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kittyglitther t1_j25dpmv wrote

I'm sorry, are you looking for MYBUSNOW? How about a survey that will improve nothing? Would you like that to pop up every time you navigate to a new page?

Also, we killed your dog. Hope you had a good experience with NJT! Please take this survey for the chance to buy back your freedom.


scaredbubbles OP t1_j25e8rq wrote

mybusnow doesn't show when the next express will roll in. Can you cook my dog too. Let's eat it together.


remarkability t1_j2b5s40 wrote

Want to see your bus GPS location? Buy tickets? Peek at the PDF to see the departure gates or other options?

Sorry, gotta pick one, or go back to the main screen and lose your spot.


scaredbubbles OP t1_j25e23e wrote

Nevermind fucking found it. FUCKING HIDDEN IN ONE OF THE LINKS. Jesus fuck...


Atisha420 t1_j25hpy7 wrote

I downloaded mine and saved it to my books on my iPhone


Nexis4Jersey t1_j25mzyg wrote

Be careful they sometimes change out the links.


Atisha420 t1_j25z5cb wrote

I know. Before I need it I check the date then look online to see if there’s a new one. One time they totally changed the gate. I was glad I checked. lol


Nexis4Jersey t1_j25znbh wrote

Sometimes they swap the routes out, one time I went to look at the 165 schedule I had bookmarked, and it was for the 168.


theexpertgamer1 t1_j2699jx wrote

Make sure to actually download the PDF and not just save the website link and you’ll be fine! (For those reading this who are wondering)


remarkability t1_j2b4auc wrote

Pro tip: go to

Then on the bottom, choose your bus.

Don’t click on the link, but instead copy/bookmark it. If you get to the PDF, that’s too far. (On iOS, make a placeholder bookmark/Home Screen icon, then longpress the link, then copy it to the link area in the bookmark/icon)

Ideally the URL will look like this: (Or just replace 2 with your bus number).

This will always redirect to the current schedule, even after a change, but it does need internet access to pull the current PDF.


Nexis4Jersey t1_j25f3in wrote

Yea they need to put the bus schedules in a similar format as departure vision. Reading a PDF on mobile format is not fun. They also need to place electronic schedules signs at their busier bus stops like the MTA does.


AlanMercer t1_j273kee wrote

They've been doing the PDF thing for 20 years despite consistent negative feedback.

Jesus God, when I took a class in PASCAL in 1991 one of the problems to demonstrate minimum competency was to create a program to administer a transit schedule. This is literally 101-level work.


AidanAmerica t1_j27cvk0 wrote

And they should integrate the schedules together to give routes that are bus/rail transfers (and make the fare schemes compatible like NYCT subway and bus)


AbazabaYouMyOnlyFren t1_j25g3in wrote

Restaurants and their downloaded PDF menus can also fuck off.

How hard is it to put it on your goddamned website?


refpuz t1_j25hpuf wrote

To play devil's advocate. It's much easier to develop a website with a single page that has contact info, and a link to a PDF scan of the menu than maintain the menu as a separate interactable page.

However this is 2022, and really is not excusable.


AbazabaYouMyOnlyFren t1_j26878o wrote

Sure, it could be a simple text file if you want it to be really small and easy to read.


viper_gts t1_j267psj wrote

Worst UI and probably paid 3x what they should have.


Fameless t1_j25icqm wrote

NJT is such a fucking travesty i have 0 issue exploiting their app with promos and stuff. The amount of times they have fucked me over or ate my ticket without reimbursing me is enough to justify it. I'm not stealing i'm getting back what you owe me.


Nexis4Jersey t1_j25mrd9 wrote

I'm out I'm 30$ so far this year from their machines freezing on me...


Kibouhou t1_j25qc8i wrote

Can you show me a government website with good UI?


Joe_Jeep t1_j26v65p wrote

Ironically the NJ transit app is pretty good actually


AidanAmerica t1_j27dkea wrote

Some federal sites are pretty good. is decent enough. The federal healthcare exchange site was good, but when NJ took that over, they replaced it with a site with a UI (and UX) that is 10x worse.

There are some deep corners of the MVC website that look like they haven’t been updated since the Clinton administration


mikeypoopypants t1_j25s54d wrote

The app is pretty good


sweetcreep t1_j26cybx wrote

It really isn't. It's next to impossible to navigate to the exact schedule you want so if you ever stumble upon it you better favorite it. I luckily no longer need it for my commute but earlier this year there was a good stretch of two months where the app wasn't displaying tickets at least once a week right during the morning rush so I ended up having to pay because they couldn't be bothered to give their drivers a heads up that there were problems with the app.


AidanAmerica t1_j27ecgr wrote

That app is a real win-some-lose-some situation. When I last commuted, at peak times out of Penn Station, they would sometimes not even bother to take tickets. If I were planning on using a paper ticket, then I got a free ride and kept the ticket for next time. But if I activated the e-ticket in the app, (which I would sometimes do because it wouldn’t load until we were out of the tunnel) then I weaseled myself out of my own money.


AlanMercer t1_j27402f wrote

Tried to get rail schedule info for Christmas Day and it stubbornly refused to return any result. It gave an error message totally unrelated to the problem. Total fail.

The frustrating part is that there are parts of the app that work well. I had a good experience with the bus info a couple of weeks ago.


The_Wee t1_j28t398 wrote

Most of the time. There have been times where I went to trip planner on the site/app and planned my time. Got to Penn and the big board was totally different. Go on the site and see I needed to click a link for the changed schedule. Why not update the app with the most accurate times? Ended up spending an extra 45 minutes waiting.


ManasquanJim t1_j26tmpt wrote

Right! Whenever paying , at least for Rail, asks for the card’s CVV but the keyboard doesn’t pop.


FSchmertz t1_j25o8iv wrote

It actually didn't used to be this bad.

I think they overthought it, and the result can be kinda useless


rockmasterflex t1_j260ofm wrote

The year is 2022. Govt organizations are worse at UI updates and design than private companies. Private companies (older enterprises) are much worse than modern startups at it.

You’re better off looking for a third party tool that scrapes their website if you want good UX.


Hopemonster t1_j27jqpl wrote has the shit you are are looking for (pun not intended)


viaHologram t1_j2bj7g8 wrote

There's no way they are paying UI designers lol


Hickawa t1_j25wdt4 wrote

I'm from Texas and I honestly thought public transportation couldn't get worse. I was wrong.


PixelSquish t1_j2a3zmf wrote

Public transit in the NYC metro area is the best in the country, even with all its many flaws and problems. Texas is a black hole of mass transit - that shit is communist to those wackadoos down there.


Hickawa t1_j2aw1eg wrote

Austin's got a better transportation system than NJ. That's all im saying. Their app always worked their bussed were on time. I didn't need to take two or three to get across town. They were cheaper too. NYC metro was a very nice experience the one time I used it.


PixelSquish t1_j2b1a27 wrote

Right you're comparing Austin to smaller towns in New Jersey. New Jersey mass transit is designed to get you to New York for the most part with some towns having some mass transit that works within the towns and nearby towns. As far as cities go New York City and the immediate cities near it in New Jersey have far better mass transit than anywhere in Texas.

You can't compare a city to interstate travel between much smaller towns.

Overall the New York City metro area is far superior to any mass transit in Texas overall. There is just no debate there.

And we have a lot of work to do in New Jersey still