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technotime t1_iz0u2fj wrote

i bet it's cause half of r/NYC ended up moving here after rent increases pushed them out.


rockmasterflex t1_iz10yt2 wrote

Well yeah they saw that homes here were affordable in 2020 and were like "cant let that continue"


siikdUde t1_iz3eexa wrote

My new neighbor just paid 690k for a house that was valued at under 400k 2 years ago. I honestly don’t know why people are buying in this market


lnimical t1_iz373za wrote

Considering 99% of people living in Jersey were at some point NY residents, I find this comment comical. Reminds me of that Spiderman meme where he's pointing at himself.


rockmasterflex t1_iz3ox31 wrote

That’s a made up statistic if I ever saw one


lnimical t1_iz4xnk0 wrote

I'm offended and appalled that you would attack my made up statistic


siikdUde t1_iz3eiha wrote

Yea that makes sense. I have no idea why anyone would want to live in north jersey if they’re not transplants from NYC or work in NYC


MANWithTheHARMONlCA t1_iz185ig wrote

> after rent increases pushed them out

Not to mention the overall quality of almost everything in this state


DiplomaticGoose t1_iz1eard wrote

The rats here are weaker though. Pitiful, even.


SarcReddit t1_iz1yzko wrote

This deserves more upvotes 😂


eridanus01 t1_iz54he5 wrote

Idunno, that job description makes me want to be the Bloodthirsty Rat Czar hahaha, good pay too.


well_damm t1_iz20ks0 wrote

Where is r/newjersey going after they price us out.


technotime t1_iz23q2a wrote

idk take your pick... I think these have been the most popular for Jersey transplants.






Yoshiyo0211 t1_iz34p42 wrote

Charleston, SC is the southern equivalent of Portlandia.


siikdUde t1_iz3evq8 wrote

I’ve been to SC a couple times. One time while getting an Uber, the driver was talking to us about politics and history and then all of a sudden he said “….your president” and we were like what is he talking about lmao. Then it clicked that he was saying Lincoln was our president and not his. That was a trip. Also I couldn’t believe they have the confederate flag on their license plates. I legit thought it was a joke plate or something but nope, it’s official. Also a shit ton of churches literally every mile


Yoshiyo0211 t1_iz3jgas wrote

Honestly, this sounds like a skit that could be on the show. Charlestonia. 😆


Duamerthrax t1_iz4t00u wrote

I know someone who moved to NC after catching covid on vacation there. Good riddance.


Dozzi92 t1_iz1f0ql wrote

Every other thread is "Hey I'm moving to NJ, where should I live?!?!?!"


False-Lie1776 t1_iz2mdig wrote

Wish they would move back, traffic is too much for these roads


MerBAE t1_iz2g1iu wrote

Hi, hello. Yes, that's me


technotime t1_iz2iawn wrote

This comment reminds me of that one Taylor Swift song I keep hearing all over social media.


oneeyedwilly278 t1_iz0nztp wrote

And we're getting sandwiched by Indians


fauxtoe t1_iz0rwpd wrote

So between Edison and...?


dsarma t1_iz0vzhm wrote

Sounds like a fun Friday night to me.


abhirupc88 t1_iz1wlzp wrote

Columbus was never wrong, just late - from an Indian.


ThatSonOfAGun t1_iz0x7pe wrote

Yeah but how about Indian girls on Tinder?


LateralEntry t1_iz25mls wrote

I just checked it out, it’s mostly in Hindi (I assume). Bummer!


coffinnailvgd t1_iz3f0ib wrote

It’s a fucking riot there, like 3 of my fav subs in a row (NJ, Indian girls and ask science)


badquarter t1_iz0uop5 wrote

To be fair, NYC has both /r/nyc and /r/newyorkcity after some subreddit drama.


MiloMinderbinder-22 t1_iz107gr wrote

Do you know the backstory out of curiosity? I have always wondered about that...


badquarter t1_iz18p3h wrote

I'm going off memory but there was the one main mod at NYC who didn't allow picture and video posts then started banning people when they complained.


JKastnerPhoto t1_iz1k04c wrote

Yup. Years ago I posted one of my photos /r/NYC and it got me in Time Magazine, which was so amazing for my photo career.... now I was banned for a month for posting (what I feel) was similar content. That sub has gotten pretty harsh.

Edit: unrelated. The Reddit admins permabanned my account for no reason. If there is a reason they won't tell me. If you see this and want to vouch for me, please help. I have no recourse but can somehow edit old comments. I'm on Instagram and Twitter @jimmykastner if you want to reach out.


Danzaslapped t1_iz2koab wrote

What was the picture if you don't mind sharing?


JKastnerPhoto t1_iz2pm4g wrote


theirishcannoli t1_iz1ew41 wrote

Whoever it was banned me for the stupidest thing, when I tried to ask for an explanation my whole reddit account was suspended


Deslah t1_iz1ny8s wrote

> for the stupidest thing

That's exactly what I'd expect anyone who got banned on reddit (and not only on a sub-reddit) to say.


NJ_Legion_Iced_Tea t1_iz2guil wrote

Normally I'd agree but there's a lot of power tripping mods who deserve zero respect


EagleFly_5 t1_iz0z2ke wrote

That’s true, they do have their own niches. At least it doesn’t apply to here.


sutisuc t1_iz11ex0 wrote

NYC has such a crummy sub for the largest city in the country. Cities like 1/4 or less their size have more active diverse subs


clearedtoland22 OP t1_iz187yt wrote

As an NYC ex-pat, one of the most favorite and notable changes now living in a suburb is the sense of community. I actually know our mailman, sanitation folks, bump into the mayor, and our elected officials - and neighbors of course. As a lifelong NY’er, it feels strange that I actually have access to these people.

Obviously, the complexity of our infrastructure or size of our population is by no means comparable. I’m more active in the communities out here because I don’t feel like a drop in the ocean.


dqqxmy1 t1_iz1cwb4 wrote

Meh, medium density like NJ has its own set of complexities right? E.g. unlike NYC that can build less transit (albeit more complex) to move lots of people, NJT needs to build way more to move computable amounts. Not to mention NYC operating at different levels of restrictions compared to NJ which needs to organize all the way from state to municipalities.


sutisuc t1_iz18bp8 wrote

Where did you end up?


clearedtoland22 OP t1_iz192s6 wrote

Union County. Definitely guilty of the affordable-home exodus but now I wish I’d done it so many years earlier.


sutisuc t1_iz19v8t wrote

Eh I mean the NYC-NJ pipeline goes back centuries you’re just being smart lol. And yeah I was born and raised in NJ but did a few years in NYC and very glad to be back on this side of the river now.


alheim t1_iz1iogm wrote

I'm from NJ (Monmouth shore town), been in the city for 15 years. I know the mailman, and we have a close knit and somewhat large group of friends from the community, mostly from the immediate neighborhood. Our elected officials come to the community board meetings and Civic association meetings. It's great. Don't get me wrong, I love it in NJ, but your experience is anecdotal. In NJ I was always in my car and that limited my ability to meet people.


ChestnutMoss t1_iz1qsvz wrote

I really like the mix of content in this subreddit. News, pictures, opinions, birthdays… it’s consistently interesting, so thanks everybody!


AssNinjaLolo t1_iz0rkmr wrote

We gotta huge population ova hereeeee


EagleFly_5 t1_iz0x4wr wrote

As a mod of both here & r/NYC as well as IRL I spend an equal amount of time in NJ & NYC, I feel highly conflicted on who to support 🤷🏼‍♂️, but for today, go team, glad we’re growing!


badquarter t1_iz0ycwq wrote

Eric Adams over here, modding NYC and living in NJ!


PurpleSailor t1_iz235ew wrote

We're a small state but we're packed in like sardines


New_Stats t1_iz2ghyu wrote

get your elbow out of my hip or I swear to god...


SocialistCoconut t1_iz2604w wrote

Insert "A lot of Indians live in NJ" jokes here.


carbonxe t1_iz1nim6 wrote

I see Parsippany/Edison are one above/one below us.


NewYork_607 t1_iz2ex68 wrote

r/NYC is literally MAGA nation lol


HoraceGrand t1_iz33y8r wrote

I would guess it would be the opposite


clearedtoland22 OP t1_iz3icwm wrote

Once you leave Westchester, it's a very different state.


NewYork_607 t1_iz4uyii wrote

Im not saying NYC the actual city is MAGA, but the subreddit is for sure. Everyone I go on the NYC subreddit, it’s ultra conservatives complaining about liberals lol


Cantholditdown t1_iz3cxpo wrote

Indiangirlsontinder is not as exciting as my imagination had envisioned.


venturesomesagar t1_iz3ckd6 wrote

It’s funny how r/NewJersey is surrounded by Indian subreddits just like how Jersey is surrounded by Indian. Feels so real 😆


SPKmnd90 t1_iz203om wrote

This thing of ours...


JordanMaze t1_iz3s752 wrote

That's actually authoring


nooutlaw4me t1_iz51f45 wrote

That's called a population explosion