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JerseyWiseguy t1_ix5hgkp wrote

You can always refuse to pay it.

And they can always issue a warrant for your arrest.


Mr_Matt_K t1_ix5jvzn wrote

> *authors note: Arizona is a state in the south west. Things are cheaper yet somehow cleaner, less smelly, and not as ugly

lol @ The_Donald_lite, keep your almost-fascism outta here


[deleted] t1_ix5k9u1 wrote



fluffyhead t1_ix5l3vl wrote

Kind of crappy to come here asking how to steal and then shit on our state. (Try getting off the turnpike. 0r don’t.)


Doowrag t1_ix5mbim wrote

Well if our infrastructure is ugly and this is the garbage state, why don’t you turn around and go back to Georgia.


mikeygoy t1_ix5l79k wrote

Keep posting on Reddit/texting while driving, natural selection will run its course.


SnooWords4839 t1_ix5mmnl wrote

Get some cash and pay your share of the tolls.