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BenBishopsButt t1_j1rnjm3 wrote

I was going to take my kids to Sesame Place, but my husband forgot my daughter’s thick coat at school. Kind of glad for that now.

Just gonna stick to the library and movies I guess. Maaaaaybe the science center if I’m feeling adventurous. Luckily we have a bunch of new distractions thanks to the holidays so hopefully they’ll be content.


BoujeeMomme t1_j1ruq9j wrote

There's a lot of other choices to go to for the kids and they'll enjoy regardless.

The temperatures should get higher later this week so we're hoping that may be best when to go skiing for the day.


BenBishopsButt t1_j1rx1od wrote

Yeah, mine went to Narnia today; aka my in-laws house 😂

My daughter is still in daycare, so I signed my son up for a couple of drop in days there too. Wednesday we are going to see Puss in Boots and Friday remains to be planned. But we aren’t going to American Dream, that’s for sure.


storm2k t1_j1stl0i wrote

we went to lsc during the week between christmas and new years like 5 years ago (whenever they had the star trek exhibit) and woof. packed to the gills, not a super pleasant experience.