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remarkability t1_j1qdo2h wrote

Follow the buses after the tollbooth plaza, and after you exit the tunnel portal and bear left, get in the far right lane with them, and start to go up the spiral ramp. Signs from there are very clear.

I’ve always wondered why people drive in and park there, it’s the hassle of the tunnel and 495 traffic, plus NYC parking pricing. Unless someone is needing to leave NYC between 1-5 am, or is traveling with 4+ people, the North Bergen Park&Ride is cheaper and much more convenient, or even better, a bus/train from where you live.


BackInNJAgain OP t1_j1qih1f wrote

We normally take the train but are not going to be leaving until well after 2 a.m. when the train won't be running.


remarkability t1_j1rlaqb wrote

That makes total sense.

There or the MPG Manhattan Plaza on 42nd/Dyer are good options.


earlymountainrain t1_j1qlfbk wrote

Being able to go back to your car throughout the day to pick up or drop off things, plus when you leave you go right to the tunnel and avoid city traffic.