elmwoodblues t1_iyd7zoc wrote

Literally my Grants in Clark was replaced by Bradlees, and is now a Target. My Two Guys in Union is what, a Home Depot I think


Brilliant_Tourist400 t1_iydegt8 wrote

The Holy Trinity of ‘70s/‘80s discount shopping: Two Guys, Grants and Bradlees! And then Kmart started making inroads, Blue Light Specials and all . . .


elmwoodblues t1_iydfma4 wrote

I hit em all! The dodgiest was Jamesway, tho; something about the poor lighting and the bad linoleum made it seem like it was always 2AM


bigmphan t1_iydkvjl wrote

Dear God. I just had a 4th grade flashback where a friend of mine had WT Grant “all-stars” and some kids were hassling him over it.

I haven’t thought about Grants in decades.


TellMeYMrBlueSky t1_iydnci6 wrote

Oh man that Bradlees was always busy in Clark. And the Target is always crazy busy now! Even after they took over the other half of the building (which I think was Marshalls before they moved across the parking lot?) they're always busy when I am there (though these days since I moved I'm only there like once a year).


YetiBeachRainbow t1_iyet8bc wrote

Don’t forget about the Jamesway!

Anyone remember that General Store on Brick Blvd?


surfnsound t1_iye6yti wrote

Remember Caldor?


elmwoodblues t1_iye9uqb wrote

Whoa, I do now!


SpekkioNu t1_iyehrci wrote

I also miss Child World, Service Merchandise and Jamesway!


elmwoodblues t1_iyeijlb wrote

Oh man Service Merchandise! Always wanted to see the lower level, where the microwaves and TV's arose from on that funky belt!


Joiseygirl68 t1_iydmewd wrote

Don’t forget Rickles Home Improvement stores and Caldor.

Edit - forgot Steinback and when Macy's was Bambergers.

Man I’m aging myself.


snowball91984 t1_iydtp7t wrote

Mentions of Rickles and Caldor brought me back to 6 year old me running errands with my parents on a Saturday


SeismicFrog t1_iydwzx5 wrote

That one day in 8th grade we all had to wear a tie, Charles’ words cut like a knife that sticks in me to this day…

“Although your tie may be grand, we all know that it’s Caldor brand”

I’m 52 and remember that word for word. Fuck you Charles.


A_Downboat_Is_A_Sub t1_iyeq9zw wrote

A trip as a 6 year old to Caldor/Bradlees/K-Mart meant a hot dog, soft pretzel, and a soda or icee for me on the way out of the store. I loved going to one of them.

Saturday was kids bowling league for me though later, they basically had the same lunch counter.


SquirrelEnthusiast t1_iyczdig wrote

There was one in the Outer Banks, NC, but it burned down this year. Poor things.


Lastdispatch t1_iydbycg wrote

I was in Hatteras Village a couple week sago and there was talk of rebuilding it.


SursumCorda-NJ t1_iydy5rf wrote hometown....Willingboro. SUch a shame the township let "the spaceship" go to shit. The PAL office used to be housed in there.


Brilliant_Tourist400 t1_iydep37 wrote

I’d love to see this design revived with modern building materials. There’s something wonderfully cheesy about it’s retro-future aesthetic.


jerseydevil51 t1_iyd0til wrote

I love it, it looks like it was taken right out of a Fallout game.


jarrettbrown t1_iyd3y8i wrote

There was one in Buxton, NC that burnt down (there's no other way to describe it) recently. The owner has no clue how it happened or what caused it because of the fact that there was no electrical related stuff in there (which I don't believe is true), but man was it sad to see the thing go. Maybe if he didn't turn it into a rat's nest with all the junk he kept in it, it would have been fine.


AdventurousRip9602 t1_iyd6nhl wrote

If I had any cash right now, I would buy that and move it up to my property in Sussex!


Tropicutie t1_iydv0m6 wrote

Does the futuro house at Hancock Harbor Marina in Greenwich count or not?


tjallingham t1_iyecwg3 wrote

I lived on Ye Greate St as a kid


Dyltra t1_iyeux88 wrote

What was it like going to school there? I always wondered this.


tjallingham t1_iyf2cwf wrote

6 kids in the 8th grade class and then going to a 300 kid freshman class high school was a trip


Dyltra t1_iyeukqp wrote

This is the comment I was looking for. My pop just moved out of Greenwich. I already miss it so much. It’s a magical place.


Dyltra t1_iyeuoy3 wrote

This is the comment I was looking for. My pop just moved out of Greenwich. I already miss it so much. It’s a magical place.


dizkid t1_iyeet01 wrote

There's still one in New Egypt.


lacanianmrxist t1_iyectvu wrote

Emerald City! Wondered whatever happened to that place.