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Yhorm_Acaroni t1_j19i02b wrote

Sure thing! Its a dive bar but its safe and the owner works the bar often and you can tell hes invested and cares


BoujeeMomme t1_j19m331 wrote

That's great to hear!!!

If I can ask you ....... are there a good amount of tables there? If there's only a couple then on a busy Friday or Saturday night there'll be guys waiting for " next " and I hate it when guys sit there and watch me play.

I'm much better than my husband so I'll beat his ass quickly but I'd rather take my sweet ass time. That can only be done if there's like 5 or 6 tables I think??

Hoping to hang out there soon and have drinks whoohooo 🙂


Yhorm_Acaroni t1_j19zm1r wrote

There is only 1 table and it sees a medium anount of usage. Its a small place.


BoujeeMomme t1_j1a1ay0 wrote

Really?? UGH then that'll only mean anyone waiting for next will just stare and watch us play??

I honestly don't mind but it'll make my husband uncomfortable with them watching us. Thanks anyways