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I’ve been living in NJ for over 30 years and most times I have to go to the DMV the staff always has a bad attitude. It’s like they’re always angry to see people. They are rude and condescending and never exhibit a shred of courtesy. This is at various DMV offices across north NJ. I’m not sure about the south. Why is this? I’ve been to DMV offices in other states and I’ve never encountered rude staff. Anyone else feels the same about NJ MVC staff?



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DoesGavinDance t1_j2bw0kw wrote

I used to live in the south and can confidently say this isn't unique to NJ at all. If I had to guess I would say DMV workers in general have to deal with a disproportionate number of assholes, with causes them to act like assholes in return, leading to a never-ending cycle of people being shitty.


LastQueefofScotland t1_j2cjay6 wrote

I feel like police, customer service, and technical support deal with more assholes. DMV workers just deal with everyone. Like hospitals.


moudine t1_j2dc2ad wrote

My SO works at the airport and it's assholes from all corners of the world. Not to mention that some people get extra-dumb at airports


SmokePenisEveryday t1_j2djai7 wrote

And it's not to say the assholes don't have a good reason to be pissed. My current job has me dealing with angry callers with valid reasons. Still should t be an asshole to service workers of course. But it comes with these types of jobs sadly.


robthetrashguy t1_j2eheio wrote

That they deal with everyone is the problem. Those everyones are coming into a place they really don’t see as necessary to comply with rules that don’t agree with or like. A necessary evil with an interminable wait and any number of hoops to jump through. I’m just glad they finally have online renewal services.


Harbinger311 t1_j2dtv4t wrote

100% this. The DMV is always understaffed, which leads to unnecessarily irate customers, who humanly piss off the employees, which then keep the vicious cycle going.


ForgetfulFrolicker t1_j2e3p9p wrote

I think it’s more than just dealing with assholes. From what I’ve seen their systems and processes all seem super antiquated making their jobs difficult and annoying.


East-Reception2170 t1_j2bmulh wrote

Welcome to NJ lmao


being_igor t1_j2bnqxw wrote

Welcome to government employees. Not just Jersey, believe me.


raf_oh t1_j2bxhw5 wrote

It’s at least partly NJ. For instance when I lived in Washington state I was shocked at how nice everyone in their version of the MVC was.

I love living in NJ now but there’s a lot of bitter people here.


being_igor t1_j2by6op wrote

Well I lived in Brooklyn and it was definitely not Washington State.


Pretend_Selection334 OP t1_j2bn54v wrote

😂 LOL! See that’s the problem right there: the normalization of this behavior. Nobody complains, it’s seen as normal, and it’s been this way for decades so nobody cares.


VaMoInNj t1_j2c3rv2 wrote

Having lived in 4 different states, I can say that NJ isn't the worst DMV experience I've had (talking about you Missouri), but it's pretty shitty.

There is nothing that makes me miss living in Virginia more than dealing with a DMV in another state. I don't know how VA does it, but they do it damn well.


traddy91 t1_j2copqi wrote

I lived in NJ and moved to CT and they are equally as assholish


Acer018 t1_j2dlwq0 wrote

The number of assholes will increase in any given population of people as the total of that population increases. There are also people on the periphery of assholehood and these people are also classified as assholish. Given that a large number of DMV clients are immigrants whose grasp of English is limited, the lack of communication skills must exert an extra pressure on the DMV workers. This communication roadblock plus the complications of New Jersey licences and registration procedures will cause assholish tendencies to increase dramatically.


jaymon1974 t1_j2blvz0 wrote

Wallington and Oakland were ok in the past not sure about now. Wayne and Lodi were always assholes and I imagine it’s only worse now


Pretend_Selection334 OP t1_j2bm6fo wrote

I feel like calling the Ask Governor Murphy section in News 12 and ask why isn’t NJ doing anything about customer service skills at MVC offices.


xvx613 t1_j2bprkh wrote

How old are you? Only senior citizens threaten to call the news.

No one cares


Pretend_Selection334 OP t1_j2bpxle wrote

LOL! I’m 50


xvx613 t1_j2bq4vl wrote

I feel like their hiring process is to only hire people in bad moods. Every state I’ve been to has had people with bad attitudes.

May just be a way to circumvent arguments over things they can’t control


abrandis t1_j2c3q4p wrote

Yeah DMV in NJ and pretty much in ever other state has this reputation, I don't know why? I can't see it being a high stress job , that makes you have an attitude , maybe because it's a civil service job, idk


mezonsen t1_j2cl0zz wrote

They have the attitude because they’re allowed to. If other customer service employees were allowed to treat people the way they wanted to, trust me: they would.


ExpressTrade6113 t1_j2bw7o3 wrote

Why the heck do you need to go to the DMV so much?


ricktech15 t1_j2c1t64 wrote

This is an interesting one, because there is a limited amount of businesses doing bulk registrations of their vehicles in NJ. I do registrations for my dad's trucking company with 300 trailers and long gave up trying to do it in NJ. Prices for title+plates and inspection requirements coupled with a three vehicle limit for bulk work at the DMV (something I'm not even sure is still available since they've moved to the online appointment thing which says no bulk work) make it too difficult. Why deal with that when states like Oklahoma, Maine, and Vermont (to name a few) do mail in service for out of state people with rates that are a fraction of the price. The only other thing dmvs need is licensing and with that you are stuck in NJ, and in the end, the rigamarole of coming, being sent away, having to explain to the sheriff who is only at the door when you arrive back, and the countless hours of counter workers calling IT for some random issue seriously needs improving, but is manageable for the once every four years that something happens.


Surfiswhereufindit t1_j2buofd wrote

Have you ever seen the way these folks are treated by the general public? This is a 2-way street.


Pretend_Selection334 OP t1_j2bvcim wrote

That’s not an excuse. If I don’t treat them badly, they have no excuse to be nasty to me.


GanondalfTheWhite t1_j2dk7dy wrote

If they have 200 interactions a day and 175 of them are negative they're gonna stop giving people the benefit of the doubt.

I usually try to see if I can make them laugh. The vast majority of them unclench and turn back into normal people once you can crack the resting bitch face.

But seriously, working there has to feel like one of the circles of hell. Day after day, year after year, the same 10 questions from the same 10 types of assholes, having to give the same responses telling people they need to fill out their forms, the same angry people yelling at them for stuff that isn't their fault because they just work there and have no control over policy... Yeah, no. They always get my benefit of the doubt.


The-Trailer-Boss t1_j2c08ya wrote

No MVC employee or customer service employee in any field in any state in any country on any planet in the history of humanity has ever been happy to see someone walk through the doors. Some people are just better at faking it


2017Recon t1_j2bsdkj wrote

I feel it’s a little bit of a reflection of the people in general in this area. The dmv people absorb all of the attitude of the people they have to deal with and just kinda give it back.


NosferatusNuts t1_j2c11y6 wrote

I've been to the Elizabeth DMV. They were so surprisingly pleasant!

I had an outdated personal document that I was unable to use for my Real Id. They told me to go to the library to print off what I needed and come back and they'd take me immediately.

Place was well organized and lines moved fast. I was in and out within 30 min

Going forward, that's my preferred location


hahahahahaha_ t1_j2dyi71 wrote

People really don't understand how much cordial tone/language & saying "please" & "thank you" matters. Don't get me wrong, we all have fucking miserable days, & the MVC is basically an accumulator of misery (I don't blame overworked, understaffed workers for being a little testy inherently,) but in any kind of customer service, making it clear you have no intention of causing a scene, being hard to deal with, or otherwise making someone's job more difficult than it needs to be will get you what you need more often than not. No one likes it when someone takes a bad day out on them — don't do it to people who are susecptible to experiencing it multiple times per day!

That's not to say there aren't irate people behind the counter, & it's not to say you're guaranteed to get your ass kissed, but signaling to the people helping you that you're not trying to make their day any worse is a lifesaver sometimes. It costs nothing & may even make someone's day better for free. I really hate the implication that, because someome is working in customer service, they can be treated however the customer pleases because they have no way out. Even beyond the hellish MVC vists, if we just take a minute to evaluate our own tone & language we realize we can almost always do better.

Maybe you were polite to the people in Elizabeth or maybe you weren't, but I'm willing to bet someone that day was kind to someone. & the mood change can pass from person to person in either direction.


lasermike026 t1_j2bowqd wrote

If you’re respectful, follow the rules and have your paperwork in order the people at the MVS are great. Look and listen to some of the interactions there. MVS people need counseling afterwards.


Pretend_Selection334 OP t1_j2bps8p wrote

I have to disagree. I’m always respectful, follow the rules, have my papers as requested, but I always feel intimidated by their condescending attitude. By the way, not having your papers in order is no justification for them being complete jerks. This morning I was missing a document which was in my friend’s car who was waiting at the parking lot so when they asked for the paper I told them I will go get it, so I reached for my phone and texted my friend to bring the document to the door. The clerk responded unprovoked “put the phone down and listen to me! you need to show me so and so document”. I felt very disrespected.


lasermike026 t1_j2cdgy6 wrote

If you can only see things from your position every interaction you have will be disappointing. Good luck. If you are close enough, go to the Wayne MVS.


superjuicytuna t1_j2dgt5e wrote

i believe they have to be very specific because they deal with all sorts of people who may have communication issues. it may seem abrupt and rude but sometimes clarity is better than niceties.


SquirrelBoy t1_j2e0rrc wrote

So it's your fault you didn't have the document and you expected everyone else to wait for you to fix it when requirements and expectations were made clear before hand?


Pretend_Selection334 OP t1_j2efg6m wrote

See, that right there shows the problem: people like you who expect everyone is 100% perfect, don’t forget anything, never make a mistake, etc. and on top of that you find it justified to talk down on people with a rude and nasty condescending attitude.


SquirrelBoy t1_j2eg1st wrote

But why is everyone expected to make exceptions for you? It's clear what documents are needed and you have a responsibility to make sure you have them before you waste people's time.


Pretend_Selection334 OP t1_j2eqcn3 wrote

You’re taking this personal when it isn’t. It is not an expectation of me. It’s a reasonable human expectation. Happens to you and to everyone else. At some point in your life, despite your best efforts you’re still not perfect and if we as empathetic humans can’t tolerate that then that’s why we have angry, intolerant, with lack of people skills staff at DMV.


SquirrelBoy t1_j2eqq6d wrote

It is personal, because I run a call center for the state and run into people like you all the time. You're not special, you're not unique. We have a job to do and literally thousands of others we can't help because you want concierge service on a McDonald's budget.


Pretend_Selection334 OP t1_j2ere4y wrote

At the end of the day, I blame the agency rather than the individual staff for such atrocious behavior. When you’re dealing with human beings you have to expect that mistakes will happen and it’s part of the job. So we can’t pretend that just because you’re sitting behind a counter you’re superior than your patrons. Such behavior would never be tolerated at my job and I would be out of a job if I behaved with such lack of empathy. People skills are essential to good customer service and it seems that the DMV could care less about that.


SquirrelBoy t1_j2erkq0 wrote

You're missing my point though, everyone wants a special exceptions every time. It's not just a one-time thing. It's an every interaction thing and we cannot have that or the whole system collapses.


Pretend_Selection334 OP t1_j2esdw3 wrote

So why doesn’t it collapse at places where they treat people with courtesy? Most places I go, whether government agencies or private businesses, I get treated with respect and it seems it is only at the DMV where I observe this is rampant. So again, why doesn’t it collapse elsewhere?


SquirrelBoy t1_j2esw3f wrote

It has, you just haven't realized it. It's why the DOL is under such fire because they can't provide the services. Tens of thousands of calls a month go unanswered because we don't have the staff. Claims take weeks and weeks and weeks because we don't have the staff. So it's either we help people in the order that we get them with no exceptions or those who complain the loudest are going to get the help first which is more fair?


Pretend_Selection334 OP t1_j2etfnv wrote

It has collapsed? LOL 😂 geez!!! And then you claim I’m missing the point and I haven’t realized things. Thanks for the laugh.

I’m still wondering why I can go so many businesses and government agencies and I don’t see the attitude I see at DMV. But you’re just going to say it is only me because I’m the only one that doesn’t get it and sees it that way because I’m blind. 😂😂


SquirrelBoy t1_j2etjit wrote

As a person on the other side, your attitude just reeks of entitlement. If you don't have your shit together go to the back of the line. It's as simple as that.


Pretend_Selection334 OP t1_j2eubwf wrote

You have to admit that the environment at DMV you don’t see it happening with the same magnitude elsewhere. You still haven’t answered why that is the case.


SquirrelBoy t1_j2eukfm wrote

I don't know, I don't work at the DMV, but I do work in an area that I can understand and commiserate why they feel that way.


ratinthecellar t1_j2cggcb wrote

You were in the middle of a Jersey interaction. The correct response was to say "Listen to ME snapper head, I'm calling my friend in the parking lot to get THAT document and bring it in here so we can part ways sooner than later, so fucking relax." Proper Jersey response is key.


Cantholditdown t1_j2dw2vz wrote

If you can actually figure out what you need with their Byzantine system. I have had the website say one thing and they say something different and then treat you like an asshole when it is there system is wrong. The mvc in NJ is a special place in hell.


len43 t1_j2c2p4g wrote

Went to the Union MVC right before covid. It was horrid. They made you STAND OUTSIDE while waiting. Tons of people jumped the line and just went in while an off-duty cop did nothing.

I got in, gave my paperwork to a guy who 100% could have been a mute, he never said one word. Not hello, not goodbye, not give me your paperwork, nothing. He would gesture at things like the camera if he wanted me to do something. He also didn't process my Real ID, I guess he just didn't want to do that part? Or maybe he couldn't? Who knows?! He never said a word. Weirdest experience ever. I'll head west next time


Academic-Summer-3438 t1_j2bp3dp wrote

Being a piece of shit is a requirement to work in NJ state government...


TalonusDuprey t1_j2fcmxz wrote

Wow. Bitter much?

People who play golf are self absorbed asshats and Jets fans are all insufferable. See? Two people can play that game <rolls eyes>


Academic-Summer-3438 t1_j2fd41p wrote

Oh, no. You really wrecked my year by scanning my reddit. Weirdo.


TalonusDuprey t1_j2fdl96 wrote

As much as that one state worker that impacted your fragile ego? Sorry champ, it'll get better one day.


otiliorules t1_j2c2fpd wrote

I went to the one in Rahway last year to get my son his permit. We came prepared but hit a snag since his last name isn’t the same as mine. Instead of being dicks and sending us home they gave us a few options for how we could confirm guardianship. We were able to resolve the issue in under 10 mins and they were very cool about it.


h974974 t1_j2cuyhq wrote

Yep. I got into an argument with the front desk girl last time I was at the wallington location. She yelled at me and said something super condescending about getting back into the lobby after a very nice security guard in the lobby told me to enter the building to keep the line moving. I was basically like I get that many of you in here are miserable but you’re not taking it out on me today. She shut up quick.

Last time I was in Lodi this woman was absolutely berating this older Spanish man for not having the correct documents but the man spoke no English and didn’t know what she needed from him. A bunch of us were all trying to help translate while she kept repeating the same thing in English over and over louder and more agitated each time. Zero compassion. The woman who took my daughter’s documents and license photo acted like she’d rather be in the depths of hell than at work that day and was openly talking shit about people she had just helped. But for my real ID in Lodi I had two really nice women help me who I laughed and joked with for a bit. Unfortunately more than half of the time my experiences with the ppl at nj dmv’s are really awful


[deleted] t1_j2bpamk wrote



Pretend_Selection334 OP t1_j2bq1qc wrote

Yes I have. I’ve worked at stores and at a college office dealing with long lines of students.


GM-the-DM t1_j2bqts3 wrote

They're always chill with me. Were you a jerk to them first?


soneg t1_j2cb8s6 wrote

I was in Wayne a few weeks ago for my RealID. No issues there, it was organized, people were friendly, still took about an hour with the appointment there are multiple check points to get thru. Overall, it wasn't a bad experience.


CarLover014 t1_j2bzmza wrote

I only go to the DMV in Cape May (Rio Grande) now. It's a 90 minute drive, but there's usually never a line for me, and they're always super nice. TR and Eatontown on the other hand...


jsvcycling t1_j2c10bl wrote

I haven't been to the MVC since before Covid but I generally go to the Wayne office and never really had a problem myself. They weren't the most cheerful people I've ever had to deal with but I'd never expect that from anyone who works in that kind of environment honestly. I've seen it get heated with other people a couple times though. When I passed my driving exam a few years ago I even got a few "congratulations".

If anything I've generally had worse experiences at Walgreens's, CVS's, and the like than MVC, but that could also be down to vastly different sample sizes since I've been to a Walgreens many more times than an MVC office.


Pretend_Selection334 OP t1_j2c1d8x wrote

Oh boy! You’re the exception not the rule. LOL! The type of poisonous attitude the MVC staff has is of epidemic proportions and would never be tolerated at a Walgreens or any other private business.


jsvcycling t1_j2c2wp4 wrote

I never claimed to be "the rule", I was only sharing my personal experiences. If I say "have a nice day" and they choose to not reciprocate in the same manner then that's on them, not me. I'm not trying to make their day any worse.


hfhifi t1_j2cht1w wrote

It’s the problem of a job for live and a woefully terrible IT system.


Busy_Cable2912 t1_j2c3kgy wrote

Went to the Camden location today, they were super nice, she let me retake my photo 5 times, and everyone at the counters was really kind.


Zhuul t1_j2c5neu wrote

Everyone I’ve ever dealt with at the MVC has been polite or at least neutral, but then again I always make sure to have my shit in order ahead of time.

Now I’ve seen other people get scolded or admonished, but they were usually gumming up the works or trying to cut corners with six points of ID or some shit. Which, yeah, they earned it.


DubiousDude28 t1_j2d745q wrote

Ive found the people working there dislike being in a service position


kittyglitther t1_j2btk5r wrote

I think rude staff is the correction that society needs to see.


sutisuc t1_j2bxv88 wrote

This isn’t unique to NJ honestly


Difficult-Gur4315 t1_j2c0mfn wrote

I know exactly what you’re talking about. Been in NJ for about 22 yrs. Dread going to MVC


hoshiyari t1_j2c45gs wrote

If anyone is rude to me at the MVC I just silently stare into their eyes.


Pretend_Selection334 OP t1_j2c48q0 wrote

And what does that accomplish?


hoshiyari t1_j2c65zp wrote

Usually shames them into being more polite when you give them that moment to self reflect.


storm2k t1_j2c5pzt wrote

cry me a river? i could not give one slight fuck if the people handling my paperwork aren't "courteous" so long as they do their jobs correctly and complete my transaction without issue. i will take the brusque but honest new jersey attitude over the fake nice bullshit you get from the south or the midwest any day of the fucking week.


likesomecatfromjapan t1_j2cdipa wrote

I have to go there soon and I'm dreading it because of how mean they are lol


Thejerseyjon609 t1_j2cec93 wrote

I’ve never had an issue at the Flemington office.


justdan76 t1_j2d9yh1 wrote

When I started driving in the 90’s they were seriously awful. Entitled assholes who had no desire to help people. You’d wait in line for an hour, only to have them close their line to go on lunch, or send you to a different line and make you start at the end instead of just letting you step over one window. You’d fail inspection for having water droplets in your headlight. Not to be political, but Gov. Whitman did reforms that vastly improved the agency. They backed off with their attitudes somewhat. Now it’s hit and miss. Some of them are still miserable and should have a different line of work, but some are friendly and helpful. When it was impossible to renew a CDL two years ago, the only appointment I could get was in Wanaque I believe, and the older gentleman who helped me was very nice. So I don’t want to stereotype them all.


foxhagen t1_j2dixi0 wrote

Was at a DMV in North Bergen and the older lady behind the counter was shockingly awful to people. I decided she wasn't going to be that way to me so when it was my turn I smiled, asked how she was doing, etc. and was just generally polite. She was totally pleasant with me.


Trainlover1279 t1_j2ecw6m wrote

Part of a nj mvc job requirement is to be an asshole. It's like if you're a good person, care about others, have patience, your application is tossed away lol


pbmulligan t1_j2f5alq wrote

Don't forget- they are government workers. Government workers never get fired. They stay and stay on the job to increase their pensions. In the state bureaucracy, you have a lot of asshole managers and supervisors. Fay in and day out of dealing with that will make anyone feel shifty.


rtk117117 t1_j2built wrote

Maybe I was lucky or hit the lottery but I’ve been to Eatontown and Rahway in the pass couple of years. In both places the employees were super nice and helpful.


newwriter365 t1_j2byc5b wrote

Eatontown? Really? Last time I was there the staffers were more interested in their personal cell phones than in moving things along.


Mentalcomposer t1_j2c2r63 wrote

Eatontown has the most retched people on the planet.

I put all the docs I needed on the counter, spread out so she could see every one of them.

That stupid miserable human wouldn’t pick my document off the counter. I had to pick them up and hand them to her one at a time.

Haven’t been back since. I’ll go to Hazlet. Much more civilized there.

But the inspection people are very nice. Especially the woman who works there.


tashabunn t1_j2c2m4v wrote

I had some pretty nasty experiences at the eatontown one but that was a decade ago. I had called and asked what I needed, I get there and shocker! they forgot to tell me that I needed pictures of my antique car as well. No pictures on my phone we’re not good enough. The freehold one was fast and nice when I went to renew my license when I turned 21. Almost a decade ago too.


Millips t1_j2bwgux wrote

The clowns working at Newark Airport are even worse. Just an absolute stain on society over there.


Domesticus_taximus t1_j2bxbbn wrote

A guy doing my licence in Oakland last week tried to bring me into his very racist Trumpy world. Didn’t get his name and I just wanted my license. But damn.

Wallington today was great. Super helpful staff.


EvilDrPorkchop_ t1_j2bxt20 wrote

In my experience in the south they’ll help you out some, at least in west deptford


Dicksapoppin69 t1_j2c42yk wrote

Idk, had to point to the 6 point requirement list and show them "yup. Current license is accepted. It's literally right here on your own form." When I had a renewal before.


iLuvPennywise t1_j2c0jik wrote

Lodi and Wayne they were nice. Springfield they were meanies.


sirzoop t1_j2c54cx wrote

Ever since I moved to NY and saw how nice the people working at NY DMV are I'm convinced the rude DMV employees is a jersey thing


SailingSpark t1_j2c73lv wrote

the nicest MVC I have come across is in Turnersville. Living near Atlantic City, I had to go up there to register a new to me boat during the pandemic. The very surley office here in Cardiff was only doing licensing (did they change that yet?) so I had to up the pike. The people there, even overworked, were friendly, helpful, and a few even joked with me.

I will never go to Cardiff again if I can help it. Those people are unhelpful and nasty.


JustSomeGuy_56 t1_j2c9nf9 wrote

I haven’t been to an MVC office in a few years, but the staff in Flemington and Washington (Warren County) were always courteous and helpful.


xazurestarlightx t1_j2ca9yt wrote

The only one I’ve had (almost) a shockingly pleasant experience at was in Oakland. I’m probably just gonna stick with that one from now on, even if it’s a bit more of a drive.


dweebers t1_j2cabxc wrote

Been going to NJ MVCs for 10 years now and I've mostly used the Lakewood, Eatontown, Toms River, and Trenton locations. I've always had pleasant experiences.

Yeah, it can sometimes take a while to get through those lines (before they did the appointments, at least) but its typically painless for me. I research what docs I need beforehand, bring just those and a pleasant attitude, and breeze my way through every time!


mezonsen t1_j2cbyvi wrote

Post office and MVC workers are the only people working in customer service who are allowed to treat you the way everyone else in customer service wants to. Every other retail and food service employee is forced to kiss the customer’s ass. While I don’t like being pushed around, I respect them for being honest.


brandnewfashion t1_j2cdrfa wrote

I don't think anyone would be happy in that job tbh.

I've been to DMVs in NJ and PA and while some can seem particularly cranky at first, their entire demeanor changes if you have a friendly attitude and are fully prepared with your forms ready to go. I've honestly never had a bad experience or even noticed any of them truly be rude to customers (it's fatally the customers who have the attitude).


ChestnutMoss t1_j2cfoug wrote

Ugh, yes. I’m sure it’s not a joyful job, but I just dread going there.


WildlyMild t1_j2cg27h wrote

I really like the Runnemede location in SJ! Last week the worker guy was singing as he was entering my registration info his computer. I found it really endearing. Plus, they get you in and out.


hfhifi t1_j2chl65 wrote

I’ve lived and owned cars in 4 states. Jersey is by far the worst in every aspect.


puralb t1_j2cj9cy wrote

I've been to several mvc offices in different parts of the state. I had all my required paperwork in hand and all the information needed. Everything always went smoothly and quickly.

Too many people show up unprepared and it adds to the workload and stress they deal with. Multiply that times 100 a day and I'm sure it gets old quick.

The MVC might not be the friendliest bunch but people are dumb, and dealing with dumb people gets old quick.


kimicu t1_j2cl44c wrote

I’ve been to the mvc in Paterson and oranges. I haven’t had a bad experience yet.


MaddingtonBear t1_j2cln5t wrote

Bakers Basin, Edison, Jersey City, Salem, and another one down south... West Deptford? Is that one? All pretty good service. The only bad experience I can recall was with the security guard in Jersey City, but he's contract and not an actual DMV employee.


housespecialdelight t1_j2cpga9 wrote

The secret is to go to the one in Salem. My husband had to go in Covid times and it was the only appointment we could get that wasn’t a month away. He said no one was there and the worker was pretty nice. We send his friends there too and they never have issues. I’m in Atlantic county so it’s not exactly close.


ShadowSwipe t1_j2cpu0m wrote

Depends where you go. I normally go to Edison which is exactly as you describe, but I drove all the way down to Cape May once during the pandemic because I was impatient with something and all the Edison appts were booked. It was literally night and day, I was shocked at how personable the people in the place were compared to the DMVs up here.


No-Pirate5254 t1_j2d797g wrote

I have been to multiple locations mountainside, jersey city, lawerencevile/route 1 and Somerville. The only one which I was treated with courtesy was Somerville I will only use it that location.


Bodacious_Boognish t1_j2d7s38 wrote

All the time. But I think it varies by location. Rockaway is a mite better than Wayne, for example. Don’t know why they have to be so rude, either.


NotTobyFromHR t1_j2d9uhs wrote

I've been to multiple MVCs/DMVs over my life and generally, the people are fine. They're not bubbling over with high energy like a retail store to get you to buy something.

They're a government agency. And these offices are dealing with hundreds and thousands of people daily who have something that needs personalized and specific attention. Their life is disrupted and they need it fixed.

So massive amounts of grumpy customers, (understandably), with representatives being asked the same 5 questions by almost everyone, and having to verbally repeat the information which is written on the forms in front of them.

Stop being annoyed that these folks aren't thrilled to see you.


ReturnOfTheFox t1_j2dajh4 wrote

I always go to the one in Medford because they're pleasant and helpful every time.


Rossman383 t1_j2dc86h wrote

Unpopular opinion but kill em with kindness. They have a job to do, probably feel overworked and under appreciated like the rest of us and most people don’t have what there supposed to when they go to the dmv. They are in charge of issuing legal documents and if you don’t have your paperwork right like most people, you would also lose patience after years and years of it. If you can find a quieter location they have a tendency to be nicer.


aden_feifdom t1_j2diam1 wrote

it’s just like tsa workers. they have the power and they know it. back in the 1990s there was a little dmv in wyckoff that only did registrations. it was so pleasant and quick. i was so sad when they closed. now you have to give your right arm and say a prayer to even get an appointment after taking a full day off of work. so annoying what the dmv has become and unfortunately i don’t think there is a plan to fix it. i suggest if people start calling their representatives maybe something will happen?


MickeyPickles t1_j2dkr1g wrote

I don’t blame the person at the DMV. It’s a toxic environment that needs leadership to step in and fix. I’d prob be shitty to everyone if I had that job too.


riche_god t1_j2dla0x wrote

This is not unique to the DMV, the post office and other government connected agencies are all rude in NJ it seems.

I am always aloof, but not disrespectful. I do not smile and never react. I am able to get in and out every single time without an issue. YRMV.


b_like_mike4 t1_j2dlpwd wrote

Ive had the same experience at multiple DMV locations as well. Im not sure what they’re mad at us for, maybe they should get a job elsewhere. I give them attitude right back if they treat me like that, you get what you give


Frostypancake t1_j2dnoeg wrote

I was just at the bakers basin location yesterday and everyone i talked to was so nice to me i was wondering if i was in some kind of bizzaro world. So there are definitely exceptions.


smore_sesh t1_j2dnxgx wrote

I work in the addiction field, one of the many things I do as a re-entry specialist is helping people who have been institutionalized for a long time get their basic documents to obtain a state ID, I walk and accompany these people through the various steps to obtain the birth certificate, social, establish an address, etc. all of that is easy compared to the MVC. I always have such an issue. The interesting thing is the “issues” I experience were not an issue at a different MVC or even the same MVC with another employee. It’s like they do to work with the goal to see how many people they can screw over on purpose. I truly believe they have the mentality of “what are you gonna do about it” because honestly what can you do? It’s not like you can “Karen” and speak to a manager. There isn’t a customer service survey. You can’t say you’ll never go to their establishments again. Their an unfortunate necessary entity and the employees know none of us have a choice and there’s no repercussions on their end.


HeadCatMomCat t1_j2dp9f9 wrote

About a month ago, I went to the Springfield DMV office to transfer title. Maybe it was because you can get an appointment or it was a relatively new office with improved workflow, but out of the four people I spoke with, three were perfectly pleasant. The fourth was grumpy, but I give her extra points for wearing a mask. A friend went and had a similar experience. My go-to DMV office.


weaselpoopcoffee1 t1_j2dprct wrote

NJ here and I have to say that the Oakland office is pretty decent. Just make sure you follow the rules and fill your paperwork out correctly and your golden.


Ok-Neighborhood-5713 t1_j2dr8en wrote

From SJ… it’s the same here, maybe being cranky is on the job description


AcademicCareer t1_j2ds02i wrote

Nothing too special here sorry for your experience but this is normal almost everywhere (worldwide).

Understand this from the perspective of a government employee that is at the bottom rung and has to deal with the public daily. They did not make the myriad of rules and requirements that their government wants. Someone else far away decide that you need certain types of ID and paperwork and who knows what else. This person at the bottom rung has to deal with all of these things and explain them to long lines of people that most of the time did not fully read the requirements before they showed up. Even if you were the cheery and helpful type a few months at the DMV will slowly kill your hope in humanity. Any worker that has layers of management coupled with layers of requirements for a service that everyone needs is going to have a tough time staying positive.


SquirrelBoy t1_j2e111r wrote

People acting like rules and requirements don't apply to them is the single biggest driver of bs in a customer service interaction.


Agile_Perception238 t1_j2dtbm9 wrote

January 2021. COVID is rampant. I had to go to the DMV to reregister my dad's car in my name..he passed a few months earlier.. two dmv appointments were cancelled as I arrived. Due to covid exposures.. anyways I go in for this appointment..death certificate and all the paperwork... Every DMV employee said sorry for your loss.. every single one.. I can't remember which DMV in NJ.. but there are good people who work there.


kurtsdead6794 t1_j2dtgdi wrote

I stopped using the large DMV stations and instead go to the tiny one in Medford. In and out in five minutes. Super nice staff. If you have that option, find a DMV in a smaller town.


BriGilly t1_j2dto8t wrote

I went to the Lakewood DMV a few days ago and it was the best experience! Everyone was soo nice! I highly recommend that office


bros402 t1_j2dul3g wrote

you mention north jersey and south jersey

what about central nj


evan_ack t1_j2dv3at wrote

I work at the DMV so I have a little bit of insight. Most of the time people come in without all of their documents (which we clearly state what’s needed online) and then they get angry when we tell them what they don’t have and what they need. It’s a never ending cycle of anger and hatred. It’s hard to stay positive when people are always angry at you. Behind the scenes the the people that work there are genuinely really good people, they just have to deal with so much that they just assume everyone is going to be negative towards them.


alexgato32 t1_j2dvi7l wrote

Same here, i live in central jersey. I havent been to dmv for the last 4 years, the times I went rhey seemed like they didnt want to be there.


Dfndr612 t1_j2dx1bu wrote

As NJ has become over populated and the general culture of society has changed, MVC has gotten worse.

Years ago you could go to a state or federal office like MVC social security or unemployment and although not a great experience it was better than it is today.

Higher population and increased demand push an already poorly run system beyond anything reasonable.

Years ago there were no police officers or armed security guards at these locations. Today every state and federal office resembles a prison instead of a business office with armed security, police or sheriffs deputies.

Dirty places with worn old furniture and strict control over people just trying to conduct their government business. No cell phones, stay in your seat, locked restrooms, etc.

Over the past summer I needed to go to a NJ state office that was as most are now, by appointment only. I was locked out of my online account. No one answers the phone, no response to my online requests for help, and when I showed up in person I was met by two armed guards who handed me paperwork with the same phone number on it that went unanswered no matter when I called.

By some miracle I was able to get an appointment online. It was scheduled for another month away and I had already been trying to speak to anyone with no luck for months prior.

I showed up at the appointed time and the office was virtually EMPTY with one employee and two armed security guards at the locked door but ZERO customers mid-day.

I was surprised when I was directed to a phone bank and dialing #1 got me a direct call to the main office in Trenton. The person on the phone reset my online account. This took three months to arrange a 5 minute phone call.

Meanwhile the armed guards stood inside the locked vestibule turning away every customer without a written and confirmed appointment as well as photo ID.

Welcome to NJ!


SquirrelBoy t1_j2e1eol wrote

That wouldn't happen if people would stop assaulting government workers when they don't like their answers.


Thromkai t1_j2dx9n7 wrote

Oh you'd fucking hate the DMV in a LOT of other places then. Like a LOT of places.


KayakHank t1_j2dzbvn wrote

I'd be pissed if I did 1 of 7 very simple things with very detailed instructions on what you need and people continually come in without their power bill or proof of residence, or things from the wrong point value column for a real ID. Or an unsigned bill of sale.

For real, just read the website. Do the thing.

On the other hand, the workers do these thing 100 times a day, and the average person goes once every 4 years or so. There is a knowledge gap. Then people ask if they have to correct their mistakes and come to the front of the line or wait again. Then tempers flair.


janzyellie t1_j2e2qhy wrote

I’ve been to the one in Flemington several times, everyone’s always been cordial.


Apprehensive_Ocelot7 t1_j2e3v0c wrote

In August my daughter and I had a surprisingly pleasant experience with a DMV staff member in Toms River. She was so nice! We returned a month or two later for a written test and it quickly became apparent that I was missing a document that nice DMV lady was supposed to have given me. She’s called outside to speak to me (why?) and immediately she’s sneering and denying she made a mistake. Um ok, but that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t have this document. What do we do? Her solution is to fetch her even-ruder supervisor (why???) who loudly kept repeating “she gave it to you, you have it!!” I do not have it. I never had it. You can see that I paid for it. Can’t you just reprint it? “No. It was given to you.” After several minutes of her berating me in front of a line of people, I throw up my hands and say “I can’t believe you’re not going to honor my daughter’s test appointment and making us come back!” She says, “what are you talking about? Just go the window and pay $4 for a duplicate”. ARGGGHHHH!


dethskwirl t1_j2e4030 wrote

is this a comedy routine from the Catskills in 1987?

"What .. is with ... the DMV?"


Ilovemytowm t1_j2e4xk2 wrote

We just went to a local one down in South Jersey and it was awesome for the second time. That being said the one in Edison and surrounding areas were a nightmare times a billion We have since moved from that area...


Pinkobi t1_j2e5alc wrote

I use the Flemington MVC. They are amazing and incredibly polite.


jerseygunz t1_j2e7aq6 wrote

In other news, water makes things wet


Aintnothingdire t1_j2e9zvd wrote

This is characteristic to NJ. Tbh wouldn’t want it any other way


JAFO4hire t1_j2egaio wrote

Freehold MVC- never had a bad experience. Every other one I’ve tried (Edison, Dayton) not so much.


Smallbutfloppy t1_j2evtkq wrote

I have lived in 4 states and NJ MVC is by far without a doubt the absolute worst. Broken machines, long lines, terrible attitudes. This is all pre pandemic too.


rogue1013 t1_j2fgdiv wrote

Customer service jobs are no joke. These people deal with constant stupidity and rudeness from customers and you can tell which employees really need a vacation. Don’t take it personal. Have your shit together and pay attention then move on.


Senior-Sharpie t1_j2fn5hb wrote

I have been driving for 50 years and I can tell you that as bad as they are now (and they certainly do suck!) they were even worse when I first started driving. At that time it was a civil service job and the attitude was that they were untouchable. Some time ago they were privatized and it did improve for a short time. But as the years went by, they became entrenched and are well on their way to coming full circle. From my limited experience, Springfield is the worst, the last time I went there it took three trips on three successive days for a combined 8 hours to renew my DL! Rahway was a bit better for me, but not my wife, we both went on the same day at the same time with the same paperwork to get the enhanced license. I got mine but a different clerk “helped” my wife and told her her paperwork was no good. I took her to Elizabeth with the same paperwork and she was good to go.


tipperzack6 t1_j2fux35 wrote

I just went a week ago and the ladies behind the counter were so friendly and even remembered my name. As it was a two day trip for me. So I guess it's a mixed bag depending on your county.


TendererBeef t1_j2bzf8a wrote

I moved from Washington to Jersey (after having lived in California for a while too) and I think a lit of the memes about the DMV being awful are because media and publishing are concentrated in states where the governance is ass.


Mike317111984 t1_j2cww99 wrote

I used to work as a driving instructor, so I've been to all NJ DMV offices up north. I have to agree that at the beginning, they were rude af but the more I went, the more chill they were, and again, it had to do with the fact that they would see me almost every day with a student trying to get a permit. Now, a lot of their anger or rudeness stems from the fact that they are overworked and underpaid (not our fault), and they can only seem to have so many people covering areas when someone is out or gets fired so they get frustrated and they take out their frustration on the first person they encounter which is your average Joe trying to renew their license or do some dmv related stuff. On top of that, they have to deal with asshole supervisors/bosses who tell them to "deal with it" because they can't stop the flow of people coming in to get their stuff done. Another interesting thing that happens very often is the "system going down," (blame the state for that) and when that happens, nothing gets done, and when the system is up again, if it comes back at all, then they're back to square one. Dmv system in NJ is so outdated that it goes down at least 2 or three or possibly even more times during the week. On top of all of these things, you have their asshole bosses pushing them to work Saturdays because they have to, so there goes their weekend plans. This is a perfect example of shit rolling downhill, and whoever is at the bottom gets fucked. I'm not trying to defend them whatsoever because none of these issues justify them treating people like garbage, but those are some of the things I would hear them complaining about most often when I was there. Something has got to change, and it's gotta start at the top, but then again, it's been like this for decades, so unless something drastic happens, things will remain the same.


SquirrelBoy t1_j2ehs1r wrote

>Now, a lot of their anger or rudeness stems from the fact that they are overworked and underpaid (not our fault)

How is this not the citizens fault? The state voted for austerity measures, demands cuts to budgets, complains about contracts and benefits of state employees, and then wonder why services are slow and inefficient. You get what you vote for.


Newlawyermoney t1_j2c6k4w wrote

Dealing with the state sucks. They hire the bottom of the barrel for most public facing roles and it shows.