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Slowlookleanroll t1_j1pohrj wrote

I used MobiDetail out of Saddlebrook.


Fulline t1_j1qo0f0 wrote

I’ve used them twice and very happy. They came to my work, took a few hours, car looked new.


ninny423 t1_j1pt04s wrote

Not sure of price but I see a lot of people recommend APC in Waldwick.


guacamole579 t1_j1q0q2m wrote

All American auto pros in Dumont. They also have a mobile detailing/wash service and will come to you.


hopopo t1_j1q1eyt wrote

I take my car to Major League Auto Spa & Quick Lube in Nutley.


whskid2005 t1_j1q87vw wrote

Let me tell you- I had never had my car detailed and I have a dog and kid. The car was pretty trashed. I had to make a work trip so I decided to get my car cleaned up before. AG Auto Detailing did my car for about $150. I didn’t get like a ceramic coat or my rugs shampooed but the car looked brand new. They provide quotes and scheduling via text +1 (201) 364-7871

Edit: mobile operation. They came to my house. Didn’t even need my hose. They have a system setup in their truck


Zurevu t1_j1rgq06 wrote

You should ask this in r/BergenCounty, too.


BoujeeMomme t1_j1sopxv wrote

I've used Always Clean Detailing in Fairlawn a few times. Good people eith good prices 🙂


con7876 t1_j1szgmu wrote

Autoguard detailing its a mobile business they come to your place and do the work highly recommended