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Dirtydiscodeeds t1_j0wkhxq wrote

That's just a good friend playing an above average prank.


MyNameIsDaveToo t1_j0wn3ew wrote

That's a good one, guarantee the driver has no idea it's there


dericn t1_j0wr6ky wrote

Likely initially tucked up above the bumper, so it wouldn't be noticed by the driver, but would fall down after the first bump.


orus t1_j0x08uq wrote

All it needs is a “honk if you like it” sticker


Educational_View_359 t1_j0x9cw1 wrote

Is that what tucked..........nevermind, I don't want to offend anyone. 🤣🤣🤣🤣


MapleChimes t1_j0zktkr wrote

This is pretty funny and the most reasonable explanation.


apatheticsahm t1_j0x1m2v wrote

This isn't that bad. I was afraid it was another racist T***p sign.


GoZahnGo t1_j0ydsnk wrote

That's a different way of spotting a dick on the road, i'll give it that.


zstandig t1_j0xgo0a wrote

poor man's truck nuts?


AbazabaYouMyOnlyFren t1_j0y8que wrote

Whatever, just stay the hell out of the left lane if you want to drive 65mph on the turnpike.


AVespucci t1_j0zvbdy wrote

I wonder if his wife knows what's attached to her dildo.


nancymeadows242 t1_j0yw4bm wrote

The driver is not making empty threats when yelling GFYS, he or she came prepared to facilitate said action


MickeyPickles t1_j0z15uy wrote

Ok so that’s a Honda CRV circa 2000. My grandma who passed away a few years ago had that same car! Now my brother has it and it’s still works. I see these 2000 CRVs ALL THE TIME on the roads in NJ. And every time I see one I think of her. I’m convinced it’s the most long-lasting car ever made.


BackInNJAgain t1_j0z1ihj wrote

This is definitely a prank, and a good one at that. One of my funniest experiences in NYC was a guy with a bunch of goods for sale on a blanket near Union Square. One of them was a big dildo. I thought it would be the perfect way to end a relationship--use it on the partner you want to get rid of then when they say, "wow, where'd you get that thing?" just say "oh I bought it off some homeless guy on the street."


4seasonz OP t1_j106two wrote

Male driver. Yep watchung


mikeyd1276 t1_j10r6qb wrote

That’s the surprise for the BMW riding up his ass.


AJCpar t1_j11o8qi wrote

I don’t think that’s what they mean when they say “ball hitch”