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Am driving to NYC for the first time and taking the Lincoln Tunnel. I reserved a parking space at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. In the tunnel, what lane do I get into for parking? Is it convoluted to find the lot or fairly easy? I know city driving is tricky in places so don't want to miss the exit for parking. Thanks!



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remarkability t1_j1qdo2h wrote

Follow the buses after the tollbooth plaza, and after you exit the tunnel portal and bear left, get in the far right lane with them, and start to go up the spiral ramp. Signs from there are very clear.

I’ve always wondered why people drive in and park there, it’s the hassle of the tunnel and 495 traffic, plus NYC parking pricing. Unless someone is needing to leave NYC between 1-5 am, or is traveling with 4+ people, the North Bergen Park&Ride is cheaper and much more convenient, or even better, a bus/train from where you live.


Castor_and_Pollux123 t1_j1qfzy7 wrote

Check Google Maps very diligently, to make sure you choose the correct lane going into the tunnel. I recall choosing a lane because it had little traffic, & when I got out I went all over the place. It was not fun.


glowskull10 t1_j1qh35v wrote

It really doesn't matter. The tunnel on the right has 2 lanes, both of which allow you to go towards the port authority (if in the right lane, bear left after the tunnel). In the center tube, you can only take the right lane, which will split at the end. Bear right.


earlymountainrain t1_j1ql5ur wrote

Far right or center and be ready to aggressively make that right turn onto the ramp that totally looks like you're not supposed to be there. If you miss the turn there is another entrance ramp on 39th but it takes a while to drive all the way around.


NJ_Bus_Nut t1_j1qmezp wrote

South tube (the one on the right) and take the left lane.

Follow the buses into the ramp, but follow the "Parking" signs