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Dfndr612 t1_j2dx1bu wrote

As NJ has become over populated and the general culture of society has changed, MVC has gotten worse.

Years ago you could go to a state or federal office like MVC social security or unemployment and although not a great experience it was better than it is today.

Higher population and increased demand push an already poorly run system beyond anything reasonable.

Years ago there were no police officers or armed security guards at these locations. Today every state and federal office resembles a prison instead of a business office with armed security, police or sheriffs deputies.

Dirty places with worn old furniture and strict control over people just trying to conduct their government business. No cell phones, stay in your seat, locked restrooms, etc.

Over the past summer I needed to go to a NJ state office that was as most are now, by appointment only. I was locked out of my online account. No one answers the phone, no response to my online requests for help, and when I showed up in person I was met by two armed guards who handed me paperwork with the same phone number on it that went unanswered no matter when I called.

By some miracle I was able to get an appointment online. It was scheduled for another month away and I had already been trying to speak to anyone with no luck for months prior.

I showed up at the appointed time and the office was virtually EMPTY with one employee and two armed security guards at the locked door but ZERO customers mid-day.

I was surprised when I was directed to a phone bank and dialing #1 got me a direct call to the main office in Trenton. The person on the phone reset my online account. This took three months to arrange a 5 minute phone call.

Meanwhile the armed guards stood inside the locked vestibule turning away every customer without a written and confirmed appointment as well as photo ID.

Welcome to NJ!


SquirrelBoy t1_j2e1eol wrote

That wouldn't happen if people would stop assaulting government workers when they don't like their answers.