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technotime t1_iz0u2fj wrote

i bet it's cause half of r/NYC ended up moving here after rent increases pushed them out.


rockmasterflex t1_iz10yt2 wrote

Well yeah they saw that homes here were affordable in 2020 and were like "cant let that continue"


siikdUde t1_iz3eexa wrote

My new neighbor just paid 690k for a house that was valued at under 400k 2 years ago. I honestly don’t know why people are buying in this market


lnimical t1_iz373za wrote

Considering 99% of people living in Jersey were at some point NY residents, I find this comment comical. Reminds me of that Spiderman meme where he's pointing at himself.


rockmasterflex t1_iz3ox31 wrote

That’s a made up statistic if I ever saw one


lnimical t1_iz4xnk0 wrote

I'm offended and appalled that you would attack my made up statistic


siikdUde t1_iz3eiha wrote

Yea that makes sense. I have no idea why anyone would want to live in north jersey if they’re not transplants from NYC or work in NYC


MANWithTheHARMONlCA t1_iz185ig wrote

> after rent increases pushed them out

Not to mention the overall quality of almost everything in this state


DiplomaticGoose t1_iz1eard wrote

The rats here are weaker though. Pitiful, even.


SarcReddit t1_iz1yzko wrote

This deserves more upvotes 😂


eridanus01 t1_iz54he5 wrote

Idunno, that job description makes me want to be the Bloodthirsty Rat Czar hahaha, good pay too.


well_damm t1_iz20ks0 wrote

Where is r/newjersey going after they price us out.


technotime t1_iz23q2a wrote

idk take your pick... I think these have been the most popular for Jersey transplants.






Yoshiyo0211 t1_iz34p42 wrote

Charleston, SC is the southern equivalent of Portlandia.


siikdUde t1_iz3evq8 wrote

I’ve been to SC a couple times. One time while getting an Uber, the driver was talking to us about politics and history and then all of a sudden he said “….your president” and we were like what is he talking about lmao. Then it clicked that he was saying Lincoln was our president and not his. That was a trip. Also I couldn’t believe they have the confederate flag on their license plates. I legit thought it was a joke plate or something but nope, it’s official. Also a shit ton of churches literally every mile


Yoshiyo0211 t1_iz3jgas wrote

Honestly, this sounds like a skit that could be on the show. Charlestonia. 😆


Duamerthrax t1_iz4t00u wrote

I know someone who moved to NC after catching covid on vacation there. Good riddance.


Dozzi92 t1_iz1f0ql wrote

Every other thread is "Hey I'm moving to NJ, where should I live?!?!?!"


False-Lie1776 t1_iz2mdig wrote

Wish they would move back, traffic is too much for these roads


MerBAE t1_iz2g1iu wrote

Hi, hello. Yes, that's me


technotime t1_iz2iawn wrote

This comment reminds me of that one Taylor Swift song I keep hearing all over social media.