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dp79 t1_iwpy24k wrote

My favorite was “Get your head… out of your apps”


OkBid1535 t1_iwqe7kd wrote

That one was great! On 37 we’ve been having a lot of drag racing starting at midnight so they recently added “slow down, this isn’t thunder road” to all signs over 37. I got quite a chuckle


turbopro25 t1_iws7ziu wrote

I live 4 blocks behind WaWa on 37 and Garfield. You can hear them racing all the time. It’s amazing that it still goes on.


mrnoodley t1_iwstfea wrote

Hi neighbor!! (Closer to Hooper, but close enough)


OkBid1535 t1_iwt0wuh wrote

I live opposite side of 37 from you, small world!

Yeah you constantly hear them ripping down here. Sounds like Englishtown, it’s wild.


turbopro25 t1_iwufkej wrote

Look at that. All three of us neighbors. 👋


Panduz t1_iwqnmmp wrote

I loved this one it made me laugh!


OxygenSherpa t1_iwpskb9 wrote

I still see hocos pocus on 80. I like, "nice new car, did it come with blinkers?"


Rainbowrobb t1_iwq1o77 wrote

I see the same sign daily and I appreciate the humanity it adds


Weinermobile24 t1_iwq3er1 wrote

This is why Jersey can't have nice things. It was always the feds


the_last_carfighter t1_iwrz8vj wrote

Gotta keep those southern states from going bankrupt. They appreciate it tho, you can tell by all the times they laud us for doing so..

by unironically calling us socialist commies and failed state or something, haven't watched fox news or OLN lately to pick up on the current talking points.


invaderjif t1_iwqqqmm wrote

I saw that one that said "nice car, did it come with turn signals".

I could hear in my head the followup "would be a shame if something untowards happened to it...hypothetically "


mcgeggy t1_iwpsvcf wrote

Fucking bureaucrats. Nobody pays attention to the standard generic warnings, I bet these creative slogans were having some impact at least…


mama_duck17 t1_iwqbq85 wrote

It did for me! I’m not 100% on my seatbelt wearing. (Foolish I know!) but every time I see the “it’s just clicks…” sign I double check my seatbelt is on.


gggg500 t1_iwrktu7 wrote

There will be no fun allowed. Those in power want us to live dull, bleak lives with no small enjoyments whatsoever.


doglywolf t1_iwroiru wrote

100% sure people considered the intent behind those messages 10x more then would of with standard ones everyone tunes out.


Crab-_-Objective t1_iwrefkh wrote

I have never before talked about DOT message boards with people prior to these but have constantly been talking about them with people since they went up.


whimsicalsteve t1_iwsbfe1 wrote

Not just buricrats. Clearly there's more than one Karen complaining to them.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_iws5u6l wrote

Either that or causing more people to handle their cellphone to grab social media clout points.

Like, some of them caused the issue they were warning against, based on the amount of pictures I've seen on Reddit and Facebook groups.


ParticularWar9 t1_iwtagnq wrote

Or maybe just photos taken by a passenger, Karen.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_iwtav1m wrote

Lol, stop. It's cute, but roadside distractions shouldn't be a thing. Roads are already dangerous enough.

First time I've been called a Karen though. Kind of an interesting achievement.


ParticularWar9 t1_iwtbv4h wrote

To some people everything is a roadside distraction. At least the signs provide some focus for the distraction. Would rather DOT focus on taming those incredibly bright headlights we're all being subjected to. Nearly everyone I've spoken to thinks they can't drive at night now because they're being blinded, including younger people.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_iwtcsrr wrote

Now there's something we can FULLY agree on. Those lights are the worst. Non stop high beams.

As far as the signs go, I'll be honest, I'm pretty indifferent to them! I was bored at work, lol.


ParticularWar9 t1_iwtgpmm wrote

I was just joking, too. But yeah, those high beams are ridiculous, esp on two lane roads. Blinding. Read that in Europe laws mandate that when these cars sense another vehicle approaching they must dim to a certain level or mechanically lower the focus of the beam, but the USDOT will not allow this software or the mechanical modifications. There was a discussion on Reddit about this roughly 6 weeks ago.


warrensussex t1_iwqukue wrote

People were paying so much attention they were taking pictures of the signs while driving. To think people stopped using their phone, speeding, driving drunk/high because of a creative sign is naive.


Frez0 t1_iwr57hj wrote

Not sure I’d say naive. Maybe it has something to do with giving people a chuckle so they relax for a second and they calm down. At times when commuting you get so caught up in the getting to/from work that the break might make someone stop and think about their driving. These signs have made my commute a bit less crappy.


warrensussex t1_iws0edg wrote

I understand the idea and agree they are amusing. I still believe it is naive to think that you are going to convince someone to slow down, put on a seat belt, or stop using their phone while driving. Especially using the phone.


mcgeggy t1_iws9vwn wrote

Literally someone above said it did exactly that…


mcgeggy t1_iwquzdm wrote

Found the bureaucrat…


warrensussex t1_iwqv37v wrote

Found the naive fool...


bleachmartini t1_iwr2qg7 wrote

Don't you have a manger to ask for, or maybe someone in a service job to yell at


warrensussex t1_iwrzx1o wrote

I'm sorry you think that a clever saying is going to change someone's mind about using their phone while driving. I don't see what that has to do with me yelling at anyone.


bananaspartying t1_iwpvh6r wrote

I liked “gobble gobble lay off the throttle”


Meem-Thief t1_iwqcf6r wrote

I thought it said gobble gobble lay on the throttle


CantSeeShit t1_iwsfmbm wrote

Now I'm just imagining a guy in his car just flying at like 100 mph downtown Morristown just loudly gobbling


Meem-Thief t1_iwsh4gw wrote

yeah my bad, was too blurry to read on the second pass


buick916 t1_iws13up wrote

Yess lmao i thought I was going crazy when I’d see those signs


captainlink t1_iwpvnpn wrote

Why can’t they let us just be ourselves 😭


scooterbike1968 t1_iwqi6ca wrote

Is this a States’ rights issue? The Interstates the Feds may have some say, but why the Parkway or other Jersey State roads?


88dj t1_iwqnjvz wrote

It can be a state issue, if you don’t want to get any federal roadway funding.


daedalus_was_right t1_iwqvv6q wrote

As the other person said, the federal government can exercise a lot of soft power over the states by threatening to withhold federal funding for a number of things like grants for highway upkeep, general infrastructure grants, etc...


homeworld t1_iwrlzaf wrote

MUTCD (Manual on uniform traffic control devices)


blmzd t1_iwps32d wrote

Aw :( I genuinely enjoyed these signs. The Feds are haters. They don’t want us having fun and getting too popular. “Hocus pocus drive with focus” was gold.


parastro t1_iwq2i9k wrote

Dang I didn’t see that one. Like a 2012-era Tumblr text post.


electric_kite t1_iwqdrd6 wrote

Hocus pocus drive with focus will live in my soul forever.


s1ugg0 t1_iwq4y21 wrote

The proper New Jersey response should be even saucier safety messages.


pelftruearrow t1_iwq2n1p wrote

This is New Jersey. If they're surprised that we've put up signs like this then they haven't been paying attention.


HereTheyBePandas t1_iwq25h2 wrote

Damn, these messages are the first time I paid attention to safety warning signs on the road. Now the fun police got involved and I can ignore them again.


boostednyg t1_iwpzmyz wrote

"nice car Did it come with a turn signal"


jlobes t1_iwq46un wrote

No more funny messages on changeable signs?

Guess it's time to print up some permanent ones.


Destroya923 t1_iwpzg5u wrote

Ugh come on these people have no fun. They’re just funny signs for crying out loud, they aren’t hurting anyone


Bucks_Deleware t1_iwpvg1m wrote

Yeah leave it to those working for the department of transportation to ruin it. I couldn't think of a more mundane position in all of engineering.


Anonymous1985388 t1_iwr1irk wrote

Those creative signs are the only reason I actually read those signs when I’m driving past; they grab my eye.


b4ngl4d3sh t1_iws69qp wrote

Exactly what roadside shit SHOULDN'T do! Scan, don't stare! 101 of safe driving methods.


footeface t1_iwq6p3h wrote

What a bummer. I would literally laugh so loud on my commute reading those.


dman928 t1_iwql7hf wrote

What a bummer

Slow down that Hummer


_TommySalami t1_iwq8ns1 wrote

I hope they tell them to get fucked.


solesme t1_iwpvhle wrote

Hide your dogs


Liveslowdieslower t1_iwr6jzl wrote

287 South says "Slow Down This Ain't Thunder Road."


BlanquitaNJ1 t1_iwq3fcz wrote

They have nothing else to worry about?


Responsible_Ad_654 t1_iwr3u7u wrote

Seriously? These are the only times I’ve ever played any attention to those signs (unless it told me about traffic up head)! They are the most effective signs I’ve ever seen.


ErrorAcquired t1_iwq5cd0 wrote

I particularly like the "buzzed driving is drunk driving"

I like when they change it up, makes you think about it more


lhld t1_iwrs9oq wrote

Delaware in October: you're not a pumpkin, don't drive smashed.


Mr_Matt_K t1_iwq4ygp wrote

As much as it's stupid for the Feds to only finger NJ (since as noted in the article Delaware, Pennsylvania, California, and Utah also use cutesy messages on their variable message signs), ideally the VMSes should be used to provide useful information for the traveler. If the signs are always going to display a safety message, whether a generic one or cutesy one, people will begin to ignore them after seeing the same "Buckle up" messages over a over. Then when there is a useful reason for the sign to be used (e.g. Amber/silver alert, incident ahead), they will be ignored.

I think that is what the FHWA is going after in this case. They are very stringent about enforcing MUTCD guidelines, at least for federally funded road projects or state agencies. A few years ago, Andrew Cuomo spearheaded those stupid "Taste NY" and the like signs but had to be modified because the signs directed travelers to a URL to download an app. Local agencies are better insulated from the feds, which is why illegal blue lines within the center lines still persist on county and local roads. (note the irony of the location of this blue line)


justasque t1_iwqn2ka wrote

I liked that the messages changed frequently - they were fresh enough and clever enough that I read them, so if there was an amber alert etc I would be in the habit of looking. But I take in information well via text/reading. I can see it might be different for folks who don’t (because of different learning styles).


finalremix t1_iwqn5sd wrote

But if the messages are switched up (which they are in my area), especially with new reminders or wording, they'll keep people paying attention when shit hits the fan. I just tune out the "drive drunk, get arrested" shit. And i'm sure others are going to go back to ignoring those signs again.


msyodajenkins1 t1_iwqptoc wrote

Loved the “Wear your seatbelt, new year new you” in Hackensack around New Years last year. Maybe it was use your blinker… idk the later half is what cracked me up.


kkohler2 t1_iwqq8dk wrote

Slow down, it ain’t thunder road


illkwill t1_iwrn239 wrote

That one cracked me up. I saw it on 195 a couple weeks ago.


doglywolf t1_iwrqg3o wrote

Ok the real Jersey thing would be to double down...O you don't like THOSE signs...ehhh.

Wait till you see the next batch then!


"Hey Fuck wad im driving here, use a blinker to change lines"

"Body shots and driving = body bag ,"

"Scarface only drinks the carbonated coke when he drives , be like Tony "

"You're moms going to kick your ass when we tell her we caught you driving drunk"

"are you blind....the sign says 65 not 95 , slow the fuck down"


notbizmarkie t1_iwq5tf5 wrote

So glad they put an end to these messages, the biggest threat to safety on our highways today /s 🙄🙄🙄 I’m sure there was nothing else for them to focus on as it relates to highway safety


psychgirl88 t1_iwr5c87 wrote

What? No! I was enjoying these on my commute!


karankshah t1_iwrbxuy wrote

Where are all the state’s rights people now?


probablybuzzed t1_iwrjrhk wrote

I liked the “hokus pokus drive with focus” one


tunuki555 t1_iwrljzc wrote

The best was we'll be blunt, don't drive high.


zarra28 t1_iwrm5vz wrote

They hate us cuz they ain’t us


trade4599 t1_iwrnjru wrote

Let’s be blunt - don’t drive high. The guy who came up with that deserves a raise.


GoodLt t1_iwq1mpl wrote

boooooo no fun allowed


midnitte t1_iwq7i5q wrote

That's really lame - I would have expected the creative messages to actually inspire people to drive safely, instead of ignoring the messages.


Telnet_to_the_Mind t1_iwqar3s wrote

This sucks, I loved these, the humor and the pop culture references were hilarious.


SPQR2D2 t1_iwqb7w4 wrote

This is why we can't have nice things.


Late_Again68 t1_iwqblh9 wrote

AZ has these kinds of messages on their signs. They even have competitions to choose a slogan and they're usually hilarious.



HGHUA t1_iwqejxk wrote

Nebraska used “don’t pokemon and drive” a bit ago🤣


drimmie t1_iwqkeel wrote

These messages were great and to me felt like they were better at getting the point across.


elmwoodblues t1_iwqmbr4 wrote

Feds to Trenton: Too many people are noticing the signs we want them to notice!


MillennialsAre40 t1_iwqzd1i wrote

Is the parkway a federal highway? What jurisdiction do they have? I get 195 and them, but I thought the Parkway and AC Expressway were wholly the state's


joo_kuh t1_iws1q7m wrote

I loved “hocus pocus drive with focus”


DuncanIdaBro t1_iwsav22 wrote

Haaaa! Dammit I was actually digging them. Made my commute down rt.34 somewhat bearable. I really want to meet the person who pioneered this.


sovinyl t1_iwsc199 wrote

People always getting so butt hurt…can never have fun.


Jess_the_Siren t1_iwshvo4 wrote

I was into "nice car! Does it come with a blinker?"


MissMcK t1_iwso4ul wrote

The Federal Highway Administration did not pass the vibe check.


ItsJustLittleOldMe t1_iwqab3s wrote

Aww. That's too bad. Those were memorable and I figured effective.


ohnjaynb t1_iwqd8ra wrote

I read this in the voice of Samuel L Jackson in Jurassic Park.


Carittz t1_iwqeohq wrote

What if we just told them, "These are our signs. Now mind your own damned business." Could they do anything about it?


downvotefodder t1_iwqg1a5 wrote

I was hoping for a sign saying “Hey! slow the fuck down “


soneg t1_iwqitre wrote

I love these signs, I actually read them bc they are interesting, otherwise they just get ignored. It's like whoever manages the Twitter accounts expanded their portfolio.


trissedai t1_iwqsujc wrote

Big government, lil bitches


ImRedditorRick t1_iwqsvl7 wrote

I hated the "well be blunt, don't drive high" and "hocus pocus, drive with focus", but i can at least appreciate the attempt to not fucking be boring as shit. It just wasn't for me, in sure others love them.


mikerad67 t1_iwr2osr wrote

I like the one that said " Get out of the left lane ya slow cunt". Can't remember where though.


PurpleSailor t1_iwrgpea wrote

Screw that Federal Highway request, these signs get your attention and work. What's next, they're going to tell us that we can only listen to Bible verses being read over the radio?


>number of vehicle crash fatalities statewide this year, as of Wednesday, stood at 618 — 11 more than the 607 reported in all of 2021. The number of fatalities in 2020 was 516.

Yeah you can't compare times where a huge number of people worked from home with normal non pandemic traffic patterns.


doglywolf t1_iwrny0v wrote

someone with a small wee wee exercising power or rules just for the sake of doing it .


mfein123 t1_iwrrkdl wrote

Be a dear and watch for deer


GoldenAlexanders t1_iwru1t1 wrote

The Feds are a bunch of downers; jeez, Feds, butt out.


zstandig t1_iwrvm8r wrote

Spoil sports. Some folks just hate fun


bob2600 t1_iwrw7sl wrote

Oh come on… Really? Don’t they have better things to do? I think the “sass” level of the messages are on point and will drive the point home better than the lifeless vanilla messages.


UnmoistFish t1_iwrxjdf wrote

I enjoyed our out of pocket messages


MapleChimes t1_iwry0zl wrote

Damn! I actually was looking at the signs again cause they were funny.


turbopro25 t1_iws7qtd wrote

If the FHWA really cared about getting the message through then they wouldn’t have a problem with this. Nobody talks about the “buckle up, it’s the law”. The fact people are talking about “edgy” road sign messages, shows people are paying attention.

I applaud this effort personally. It may or may not make a difference overall, but at least they are trying. Shame on you FHWA.


Kat_ri t1_iwt336g wrote

Guess it's time to hack some signs


WhippetRun t1_iwts6sw wrote


On 287


Bacon021 t1_iwxgesh wrote

As someone who works in trucking, screw FMCSA.


DaCheatHSR t1_iwq6xgi wrote

I really don't like using variable message signs for this kind of thing. Other states do it too.

Either leave the sign off or keep the postings up about travel times, hazardous conditions etc... that's it. If it's not informative it's not worth seeing when driving, particularly on our logjammed NJ roads.


Trythenewpage t1_iwqdbdm wrote

I could see them being alright in rural stretches of nothing where the biggest threat is boredom. Australia has fatigue zones on some long stretches of nothing that show trivia to keep people engaged.

But NJ doesn't really have that problem. NJ drivers are far more likely to experience attention fatigue from overstimulation than understimulation.

And regardless, they shouldn't be using the same displays for critical information and PSA jokes.


Key_Juice878 t1_iwq7x9o wrote

They messed up when they used “thunder road” and “hocus pocus” isn’t thunder road a Disney ride? Disney is such a little bitch I’m sure they had something to do with it ☠️☠️


Familiar-Buffalo-490 t1_iwqgbg1 wrote

No, Thunder Road is a Springsteen song. You’re thinking of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which would have been an appropriate comparison as well.


electric_kite t1_iwqdjfq wrote

I saw a “gobble gobble, let off the throttle” sign on 195 last weekend. I was disappointed, because gobble and throttle don’t rhyme, but I appreciate what they’re going for.


Hdys t1_iwqfh90 wrote

Guess I’ll start ignoring them again


BalkiBartokomous123 t1_iwqmxjs wrote

I can't remember if it was 55 South or GSP South but it was "Slow down this isn't Thunder Road"


whaler76 t1_iwrdxm4 wrote

Oh ca’mon, smdh, no fun anywhere, rediculous


doglywolf t1_iwro7v4 wrote

Bro you can't take this away form is , its so jersey its like not being allowed to pump our own gas . When you go to the other states and sit there a couple minutes before you go out and do it because you forgot or see the people getting out of the cars with confused deer in headlight looks in PA and your like AHHH my fellow Jersian!


FYI Yes i know they gas thing is set to end next year !


heptapod OP t1_iws5wsy wrote

Wait, what? They're ending full serve in Jersey? I must've been under a rock.


doglywolf t1_iwuy77e wrote

Its not official but there is a bill out that last I read had just enough support. It still under committee review right now .

I think people started rallying against it and they stalled long enough now to have some numbers changes in the assembly so hoping it gets fully shot down next time.


My big worry is that since it means less workers and more money for gas station chains they will start lobbying FOR it and push it over the edge. Really really hope it gets shot down but still active as of right now




heptapod OP t1_iwv87es wrote

I thought the reason why gas was cheaper in New Jersey was because of full-serve gas and it was about the insurance a gas station needs to carry if they are self-serve.

I'd be all for keeping the gas pumpers if they were earning a true living wage rather than a minimalist wage.


doglywolf t1_iwv8z1i wrote

That was one of the original justifications for it among many others yes.

Now they are trying to say it can be up to 15c cheaper a gallon because of cost savings at the gas station. Never seen a more blatant lie form someone clearly lobbying for the gas companies.

You really think gas stations are going to pass on their cost savings at the gas pump and cut into their already small profit . Most station make more on the store then they do at the pump.

They will pass it then use the insurance going up even if it doesnt go up as an excuse to keep it high


briguy345 t1_iwrq1gp wrote

Dude I saw these and thought they are def getting trouble for these. Couldn’t believe it was throughout the whole state. “Don’t cruise when boozed”


saintnick524 t1_iwqgkhh wrote

This is a travesty. I love those signs.