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New_Stats t1_ixcfu3j wrote

It's not the only way. We could tear down all the buildings and infrastructure and restore the land to how to was so the bears can have their habitat back.

That's not gonna happen so we gotta hunt them. And we need to up the amount of deer hunters can take too. Those poor things eat the poisonous plants in suburbs that were specifically planted to be deer resistant, because they're overpopulated and starving. It's cruel to let all of them suffer like that every winter, a quick death for some and enough food for the rest is more ethical and merciful


Ravenknight222 t1_ixd44od wrote

As someone sitting in a ground blind currently I can say all hunting of any animal is very regulated here


i_love_all t1_ixh9r77 wrote

Boo! Hope I didn’t scare them away!

Good luck this morning!