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s1ugg0 t1_j153b72 wrote

If it comes down to a choice between idiotic bigots and our wonderful neighbors who brought us bagels I know exactly which side I'm happy to stand on.

They'll pull that pumpernickel bagel with butter from my cold dead hands. Happy Hanukkah my friend.


portezbie t1_j15tvm6 wrote

I love how NJers truly appreciate the glory that is the pumpernickel bagel. It does not get the respect that it deserves


mariskaleh t1_j18l99y wrote

i wish the whole state knew the power of pumpernickel. here in hunterdon county it's virtually impossible to find them. some places even have "rye" or "marble" bagels but not pump! wth


dragon2777 t1_j15vfhn wrote

As a Jewish person myself I too pay people using bagels haha


TenBillionDollHairs t1_j155ymz wrote

As a Jersey gentile, the Jewish holidays are part of the rhythm of life and community. when my neighbors celebrate, I celebrate that. Happy Hanukkah.

And to every community in NJ, we are in community with you. Nobody does the melting pot like we do.


Lucasa29 t1_j16czq1 wrote

When I was a kid in NJ in the 80s, I thought the only religions were Catholic and Jewish. I had no clue.


TenBillionDollHairs t1_j16qqn8 wrote

I deadass thought America was 1/4 Irish, 1/4 Italian, 1/4 Jewish, and 1/4 Black.


hfhifi t1_j1afd1o wrote

America is 2% Jewish now and is decreasing every year.


hfhifi t1_j1af45s wrote

Did you grow up in Fair Lawn like me? Same impression when I was a kid in the 60s


4catsnotashamed t1_j1e2mhi wrote

Grew up in Fair Lawn in the 60s too. I always thought Fair Lawn was mostly Italian and Jewish with some Irish Catholics thrown in.


bigpix t1_j15icpz wrote

Well said. We are one of the original melting pots in this country.


onemm t1_j164p90 wrote

Still remember going to my friends bar mitzvah then going to church next Sunday as a kid lol. Or going to my friends houses and eating matzah ball soup with their family during Passover.. still have no idea what Passover is but I don’t give a fuck they’re my friends and neighbors and I love them


gearheadsub92 t1_j16xaj8 wrote

>the Jewish holidays are part of the rhythm of life of life and community

There’s a Christmas tree and a little LED menorah in my building, about 80 units. I grew up catholic and I’ve pretty much foregone religion by this point, but I still love this time of year because of the decorating for the sake of celebration.

I noticed getting in very late last night that the menorah was still just lit with one light (plus the center), as it had been the night before, so I grabbed it to toggle the second light on. Even if there’s just one Jewish neighbor in the rest of my building, I hope they saw that they’re not alone in their particular form of celebration, and that someone else sees them and values their celebration, same as my own :)


EatYourCheckers t1_j16i9cm wrote

I am a transplant from a pretty segregated Orlando suburb. This is probably my favorite part of New Jersey.


EatYourCheckers t1_j16i1iy wrote

Oh my gosh you just reminded me. On my way home today, on 287, I saw this car with a pretty obviously homemade gigantic metal Menorah tied to the top of their car, with the center candle lit and 2 candles on the right lit. It was amazing. I tried to get a picture but i was driving and it was 287 at evening commute time and also this guy was booking it.

Anyway, Happy Hanukkah!


Hdog0507 t1_j18is8a wrote

I think I saw that car parked on the side of the road in my town. At first I thought it was a giant weird looking pizza delivery sign but then I noticed it was a Menorah


notheld717 t1_j15addz wrote

Shalom.... NJ Strong.... Happy Holidays....!!!


spicymemesdotcom t1_j15mn05 wrote

Firstly, happy Hanukkah and fuck Kanye. I’m totally with you. Secondly, and frankly, I’m jealous of you guys. The first mention of Islam on Reddit and all the haters come out and get upvoted. Need to advocate for ourselves as you successfully have. Enjoy your holiday.


hardy_and_free t1_j16jc93 wrote

Hmm...might I suggest diplomatic outreach through food and comedians? That's what our Hebrews and Shebrews have done. The world needs to know about chicken and rice with white and hot sauce!!


Skorogovorka t1_j16eaqf wrote

Thank you, friend! Standing with you and our Muslim neighbors as well!


TunaCanTheMan t1_j17s7b6 wrote

While I don’t think it was poorly intended, this comment feels kind of invalidating and dismissive of the repeatedly hostile experiences many Jews have on Reddit.


spicymemesdotcom t1_j17se8z wrote

I don’t care at all how it comes off to you.


TunaCanTheMan t1_j17svxf wrote

Bruh, I’m Jewish, I think I know a little more about our experiences. Acting like no one hates on us here is burying your head in the sand. But go off and be dismissive, guess I picked that vibe up for a reason.


lsp2005 t1_j15ba2j wrote

Happy Hanukkah 🕎


emma_the_dilemmma t1_j1663dq wrote

i’m gonna cry, this post and most of the comments make me so happy 🥲🥹


Thendofreason t1_j16lcbu wrote

My coworker said that her kid was learning about Hanukkah in school. They asked her why they don't have a menorah. She told him "we are Chinese". I was dying.

But yeah. Grew up in Christian house hold. We did the menorah for a few years. Not sure how many.


Airturtle14 t1_j18z2cy wrote

… why ?


Thendofreason t1_j193wrt wrote

The first or the second? Why not? Non Christians can celebrate Christmas. It's not like Christians own that holiday anyways


Airturtle14 t1_j1cs74t wrote

In the Christian household, why did they use a menorah for a period of time? I was raised Catholic, but isn’t it like a closed religion? they don’t proselytize and it’s a process to convert.


NewYork_607 t1_j163vo3 wrote

I picked up my menorah and chocolate gold coins for my kids at Wegmans last week. Hanukkah is the best time of the year and so is Christmas. Christmas movies and music are relaxing to the soul.


hfhifi t1_j19bq7x wrote

And so many classic songs were written by Jews. We share the spirit of the season


Freshest-Raspberry t1_j16p6h9 wrote

Gonna try making sweet potato Latkas in a couple days


jk1rbs t1_j15jcjf wrote

In case someone else like me couldn't figure out what OP was talking about, switch to new.reddit.


hfhifi t1_j19bhwm wrote

Jersey bagels are often rated the best in the country. Zadie’s in Fair Lawn is cited as making the best challah in the US. So much of our state is infused with Jewish culture. Who doesn’t know a few great Yiddish words? Thanks, Jersey.


brunhilda78 t1_j19c6mz wrote

Love always wins. This shiksa sends my Jewish NJ neighbors love and comfort this season and always! Do not allow anyone to “dim your light”!

We should all celebrate our holidays and traditions loud and proud - and embrace and educate the folks that live in darkness.


Ms284 t1_j16t0fu wrote

Happy Hanukkah! 🕎 there was a Hanukkah song I learned decades ago and I still remember the words to it fondly, Hine Ma Tov Umanaim 🎶


ProfMcGonaGirl t1_j1739qt wrote

It’s a great song but not actually a Chanukah song. Usually sung on Shabbat.


BootPastaHeroin t1_j176pe3 wrote

I am a child of four mothers, two of which are Jewish, so for the first ten years of my life I was raised in Judaism. Then shit happened, didn't have any contact with those two until I was 14, I'm on good terms with one of them-- that doesn't matter.

What matters is that I have so much respect for Jewish traditions. I will not let myself die until I see a fucking Hanukkah episode of a TV show.

And the food! Jesus Christ Holy Moses! My families consist of Russian, Polish, and Italian, and damn do we eat well, but there is nothing that quite compared to homemade matzah ball soup.


Crazy_Challenge_6853 t1_j16paj4 wrote

It’s been super cute to see the little candles every day 🥰


Slavic_Dusa t1_j15b9md wrote

Will in the future, Muslim, Hindu, and Christian (Catholic and Orthodox) holidays get the same attention?


UnguentSlather t1_j15cm0o wrote

Yo, there’s no shortage of public energy spent on christian holidays in NJ.


TheZachster t1_j15r0ri wrote

one day, our society will find enough courage and understanding to be able to publically celebrate christmas.


UnguentSlather t1_j16tzqt wrote

LOLLLOLOL - yes for sure. “One day” we’ll have christmas decorations up on every street and christmas songs on every speaker in public malls and courtyards and christmas specials, episodes, and movies on every channel from October to January. Pretty sure that one day is now and has been ongoing. Don’t worry - christmas seems like it’s enjoying a very strong public celebration.


Slavic_Dusa t1_j15d5ml wrote

Fair enough, how about Muslim and Hindu. Also, non-believers. For example, today is a winter solstace.


HobbitFoot t1_j19alx6 wrote

We're beginning to see more Diwali celebrations popping up, with public fireworks and other showing of lights.

As for Muslim holidays, I don't think Eid al-Fitr has a public festival component, but there will usually be extra sweets at work.


rollotomasi07071 t1_j15cvfv wrote

That was a very hateful comment. Why did you deliberately leave out Shinto, Sikhism, and Confucianism?


Slavic_Dusa t1_j15f7lw wrote

Fair enough, there is something every single day that could and should be honored, but it isn't. I mean what about the Festivus for the rest of us?

I personally like r/newjersey because it is about NJ, and so far, it didn't let religion rear its ugly head. I sincerely hope it continues like that.

There is so much devide in our society. North vs South (everyone knows Central NJ doesn't exit). Pork roll vs. Taylor ham. Libtards vs Trumptards.

We don't need to open new can of worms.


hfhifi t1_j19cv7f wrote

What are you talking about? Outside of NY/NJ, Southeast Florida and Los Angeles, Americans don’t even know what Hanukkah is. Christmas is a Federal Holiday! You live in a tiny geographical pocket of America where Hanukkah is embraced by all.


Slavic_Dusa t1_j19h0eu wrote

I'm talking about this sub in particular. Up until this moment, sub was free of religion. My question is clear: Will this condition continue to include all relevant religions and nationalities that use this sub?


hfhifi t1_j19igsj wrote

This sub is full of religious references unfortunately. How many thousands of commenters have pointed their fingers at Lakewood? It only means one thing. I don’t disagree with them but those comments are all about Jews.


Slavic_Dusa t1_j19n3qm wrote

That has absolutely nothing to do with the subject of the post or my comment.