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jerseymike83 t1_j26ulv9 wrote



bu77munch t1_j26y9ca wrote

Honestly the driving around the holidays has been significantly worse than the rest of the year.


The_Wee t1_j27fre0 wrote

Only consecutive days I have received alerts about delays with the Lincoln Tunnel. Can usually get from Weehawken to the city in 15-20 minutes. This past week has been 45 minutes - 1 hour. Wish the arc tunnel wasn't cancelled/way to get more frequency/bring back of peak, to encourage public transport.


the_last_carfighter t1_j2945q3 wrote

Pre covid, during the holidays the Lincoln tunnel traffic was back to Met Life/Giant's stadium pretty regularly.

Take the train.


The_Wee t1_j295c7w wrote

I live in Weehawken, even when I take the train, usually go to Penn vs Hoboken/Secaucus. Just stating my observation. I have looked at moving further out to be on a train line, but prices are more expensive vs where I am now.


museolini OP t1_j270t8f wrote

Totally. :-)

Exit 11 to 18 from 2-4:30. The whole trip (the Highlands to the GWB usually takes just a bit over an hour. Today it took twice as long. No accidents or roadwork (well, at least no lane closures), just volume.


jerseymike83 t1_j277kb6 wrote

Live in NC now. Miss many things about NJ, especially the diversity of food, but not the traffic. 🍽


BlanquitaNJ1 t1_j274ybg wrote

Where the hell are y’all going?


museolini OP t1_j276lg1 wrote


To do stuff.


BoujeeMomme t1_j28mkpg wrote

I'm so happy even with my kids off school this week ....... the plan was to do stuff to but like in their rooms, basement for Xbox, or even living room haaaa!!!

Doing stuff this week will only get you stuck in traffic on said Turnpike or at the parking lot mall. Hence like 3 posts about how much the American Dream mall sucks this week 🤣

I sure hope you're no longer in that stuck in that traffic!?!?!


Mercurydriver t1_j26yyfe wrote

And the traffic was probably caused by a dude going 65mph in the left lane and another dude texting while driving so he was swerving all over the place. I hate driving in this state. Y’all are awful drivers.


museolini OP t1_j271g39 wrote

Comments like yours initially upset me as they're attacking my home state, but, fuck, there are a lot of shitty drivers in NJ. Fortunately way less than adjoining states though, so, yeah.

Actually, there was no traffic at all in front of me, I was just slowing down to get a good picture in my side mirror and apparently caused 7 lanes of traffic to get backed up. My bad.


Atisha420 t1_j273cig wrote

🤣🤣 what time was this? It’s still light out. I have a global entry interview at 2:15 at the airport and have to drive north afterwards. I’d hate to get stuck in a mess like that.


museolini OP t1_j276gox wrote

Late afternoon. You can see the sun on its way down in the pic. It opened up considerably after the 14s and someone else told me there was some fuckery going on the Goethals and Outerbridge crossings, so that probably accounted for a lot of it.

But tomorrow is a big travel day before NYE, so... good luck!


Atisha420 t1_j278qml wrote

I know. 🤯I think it took 6 months to get this appointment. I took what they gave me because I have a trip planned for February out of the country and I want cut some of the security hassles


Mhanderson13 t1_j27g5zr wrote

try driving outside of this state :) NJ consistently places top 5 for driving safety in the country



and yes I've driven out of state before as well, all I've seen was the same idiocy I see in NJ but compounded


eastcoast_ t1_j294t95 wrote

I would hope so since the traffic frequently slows everything to 10mph 😮‍💨


IOFIFO t1_j27d11c wrote

overturned truck on the outerbridge crossing so everyone headed to the goethals exit 13. the n there was an accident just past the exit 13 toll.


YaBoyLaKroy t1_j27atgq wrote

this is the future you were tricked into paying for.

we need more busses and trains, this is stupid.


Race_Strange t1_j27ijl4 wrote

You're not alone. And they want to waste another 10 billion dollars to just add "one more lane" to the turnpike expansion. Build freaking Transit!


Alchohlica t1_j282bsp wrote

MOM (Monmouth, ocean, middlesex) line would alleviate so much traffic in jersey just gotta deal with the NIMBY Karen’s. I hate driving through Toms River so much just wish they had a light rail


museolini OP t1_j27mgxv wrote

In case you haven't read it, The Power Broker is an excellent book on how the traffic and transportation issues we wrestle with today were generated many decades ago by a very few selfish and greedy parties.


Warruzz t1_j29dao2 wrote

Or just, you know, less of a need to go into the office. Remember the roads during Covid?


PB_manager t1_j278fjb wrote

I still don't understand how merging to Route 46 at Ridgefield Park on northbound can cause traffic from 495


museolini OP t1_j27ankx wrote

LoL That is one huge suck of an exit. You've got the Turnpike Traffic and all the Rt80 traffic, all trying to squeeze into one lane for East and one lane for Western 46. And people drive like maniacs cutting over 4 lanes in about 50 feet from Rt80. I hate everyone who takes that exit. I even hate myself when I take that exit.


iLuvPennywise t1_j28dkzc wrote

You just made me cringe when I read Ridgefield Park. That’s where my job is. Route 46 is a NIGHTMARE in that area. 😬


FilmoreGash t1_j27hbhb wrote

"Why is this day different than any other day?"

We've been stuck in traffic for ages. People are always escaping somewhere.


museolini OP t1_j27my2z wrote

I know it's not what you're referring to, but this kind of traffic reminds me of just how screwed we are should we need to GTFO of this area should the need arise.


FilmoreGash t1_j27pgna wrote

OMG, I had that vision in 1985 trying to drive from Greenwich CT to lower Bergen County the Weds before Thanksgiving. That was what almost 40 years ago.

If they ever mandate a mass exodus, I will take my chances at home so I can die peacefully in my bed, rather than risk dying behind the wheel of my car, stuck in traffic, screaming like a maniac.


museolini OP t1_j27vafy wrote

I don't know if you were around for the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, but if the power outages and fuel shortages were any indication, we are just a week or two away from complete anarchy if the SHTF.

Plan accordingly.


Army_of_blood t1_j27jl7s wrote

Traffic is caused by people using their phones while driving.


museolini OP t1_j27m1s1 wrote

Fortunately this photo was taken by my documentary film crew. I only use a rotary dial phone at home.


yuckyd t1_j28qfjd wrote

Don’t worry, it will only get worse.


BLUE_COLLAR_KILLER t1_j2be3je wrote

Everyday where u been buddy


museolini OP t1_j2bo850 wrote

I must've been extraordinarily lucky for the past forty years to not get caught in traffic like this on the regular then.


BLUE_COLLAR_KILLER t1_j2bqj30 wrote

Fukin a I’m 31 years old and I’ve been caught in it I’m not sure how many times (and I’m a trucker from nyc go figure…)


NHKBoi t1_j2bfulr wrote

i noticed too. just a shitload of ppl that said “fuck it, let’s go out today!” lol


museolini OP t1_j2boem9 wrote

Right? I was starting to wonder if I should toss on a news station or something.


Jmv1102 t1_j29405f wrote

You left out another T for Thursday. Could have had 4 in the title, it was right there! Seriously fuck the Tutnpike.


Bellabird42 t1_j29i7wr wrote

I like the photo, though. Something very artistic about it


CanWeTalkHere t1_j2af5hx wrote

Turnpike traffic aside. Beautiful day today in NJ.


lvban0921 t1_j2bdtdy wrote

New driver here! How the heck do you change lanes in this? My anxiety is on overload just looking at that


museolini OP t1_j2bnt9d wrote

Techniques vary with how much body damage you're willing to take. :-)

Seriously though, unless you're getting off at an exit, changing lanes isn't going to really help you much (and don't become one of those lane hopping jerks). And if you really must, wait for a gap (one will eventually appear), toss on your indicator and nose over. No reason for anxiety, just the cost of driving in NJ.

If it makes you feel better, we're not even in the top ten traffic-congestion-wise.


walking_NewJersey t1_j2bojd4 wrote

If the traffic is super slow and really heavy as shown in this picture and you need to chage lanes, you need to turn on your turn signals to whichever lane you changing, and slowly just go closer and closer to the lane you going to change, but not too close, but at the same time, between a gap (between the car in the front and the one in behind in the lane you changing). The car next to you (behind the gap) probably going to stop and let you in. If the driver is a jerk or not paying attention, just wait to the other gap, and probably, this time someone with let you in.