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StriderTB t1_ixhs9lc wrote

Parks aren't closed in the winter, get a scarf and go for a walk.


Apprehensive-Sun-236 t1_ixir9vd wrote

It is dark and depressing and quiet as death outside. It is perfectly acceptable to want well developed robust community center type places


ShadowSwipe t1_ixm98ms wrote

Yeah why don't towns already lacking space for development in our dense area just magic up some property and drop a cool couple mil on indoor rec centers from their already tight budgets and increase the tax burden on us more. /s

There are some community centers out there that exist and make sense. There are also many good standing malls. Every town does not need their own. There are PLENTY of indoor recreational activities to do across almost the entire state. This is a silly post IMO.


StriderTB t1_ixiwlnh wrote

This is the dumbest rationale ever.


Fallen_Mercury t1_ixj9zz1 wrote

Why is that the dumbest rationale ever? You offered zero rationale so your point is unclear.

Does your scarf come with sunlight? Mine didn't. The sun is down by the time most of us get out work.


StriderTB t1_ixkao7f wrote

Then go out in the morning or on weekends. Or just cry about the unfairness of the world.


Fallen_Mercury t1_ixzh7a6 wrote

Quality rationale. Your logic is so disarming, I whole heartedly agree with you. Your unimpeachable vision is truly the stuff of legend.

I hope my sarcam is as potent as the stench of your shitty discourse and your "rationale."

Nobody hear is crying about unfairness. I do like to brainstorm ideas that could improve the quality of life for the average person. And then there is you, the foolish loser who thinks society cannot be improved.


StriderTB t1_ixzzqee wrote

It can be improved by putting on a jacket and taking a walk outside. A little mental clarity from the fresh air might have helped you come up with this trite dogshit in half the time.


Fallen_Mercury t1_iyakm1w wrote

Does the coat come with sidewalks and street lights? Because my neighborhood has neither.

You have all the answers, so I breathlessly await your inevitable reply because we both know, there's no way a visionary like you won't have a brilliant answer.


StriderTB t1_iyaompx wrote

Why bother with more answers when all you'll do is find more excuses for why you can't do the simplest things. Hell of a way to go through life, but you do you.


kaiomnamaste t1_ixhor5z wrote

We have plenty of parks open. Go sledding


_TommySalami t1_ixhrv5j wrote

Wear gloves and enjoy the outdoors. Just don't stick your tongue on the jungle gym poles.


peter-doubt t1_ixhu7me wrote

Oh, no.... DO! Then we won't hear from him for a while


JizzyTurds t1_ixiusg4 wrote

I actually did that once to the basketball pole behind my house, I thought it was BS like Flick and much to my surprise it stuck, luckily my friend was there and my house was close so I had him get a cup of hot water and dump it on my tongue, shit was sore for days and I remember i had a date with a girl in school that night and was worried about making out with her haha, it worked out ok


Medical_Penalty_7305 t1_ixhuhmb wrote

It's called a Mall. Try American Dream or the Garden State Plaza.


squeaky-to-b t1_ixih8hk wrote

Haha I was going to say, this is New Jersey, and that's what malls are for.


WildMajesticUnicorn t1_ixiplf8 wrote

This. New Jersey is rich in malls. Malls are commercial spaces, but they are also destinations where people go to just walk.


sentient4good t1_ixjn298 wrote

Many malls in South Jersey have closed, are struggling or are being converted to other uses. So we are not as "rich with malls"

Maybe when one of the hundreds of new warehouses go out of business it could be converted to useful space.


SquirrelEnthusiast t1_ixhnylt wrote

Have you been to the YMCA? That's basically what that is.


puzzlebuzz t1_ixhsg3w wrote

Yeah but with a pretty big price tag. It’s more expensive than other gyms in my area.


SquirrelEnthusiast t1_ixhvtm6 wrote

And it has a bunch more to do and programs than other gyms in your area, basically all the stuff you're looking for.


HereTheyBePandas t1_ixhpg55 wrote

You can still enjoy a park in the winter? We get snow but we're not Maine. Put on a coat lol


Stillill1187 t1_ixhtl7q wrote

It’s not Antarctica? I don’t understand this question. Do you want to like- walk around a park? Why can’t you do that in the winter?


ansky201 t1_ixhsv3p wrote

You could go to a museum or a library if you need some place to get out.


TheRacoonist t1_ixhn6jp wrote

Your better off outside to combat seasonal depression

Buildings of a scale you're talking about cost $$$$$$ to build, maintain, and staff


mookybelltolls t1_ixhofww wrote

New York has public indoor space with trees and tables and coffee vendors. Very nice.


structuremonkey t1_ixhuhir wrote

Because of cost, staffing, maintenance, and liability...

Every indoor park I have ever been to, which is at least 6, in other states, has always been a private business that we had to pay by the hour to use.

It could be a business opportunity for some to develop, but in NJ where it's not always terribly cold or snowy, you don't really have a captive customer base...


phreak1112 t1_ixhpgxi wrote

Isn’t that what a mall is for? (And NJ has plenty of those…)


dun-ado t1_ixhpy7f wrote

It's a matter of dressing properly--or take up skiing, skating, etc...


waukeecla t1_ixi1aud wrote

It's cheaper to buy gloves and a pair of longjohns for the <3 months you're cold. Go outside.


njsteph t1_ixhqtqk wrote

I agree and think this would be a huge community asset. One of my Powerball win dreams is to buy and convert dead big box store space into indoor community centers with things like rock climbing, skate parks, local band venues, places for club meetings, coffee shops, crafting workshops. . . There would need to be a fee for use but if it could be kept low, I think locations like this would help strengthen communities. Anyone who likes this idea is welcome to use itcand spread it! I'm tired of all the vacant, unused buildings around.


thebruns t1_ixi61au wrote

100%. So many dead big-box stores that could make good public spaces.


ghost_robot2000 t1_ixhta81 wrote

I would love something like this or just more events/activities in winter. It gets so incredibly boring between November and March or even April really and I hate the cold. Yeah I have the right winter gear to go on a hike or something but I really don't enjoy being outside when it's under 50 degrees and the winter landscape is pretty bleak and not very scenic at least in my opinion. It would be cool if they still had events like they do in the summer and fall.. like beer or food truck festivals, etc and just moved them inside somehow, but everything really shuts down starting around now and there's nothing going on again for 5 months.


yad76 t1_ixi5710 wrote

NJ doesn't even get that cold during winter other than a few random short stretches. Like it's currently 55 degrees out where I'm at.


michelem387 t1_ixia9yr wrote

Exactly, it’s gorgeous outside today, I’m taking my kids to the playground


warrensussex t1_ixmuvls wrote

November isn't winter. We still have like another month until winter begins. Pretty sure 55 degree days are rare in January. Though I agree it doesn't get that cold here for that long.


yad76 t1_ixmxghl wrote

It's actually extremely common for January in NJ to have temperatures in the 50s. I've lived here my whole life and it's been this regular occurrence I've observed for decades for people in this state to be like "It's in the 50s in January?! This weather is caaaaaa-razy!" despite this not being uncommon at all. Pick a year and look up daily temperatures for NJ in January and you won't have a hard time finding 50s.

People also don't seem to realize that in terms of world geography, NJ is actually relatively far south for those of us with European ancestry, like on the level of Spain, Southern Italy, etc., and get more direct sunlight than where many of our ancestors came from. This is important as SAD is largely associated with UV light exposure.

In general, the point isn't that we don't have cold stretches of days where maybe indoor facilities would be useful, but our winters are so short and speckled with stretches of warmer, sunnier weather, that that's a lot of wasted money and space most of the year.

Judging from your user name, you are probably used to colder winters than some other counties, so that might be a fair point for those counties!


GodIsGoodNoWizards t1_ixhnxa9 wrote

When we were kids we would play outside rain snow or shine and it was a blessing 💕💕


peter-doubt t1_ixhud2q wrote

When I was a kid you could ice skate in Haddonfield.


njsteph t1_ixhriam wrote

Another comment for anyone around Holmdel. Bell Works has a great indoor open space where people can walk or sit and kiss and dogs can run around.


mlavan t1_ixikkru wrote

I hope you realized how dumb this post was.


Playitsafe_0903 t1_ixhqh1a wrote

Lol so the 100 indoor gyms in our area aren’t enough , we also don’t get that crazy of a winter … coats were invented a pretty long time ago.


OkSwitch470 t1_ixhx8kl wrote

No I never been to a gym that isn’t insanely packed with people, Nj does need more gyms


Playitsafe_0903 t1_ixhxk5r wrote

I’d imagine your going to planet fitness or a franchise gym , small local gyms honestly aren’t as packed also it helps no to go at peak hours , which google can tell you traffic hours


OkSwitch470 t1_ixi6www wrote

I go to a small local gym, ever since they got a new owner he has way too many people for how small it is and it’s ridiculous. I work a 9-5 impossible for me not to go at peak hours


Playitsafe_0903 t1_ixiiwpp wrote

Sucks yea hard to avoid it , maybe look into grabbing a bike for the house or a treadmill and some weights


OkSwitch470 t1_ixis9p8 wrote

My apartment has a little gym inside I go to time to time but weights only go up to only 50lb free weight in 10 lb increments, there’s no bench, only a cable machine and no other workout machine. So very limited. I can do cardio outside if I want but I really don’t do it much because i used to run track and be skinny I’m all about gaining muscle now


SPQR2D2 t1_ixi2g53 wrote

Wtf. Yea lets dump money and environmental impact into this, in a state already choked by sprawl. Just get yourself a treadmill and a fake Christmas tree or something.


Academic-Summer-3438 t1_ixiq5f9 wrote

One: Where exactly would they put them?

Two: What's wrong with wearing winter clothing and just going outside? The parks don't close in winter.

Three: We have these already. Theyre called "malls."


metalgear901 t1_ixhoqap wrote

If you're paying for it then let's do it


CapeManiac t1_ixhpunk wrote

Because it’s not Minnesota.


Joe_Jeep t1_ixhyb6i wrote

Get a good wind breaker or winter coat, a few pairs of long John's, and a ski mask or two.

Our winters get cold but there's entire civilization's that existed in far colder temperatures, if you wanna do outside stuff its really just a matter if getting your layers right

And maybe bringing a thermos of hot chocolate.

I've done hikes and bike rides in <30 degree weather. Its not what we're used too but humans are very adaptable.

And there's always ice skating, there's a number of affordable public rinks.

And standard warning that if you aren't KEENLY familiar with lake ice, don't fuck around in it, and even if you are anything under 5" is taking a risk.


OtherRedditLogin t1_ixi8krh wrote

I'm not aware of too many indoor parks that are state-owned.

There are municipal facilities that have indoor activities in a lot of towns.

Then there are plenty of private for-profits/nonprofit facilities like Liberty science center or idiotic American dream which we all paid for billions of subsidence.


NJbeaglemama t1_ixietry wrote

Our winters are pretty mild in comparison to upstate New York…just bundle up and enjoy the outdoors!


SnooWords4839 t1_ixih0sf wrote

Get a pair of ski pants and hike a local State Park!


Lemax-ionaire t1_ixilbuq wrote

How about that new American Dream mall? It has indoor skiing and pool and could definitely use the business.


Apprehensive-Sun-236 t1_ixiqw54 wrote

I said non-commercial places in my original post. I find malls to be soul-sucking with endless lines of clothing stores and useless stuff I have absolutely no interest in. Where is a space for community engagement in winter. Ping pong tables, sports equipment, a mini library, board games etc . The point being that recreational budgets are spent disproportionately for concerts and stuff in the summer months. Why are the winter months completely neglected. I don't want to walk outside in the dark after work. It is bleak and depressing.


Lemax-ionaire t1_ixis0ii wrote

Fair enough, I don’t know what town or city you’re in but the one I grew up in and the one I live in now have community centers that have most of those things plus some more. They usually require you to be a resident for a lower price or higher for non-residents. Or the YMCA.. and if the price is too much they offer financial assistance to the point where it’s almost nothing (or so I hear).


Longtermthrowaway5 t1_iximjsn wrote

Cause you can still use outdoor parks easy enough? It's not Canada or even Boston.the snow generally melts down before spring.


DerSturmbannfuror t1_ixir4zf wrote

This is jersey; an indoor park would be like being held captive in a Chick E Cheese by toddlers. I'd rather walk, bike outside and inhale the turnpike fumes


SnooBooks4898 t1_ixivcy9 wrote

With the price of real estate in NJ, do you really think anyone would approve land for this use?


Chuck1705 t1_ixj7n6p wrote

Yeah because taxpayers will have no issue with that...


olde_dad t1_ixkcghs wrote

We’ve already developed jackets and hats.


Brilliant_Tourist400 t1_ixkmoq8 wrote

It’s not a bad idea in theory . . . but it wouldn’t work in practice. The number of months when it’s cold in this state doesn’t justify the price tag. It can be difficult to find a place to walk in the winter, but you can find solutions if you get creative. If you don’t have a mall nearby, you can even walk laps around a larger grocery store or big-box store.


sutisuc t1_ixhul55 wrote

Which cold weather states do you think do a better job than we do?


peter-doubt t1_ixhu24z wrote

Build one on your own... I'm not interested in the price tag


uncleareactor t1_ixihdl3 wrote

Make the old K-Mart on 17 South a place like this


Bobby-furnace t1_ixif7t8 wrote

This is honestly a great idea. I belong to an athletic club but there should be something free for children and adults the like.


Ripley129 t1_ixhu4bo wrote

I want to walk my dog but it’s way too cold. Would love an indoor are to walk with my dog and get exercise with getting wind burn .


Joe_Jeep t1_ixhywdm wrote

They make doggie jackets, and If you're still cold with a heavy coat consider long John's or leggings under your pants.


waukeecla t1_ixi1595 wrote

no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear


thebruns t1_ixi5tx3 wrote

Youre 100% right OP, and the chorus of people trying to knock you down is why NJ is so bad at building public goods


warrensussex t1_ixmvm32 wrote

We need fairly basic infrastructure improvements, not expensive luxuries like indoor parks.